Lessons from Charlottesville

B. A. Wiseman


The battle that erupted between the White Nationalists, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa movements on August 12, 2017, in Charlottsville, Virginia marked a defining moment for the United States of America. Racial tensions festering for the past several years have this country on the precipice of all-out riots, and this event just about tipped the scale. The caldron of division, racial tension, and completely divergent ideologies has us headed for disaster, polarized in a way we have seen since the tragic Civil War of 1860 that divided the country right down the middle.

White Nationalists gathered in Charlottesville to protest the removal of the monument erected in 1924 to memoralize General Robert E. Lee.  The city of Charlottesville had revoked their permit to hold a protest rally, but this decision a Federal District Court Judge reversed this decision on the grounds of protecting free speech.  The opposition march organized by Black Lives Matter and Antifa gathered to counter-protest the White Nationalists. Present but irresponsibly commanded from the Governor to “stand down,” the Charolettesville police were helpless to intervene in any substantial way. This decision was a tactical error.  In the violence that ensued between the two groups, a White Nationalist allegedly drove his car into the counter-protest movement, killing one woman and injuring several others, including a few White Nationalists.

In the media frenzy that followed, the mainstream media immediately placed every ounce of blame on the White Nationalists, repeatedly using incendiary terms such as “White Supremacists,” “Nazis,” and the “KKK” to profile those wanting to preserve the statue. President Trump responded immediately upon hearing about the violence and strongly condemned all the participants in the violence with these exact words:  “We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides.” This response was insufficient for the news media, however. Immediately they began assailing the President in every news forum at their left-leaning disposal. Television pundits did a meltdown as they eviscerated the President for not speaking loud and long enough against the White Nationalists, all the while not uttering a word against the Antifa, Bolshevik anarchists dressed in solid black with masked faces and armed with clubs and other weapons—even though it was obvious they were there to engage the opposition in violence.

Undoubtedly, the news media is fomenting the political divide in this country. They literally want to unseat the President of the United States.  Seeking to nullify the 2016 election, they are trying to drive Trump out of office by creating social unrest and racial tension. By casting Trump as a racist, they hope to peel away his base and cause the President to lose support and either be drummed out of office, impeached, or so de-legitimized that he becomes impotent and powerless.

Looking Back to 2008  

Millions of White liberals were willing to vote for Barak Hussein Obama in 2008 to prove to themselves and others that they were not racists. However, race relations did not improve under America’s first Black President, but worsened. Still, White liberals teamed up with the solid Black constituency and other voting blocks to give Obama a second term in 2012. During Obama’s second term, race relations became even more strained, as evidenced by the racial violence that broke out in many of the urban plantations that have been proliferating under Democratic rule for the past sixty-plus years.  This included Chicago, which has become a killing field for Black-on-Black crime. Violence and racial breakdown became commonplace as police forces endeavored to keep the nation’s racial tensions in check.   The violence and riots that broke out in Ferguson, Missouri in August of 2014 and Baltimore in April of 2015 were prime examples of growing racial tension during the Obama years.

Racial tension accelerated when the Democratic Party elitists and their base refused to accept the election results of 2016. Left-leaning national television networks, Democratic Party elitists, billionaire Edomite bankers, and “Deep State” bureaucrats burrowed deep into the Federal Government all worked hard to stoke the fires of racial tension after the election of Donald Trump. They have carefully orchestrated a war against the Trump Presidency, launching it before the President-elect was even sworn into office.  Radicals, anarchists, and professionally paid agitators (funded by wealthy Democratic Communist billionaires) have worked to bring down the presidency of Donald Trump every day since the election. This well-organized attempt to destroy the Trump presidency has managed to create a division within the American people that we have not witnessed since the days preceding the War of Northern Aggression in 1860. Meanwhile, the mainstream (fake news) media works tirelessly to fan the flames of hatred and tension. This animosity goes much deeper than race, to two diametrically opposing worldviews. Never has there been a time when we Americans walked two more divergent roads.

Where will this divide take us in the 21st Century? This ideological divide, mostly racial in nature, but also moral, is even splitting families apart as the nation becomes polarized over the multiple issues that have turned America into a seething hodgepodge of cultures, religions, races, and languages.  Not unlike the days that preceded the Civil War, Americans are incredibly divided over the direction we should take this country.

A look back at the terrible divide going into the Civil War is worthy of our time. Then, the country was posited North against the South over differing economic interests, states’ rights, self-determination of the states, slavery, and willingness to become pawns of the Federal Government. This war had awesome consequences. The flower of American manhood was sacrificed in this senseless war, and this country never fully recovered from the population displacement created by the loss of more than 600,000 young men. Consider that the total population of the U. S. in 1860, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, was about 31,443,321 people, and that 12.6% (some 3,953,761) were slaves, and you should quickly see that the loss of so many young men created a huge displacement in our population after the war, which ended in 1865.  Recall that the U.S. began to allow the importation of Chinese workers to assist in the building of railroads and tunneling through the mountains of the West. This marked the earliest arrival of Asians in America. 

Not unlike the polarization that gripped America going into this tragic war, the United States is again polarized as never before, only with much more awesome consequences.  This polarization and division have been underway for such a long time.  Welfare programs introduced during the New Deal days of Franklin Roosevelt in the 1930s and continuing with Lyndon Banes Johnson’s Great Society and the War on Poverty launched in 1965, the Democratic Party in the United States has been encouraging huge Black ghettos, packing them in urban plantations throughout America. Recall that the majority of these Blacks once lived on small rural farm plots in the South, planting their own gardens and living peaceful and mostly productive lives among their own kind and culture. The Democratic Party has manipulated the Black population of America for the past seventy-five years.

In fact, the Democratic Party is primarily responsible for the poverty and squalor of the Black urban plantation, where they are expected to live as wards of the U.S. Government, receive their welfare checks, government housing, food stamps, and medical aid, and vote only Democratic in every election. Blacks who seek to break out of this urban lifestyle are immediately isolated by the left-leaning news media and verbally chastised for their disloyalty.  

If you are ready for the plain truth, this is it:  the United States of America, with a population of some 330 million people, is saddled with a sub-culture population of Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and Indians in excess of 100 million people. In 1965, the U. S. Congress, led by Senator Ted Kennedy and other liberals, re-wrote U.S. Immigration laws, opening the floodgates to the third-world nations and greatly restricting the entry of Whites from Europe. Since 1965, more than 100 million people, mostly unskilled and illiterate, as well as non-English-speaking, have come to America. And, this does not include the millions who arrived illegally from throughout the non-White, third-world nations. America is now estimated to be 63% White. What most do not realize is exactly how many of those counted as “White” are actually Hispanics, because they are often counted as part of the White population in demographic tabulations. Of the approximately sixty-three million people who voted for Donald Trump in November of 2016, most of this voting constituency was Caucasian Americans, men and women who came out of the woodwork to defeat Hillary and bring Donald John Trump into the White House.  White liberals voted for Hillary, while the “never Trump” voters simply refrained from voting.

The smoldering division within America has been underway for decades.  Americans living in the 1960s will recall the race riots that rocked multiple cities across America. Those violent days shook the foundations of America.  Those days were squelched by the printing presses of the U.S. Government as they rolled out massive government welfare programs and encouraged the building of Black ghettos across large cities.

The welfare system was designed to give an additional pay increase for each child born to a single mother. What did this do but encourage single Black mothers to have children while the anonymous fathers lived with multiple women? As a result, the Black population soared.  America is now home to 46.8 million Blacks, according to the latest U.S. Census figures.  By 2060, America will be home to about seventy-five million Blacks, according to projections from the U.S. Census Bureau. The largest Black populations live in Washington D.C., Mississippi, Georgia, and Louisiana. Demographics do not lie! Wise people should look ahead and plan accordingly for their children and grandchildren.    

More than 100 million people, nearly one third of the American population, are dependent for their daily sustenance upon the U.S. Government.  This is the largest welfare class in the history of the world.  It is this class of restless, mostly unemployed, and under-educated people that the news media is firing up to march in the streets, protesting anything and everything. At some point, these well-trained Bolsheviks will torch America and turn this nation into a burning inferno of rioting, looting, and violence.  Only a thin veneer of civil restraint is holding this sub-culture from torching America and bringing her to her knees.

Police forces across this country have been told to stand down as these restless urban dwellers vent their hatred and frustrations and address their grievances by taking to the streets under the guise of free speech. They senselessly torch businesses and their own neighborhoods as they unfurl their pent-up anger in the streets.  Their violence and unrest are the legacy of the Democratic Party in concert with the left-leaning news media during the past sixty years. These people, together with their Republican elitist counterparts, have engineered the vast social, economic, and racial divide that exists within America’s population.  Standing always in the shadows are the moneyed people, the Edomite financiers with their deep pockets, to insure that there will is no lack of cash to effectuate the Bolshevik style revolution in America’s streets.        

Lessons for Remnant Christians   

1) Remnant Christians must give careful attention to geography as they plan for their future.  As the non-White population increases, our race will lose ground because of that as well as the fact that our birthrate is shrinking all on its own. Thus, continuous immigration and our plunging birth rate will accelerate the rate at which the Caucasian population declines. Wise people should carefully consider the place they wish to settle themselves and their children. 

2) Racial tension will escalate as the polarization of the races grows more apparent. In many areas of America, it will no longer be safe to live, raise a family, and plan for the future.  The goal of the news media in concert with the far left, the Democratic Party, and Edomite financiers seems to be fostering hostilities among the races as they push to remove every vestige of White history from this country.  

3) This country will grow increasingly more hostile to White people. Anyone who dares resist or speak an opposing view in this “politically correct/think alike” culture will certainly suffer ostracism and persecution.

4) Prudent Christians should build their lives on a deep and abiding relationship with Jesus Christ, making every effort to invest their time, energy, and talents in cultivating a strong marriage with the most important person in your life:  your spouse.  We must multiply children, invest in their Christian education, and provide where possible children to be raised in a strong Christ-centered, Bible-believing church that reaffirms the biblical and moral laws of God. We who desire to preserve our ethnic heritage must practice separatism in our families, churches, and personal friendships by those who desire to preserve their ethnic heritage.  The foregoing steps are imperative as we witness the moral free fall of our biblical standards.

5) It is necessary for covenant people to beware of “strangers” and potential “agent provocateurs” who come dressed in sheep’s clothing, saying all the right things, when in fact they may be “hireling wolves” gathering information or even setting a trap to ensnare you and cause you to cross a line that will bring tremendous heartache and misfortune to those who love you.  Separate from anyone advocating violence of any kind!

6) Do not be silent in this time.  Defend your beliefs and hold your ground.  But remember this:  donot cast your pearls before the swine and dogs of this earth. Plant the seeds of truth in good soil!  Use discernment and wisdom when planting biblical truth!

7) o not depend upon the government to take care of you in unfolding days.   Do not depend upon government programs.The U.S. Government is now twenty trillion dollars in debt. Be wise and plan for the future!  Be prepared to defend your family and your castle.  Even Jesus advised His disciples to own a sword (Luke 22:36).

8) Charlottesville reminds us that we are moving with increasing momentum toward the final phase of the Western European Culture. The life destiny of a culture can run anywhere from 1600 to 2000 years or more.  The destiny of a culture has a life cycle not unlike that of people. We are conceived (gestation time), born (birth phase), pass through childhood and early youth (youth phase), and march into maturity. We reach the apex or most productive years of our lives (maturity phase, a rather substantial phase of our lives), and from there pass toward the down-going phase and eventually death.

Most historians believe that the Western European culture, of which America is a part, is in its civilization crisis state and will move toward its down-going phase and eventually die. This could still be a lengthy time.  The life cycle phases of a living culture takes much longer than that of a human.  We should not assume that this phase will pass quickly.  Rome, for example, took a long time to complete this last phase before the Anglo-Saxon Germanic tribes from Europe invaded and seized it.

The Organic Culture View of history is in stark contrast to the linear approach to understanding history.  Having carefully examined both of these approaches to the study of history, I can assure you that the Organic Culture View appears to be far above the linear approach, not only because it is more realistic and confirmed by the progression of history, but also because this view of history is much more compatible with the way time marches and history unfolds in Scripture. You may wish to carefully review Imperium by Francis Parker Yockey and Decline of the West, Volumes I & II, by Oswald Spangler.

We should not forget the lessons learned from the orchestrated violence that erupted in Charlottesville. May God give His Christian remnant wisdom and discernment in the days ahead! 






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