An Open Letter to Those Who Scorn the U.S. Constitution
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To Those Who Scorn the U.S. CONSTITUTION and the WHITE MEN Who Framed It

By Pastor Dan Gayman


          For the past couple decades, a growing number of seriously concerned Americans have emphasized the defects of the U.S. Constitution and in fact question the motives and religious beliefs of the fifty-five Anglo-Saxon delegates to the Convention in 1787 who reformed the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union and in the end drafted an entirely new document, known as the United States Constitution.  This Constitution was ratified in 1789 and has been the authority for the political existence of the United States of America for more than two hundred years. About this view of the Constitution and the men who framed it, this author has a few thoughts.

          First, it is helpful to look at America from a conceptual point of view, keeping the big picture in mind. Prophetically, Jehovah promised Jacob-Israel that he would become the father of “a nation and a company of nations” (Genesis 35:11), this in keeping with His previous promise to Abraham (Genesis 17:5-6). This promise to Jacob was further enlarged as his death approached (Genesis 48), wherein Joseph, the birthright son, was to find fulfillment of that birthright in his two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh.   Jehovah promised that their offspring would “grow into a multitude in the midst of the earth” (verse 16), with Manasseh becoming a singular great people and Ephraim becoming “a multitude of nations” (verse 19).

          Secondly, recall that regardless of the style or form of government in Europe, Scandinavia, America, Canada, or anywhere else in the Anglo-Saxon world, we have witnessed a tremendous spiritual and moral falling away during the past three-quarters of a century. In fact, European and Scandinavian governments, some of them monarchies, were the first to experience spiritual and moral decline. The spiritual and moral free fall of America followed in the wake of many of the European and Scandinavian countries, some of them even possessing state-sponsored churches. Thus, even governments that mandated a particular brand of Christianity were not able to survive the cultural collapse that has befallen the Christian West during the last hundred years.   

          Third, these prophetic promises previously mentioned in the Book of Genesis were fulfilled with the growth and development of the British Commonwealth of Nations (the single most extensive empire in the annals of history) and America (the wealthiest and greatest nation in the annals of history). If the British Commonwealth and the United States of America have not fulfilled these prophetic utterances, I would be lost to know any other possibility of their fulfillment.

          Fourthly, the entire Christian West now suffers from spiritual, moral, and economic decline as we approach the death phase of the Western European Culture.  An organic culture has a destiny, not unlike that of a person.  It has a time of gestation, birth, youth, maturity, down-going, and finally, senility and/or death. Nothing can stop the progression (destiny) of a culture any more than a man can try to recapture his childhood or youthful manhood.  The earth has witnessed several of these high Adamic Cultures.  America is just one unit, one of the many nations of which the Western European Culture is comprised.  This High Culture has been in progress since the birth of Apostolic Christianity in the first century and is now reaching the death phase of its organic cycle. There is not a single government or population within this organic cultural body that is not suffering spiritual and moral decline, now clearly evident wherever one looks in the Christian West.  Within this High Culture and the nation units of which it is comprised are many different models of government: sadly, all of them have failed to preserve the Christian integrity that once prevailed throughout the high European Western Christian Culture.  The Decline of the West, Vol. I & II, and Hour of Decision by Oswald Spangler and Imperium by Ulick Varange are must-reads for anyone wishing to understand the decline of the Christian West.  Excursion into this organic culture view of history is one of the most rewarding studies a student of history and theology can undertake.  

          Fifth, having said this and viewing the larger picture, I think it might be wise for us to understand with respect to America that the Federal Government created by the U.S. Constitution must be viewed through one prism, and the country at large through yet another prism.  The biblical foundation laid by the Pilgrims, and more so by the Puritans and successive waves of a decided majority of White Christian Protestants from Europe arriving in America during the 150 years prior to the American War of Independence laid the foundation for a mostly pro-Christian country. Certainly, this is not to say that the age of reason and rationalism did not affect the higher educated of America, just as this brand of secular humanism had already invaded parts of Europe. Many outstanding Americans in the late 1700s opposed the creation of any constitution that would allow for the creation of a strong central government. Patrick Henry and George Mason considered the Central Government in the U.S. Constitution so offensive that they would not ratify the Constitution. Their fears have been fully realized today as the states essentially have become impotent in the face of this burgeoning and bloated Federal monster. But in fairness to the framers of the Constitution, the U.S Congress has allowed the Federal Government to become such a monster. They have abandoned or refused to assert their authority under the Constitution and have allowed both the executive and judicial branches of government to grow unchecked in their ever-increasing dictatorial power. 

          When we view the government created by the U. S. Constitution, particularly the Federal Government, apart from the country, we see two entirely different developments. Beginning with the Puritans in the early 1600s and continuing through the mid-1900s, the statutory laws reflected by the various state legislatures across the entire country, with few exceptions, reflected deep respect for biblical law.  May I explain?

          I would argue that with all of its apparent faults, the Federal Government did not actually war against Christianity until we the approximate time of the Great Depression (1929-1939), with the arrival of the Welfare State and the birth of Socialism in the United States. From this point forward, especially after the end of World War II, the Federal Government far too often became the enemy of Christianity, and this often by way of outrageous U. S. Supreme Court decisions which were allowed to move forward unchecked by impotent executive and legislative branches of government, and aided and abetted by a population willing to surrender increasingly more of the Christian character of former generations. Most of the individual states, with few exceptions, prohibited abortion (until the 1930s contraceptives were prohibited), sodomy, miscegenation, and several other crimes cataloged in Scripture. The culture of America through the mid-1900s generally reflected a pro-Christian character. Recall that it required a U.S. Supreme Court decision to make contraceptives legal in the U. S., and another Supreme Court decision to legalize non-married persons to access contraceptives.  This opened the floodgates to promiscuity and lethal forms of contraceptives and became the precursor for abortion on demand by 1973.  All of this was greatly exacerbated by the 1960s population pressing to shed Christian and biblical morality.

          Segregation in America was largely in place until the mid 1900s. The U.S. Military was desegregated in 1946, the public schools in 1954, and bans against interracial marriages were in place until 1967.  Divorce was rare until no-fault divorce entered the scene in 1971.  Abortion was considered murder until it was decriminalized by the High Court in Roe v. Wade, 1973.   The Ten Commandments hanging in thousands of public schools were not banned until 1980. Bans against sodomy were on the books throughout most of our states until 2003, when the High Court overruled a Texas statute forbidding sodomy.  Considering all of this, I believe it is reasonable to say that America could properly and accurately be viewed as a Christian nation as late as 1900. Further, I would argue that to say otherwise is to out-right deny a voluminous amount of documentation to the contrary.

Keeping in mind the over-arching view of America, consider that for all the defects in the U.S. Constitution, we must examine the fruits of this country up until at least World War I (1914-1918). What country and under what constitution have people been provided a greater framework for a higher standard of living, a greater freedom for the inventive and creative mind to flourish, for people to move from poverty to wealth, for people to develop their God-given talents and gifts in the same way Americans have historically been able to? America was the envy of the world and remains one of the few nations of the world that has been forced to guard its borders from so many wanting to live here.  Without question, America has been the most exceptional nation ever on the stage of world history. Perhaps no nation in history has risen to such noble heights or has fallen more quickly into spiritual, moral, racial, social, and political decline than the United States of America.  

          On a personal note, I attended a single room country school through the first eight grades.  Each day we opened school with a memorized Bible verse, said the Pledge of Allegiance, sang at least one Christian or patriotic hymn, and recited the Lord’s Prayer.  This we did daily through my first eight years of elementary school.  This ended when I transferred into a public high school.   

          Even within the secular, humanist Federal Government, one catches glimpses of the remnants of Christianity seeking a place at the table: chaplains in the U.S. Military, chaplains calling the Congress to prayer, Presidents being sworn into office with their hand on the Bible, along with the Ten Commandments remaining carved in stone where the U.S. Supreme Court judges now hand down decisions absolutely contrary to these Ten divine boundaries.  Both Moses and St. Paul appear in monies appropriated for Federal Government buildings. “In God We Trust” appears on U.S, currency.  This list could grow longer, but I will suffice with this.  The Wall Builders under direction of David Barton have done an enormous work accumulating evidence of the Christian influence upon the development of America.  David has documented a wealth of historical data in support of this Christian influence upon America.

          One must then conclude that in the 21st Century, the country we call America has become an absolutely pagan, humanist, secularized nation.   We have literally disconnected from all that was ever biblical and Christian from this land. I am personally broken-hearted to see what America has morphed into as we culminate the fifteenth year into the 21st Century.  I see our slide into paganism as deliberate, willful, and calculated, with nothing ahead but self-inflicted judgment. As I look at the invasion of America by millions of foreign aliens, a faltering economy, multiculturalism, and racial diversity devouring everything that was once White, I believe  judgment is well under way.  What lies ahead, however, may be cataclysmic, with all of our present sorrows a mere preview of the actual judgment to come.  May God help us all to endure!

          I am not certain if anything can be gained at this late date by trying to document the secular, humanist views of some of the Founding Fathers and cataloging the weakness of the U. S. Constitution.   I do not wish to deny the reality of those defects nor of the framers of that document.  But, I do believe we must be careful about transferring the horrific burden of our present national crisis to the framers of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution that followed. We have lost our country through the default of successive generations who have compromised the biblical and Christian heritage which once flourished under this constitution.    Moreover, I think reflection upon and study of the history of America from 1620 through 1750 uncovers a wealth of pro-Christian belief as reflected in the Colonial constitutions and covenants that long preceded our U.S. Constitution. Without question, the true intent of the framers of the U.S. Constitution was to provide a secular government and leave the future of Christianity in the hands of the people. In fact, the future of Christianity was handed to the people under the First Amendment.  But let this last statement be couched in terms of viewing in fairness the framers of the U.S. Constitution, who wanted to insure a country where people were absolutely free to express their personal religious liberty.  The fact that we, the people, have allowed our country to increasingly become secular and humanist cannot be laid altogether at the feet of whatever secular and humanist views the authors of the U.S. Constitution may have held.  Each generation that has abused, misused, or failed to appropriate this religious liberty is the one that must share the greater blame for our present plight. Passing the blame to the Founding Fathers will not allow this or any other generation to escape the responsibility for losing this country by default.

          It has been said that politics is an expression of the religious tenets of the people. When the people’s hearts are right with God, this is reflected in those who lead them. When the hearts of the people are wicked, this will quickly be reflected in those who lead them. America is much like ancient Israel, of whom the Holy Spirit through the lips of Jeremiah said this:  “The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will you do in the end thereof?”  (Jeremiah 5:31).

          Under the religious freedom of the First Amendment, Americans have had the opportunity to choose and insure a Christian nation indefinitely.  The fact that each generation has in so many ways been complicit in surrendering their Christian faith is really not the fault of those who framed the Constitution. We dare not look for a scapegoat to bear the blame for the mess in which we find ourselves. Whatever failures the Founding Fathers may have had when they crafted the U.S. Constitution cannot be used to excuse the fact that several generations of the American people have been complicit in selling their biblical heritage for the pottage of socialism, humanism, and a culture that reeks with the heathen practices of child sacrifice, sodomy, miscegenation, and every other form of wickedness known to a depraved people. Moreover, to be truly fair and honest, we would need to examine the belief system of all fifty-five delegates to the U.S. Constitutional Convention, especially the forty or so that stayed to the end and signed on to the document.

          For example, neither Jefferson nor Adams, two of the most prominent Americans on the scene in 1787, attended the Constitutional Convention.  I am not trying in any way to accommodate the secular thinking of Jefferson or any of the other minds that may have contributed to the Constitutional Republic of 1787-1789. However, there is a large body of documentation that demonstrates Christian influences as well as the humanist influence operating among the minds of those who put together the Republic in the late 18th Century. The real Founding Fathers of America may more correctly be attributed to the Puritans and other waves of early Christian Europeans arriving upon American soil. These were they who laid the Christian foundations in so many respects throughout Colonial America and in the decades that followed.

          It does not appear that we would have survived one whit better if we had remained under the British Crown and never waged the war for American independence. The disintegration and decline of the British Empire under the monarchy has not been easy to absorb. The current Muslim invasion now underway in Britain, together with the rejection of biblical Christianity, has been tragic indeed. In the greater scheme of things, America had to be separated from the Brits in order to establish the singularly great prophetic destiny of Manasseh (Genesis 48:16, 19).

Remnant Christians must give all diligence to continue to believe and fulfill their role in the destiny of nations, keeping in mind that our sovereign Lord, Savior, and King admonished us to “Occupy till He comes” (Luke 19:13).   We must seek to exercise dominion in every way that we can through our personal commitment to Jesus Christ, His living church, the multiplication of godly children, and defending the faith once delivered by every means possible.  The remnant church of Jesus Christ must exercise due diligence to keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.   The ultimate hope is that out of heaven will come the King of all kings, the Lord of all lords, to establish His Kingdom and law throughout the earth.   


Pastor Dan Gayman









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