What are we?

Who are we?


The Church of Israel is located in rural southwestern Missouri at the edge of the Ozark Plateau. These rolling hills still retain much of the raw appeal the pioneers once encountered when exploring this area centuries ago. The church grounds are located near the bank of the Osage River at the historic site of an early trading fort. We who have made our homes here find that the peaceful setting fits the family-focused lifestyle of the parishioners, and we revel in the God-given natural beauty of the surrounding rural countryside.


A newcomer might inquire as to how the Church of Israel came to be. What precisely is the Church of Israel? The answer to that question lies decades back, in 1941, when a small group of families ventured off into Colorado, and then Missouri, to form an independent Christian Church. These men and women felt the powerful urging of the Holy Spirit to return to the unfettered truth of God's Holy Word. They sought a quiet and serene location to worship God in the way the Spirit moved them, consistent with the dictates of Scripture. A simple way of life built upon Bible truth was established, and the beginnings of the Church of Israel took root here in Vernon County.


As time moved on, Pastor Jesse Cruse was ready to pass on his mantle as steward of the flock. The Church Board selected Daniel Gayman to take the reins of leadership and lead the small Flock of Christ here at Halley's Bluff. Pastor Gayman was then, and has continued to be, a devoted student of Bible truth and has dedicated his life to unselfishly serving God both here in Missouri and in meetings throughout our great Nation.


Locally, the Church of Israel has now grown into a sizeable congregation, necessitating the move into an expanded Sanctuary. Formal Worship services are held every Sabbath morning in this beautifully appointed House of God. The Church also conducts mid-week services on Wednesday evenings and hosts monthly New Moon gatherings.


The Church maintains facilities for the honoring of God's Holy Festivals, including several dormitory buildings that feature sleeping quarters, bathrooms, and kitchens, as well as an RV campground with hookups, and a central dining hall. Annual Feasts of Passover and Unleavened Bread, Pentecost, Trumpets, Atonement, and Tabernacles are all celebrated here on the Church grounds. Visitors from across the nation and countries abroad find a hearty welcome when they arrive to keep the commanded Festivals of God.


Many outreach ministries contribute to the evangelical work of the Church of Israel. Every summer, the Church hosts a Bible Camp, providing youth with an opportunity to experience edifying Biblical truth mixed with a hearty dose of sporting competition and fun, wholesome activities. For our adult population, we maintain the Missionary and Literature  Room, our bookstore, which stocks nearly one thousand rare book titles, along with miscellaneous items of interest.  Additionally, the Church sponsors an Audio Ministry that sends out preselected, relevant sermons to families around the globe. Finally, daily prayer requests and counseling, the highest calling of any ministerial body, are an ever-present priority to which our ministers are devoted.



If you have any questions or just want to chat, contact us; we would love to hear from you!

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