White Privilege?
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White Privilege?

B. A. Wiseman


The revival of an old crusade is making a come back in 21st Century America, fueled by the liberal, humanist news media and their point guards, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and an increasing crowd of news pundits on networks and other media outlets. The goal is to frame White Americans as being a privileged segment of the population—born into socio-economic abundance simply because they are White and not Black. Liberal pundits in America never cease from pushing the idea that Whites enjoy privileges simply denied to the non-White majority in America.  If only those same privileges were given Blacks, they would not only compete well with Whites, but also excel past them.

The term “White Privilege” began gaining attention when Peggy McIntosh published her 1988 article, “White Privilege—Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack.” Another book written by Paula Rothenberg titled White Privilege only added to the idea that was on the front burner of academia, the press, and government agencies in Washington D.C.  Those who push the idea of “White Privilege” are convinced that there are societal privileges that greatly benefit Whites in the Western nations. Moreover, they believe that “White Privilege” is unearned by those who benefit from this privilege, but is theirs by virtue of their being born “White” into a certain societal class. 

Race peddlers, liberals, and associated far-left ideologues forget that affirmative action and other government programs have established a privileged status for Blacks and other non-Whites.   In fact, because they are considered a qualified minority, Black students are given preferential access to colleges and universities, while White students, even those with higher qualifications for admission, are often denied entrance because of their race.   Affirmative action presumes that all Blacks are less fortunate than all Whites.  On average, Blacks and other non-Whites in the U. S. are granted preferential treatment in different ways. For example, the IRS treats a Black taxpayer with greater concern than a White Conservative.

In many ways, Whites suffer discrimination in America. We celebrate the ethnic heritage of Blacks, Hispanics, and other minorities, but when White people want to be proud of their own heritage, they quickly are labeled “racists.” A White policeman who injures or kills a Black fugitive is labeled a racist, while a Black policeman who kills or injures a White is given a pass.  Blacks and other non-Whites can employ racial slurs without criticism.  For using the exact same terms, a White person is labeled “racist.”


Pause to Consider


White people are born White because of genetics. If they are truly White, it means both parents were White.  This is genetics, not privilege.  Approximately half of Whites grow up in a home where there is a father. The number is far less for Blacks. This is not privilege: this is called being responsible for the children you father.  Most White children graduate from high school. This is not “privileged,” but just good parenting.  Most White boys avoid being arrested and confined to prison. This is not privilege, but the result of responsible parenting. Most Whites grow up being taught to love America. This is Patriotism, not White Privilege. Most White children are born to married parents. This is not privilege, but the exercise of biblical morality. Most White children grow up knowing their father. This is not privilege, but the exercise of personal responsibility for the children you choose to bring into the world.  Most White people provide for their own food and housing.   This is not privilege: this is working for your own food without depending on others to support you. 

Most White people find jobs without affirmative action and other government help. This is not privilege; this is exhibiting initiative, ambition, and responsibility. These are the natural result of good parenting, which includes teaching morals, providing sufficient education, assuming responsibility, and exercising overall good character. Most Whites are not born into privilege. Rather, they travel the hard road that leads them to this station in life.  Moreover, there are millions of Whites who have failed to exercise good personal choices. They are not ambitious, they are not responsible, and they are not hard working. Because of all these and perhaps other circumstances, they also are at the bottom of the societal and economic structure.

There is no question that the U.S. Government and most of the private sector of America caters to people of “minority” status, although it is questionable whether they are still the minority.  Blacks find an easier path to promotion in the U.S. Military, in government agencies, and with growing approval in the private business sector of this country.  Blacks dominate most of the major sports in the U. S. When an opportunity for a position on any college or university football or basketball team opens and two athletes of equal ability compete for the spot, one Black and the other White, almost without exception, the Black is chosen.   

Is it not amazing that in a country explored, civilized, and built by Whites, we have arrived at a point where one is labeled “racist” if he opens his mouth to defend his heritage and ethnic background? Liberals, ideologues, and other ill-informed Americans who are ashamed to have been born White are not being held captive in this nation.  They are free to leave America and go live in some other corner of the world where they believe non-Whites are given greater benefits.  In truth, most of the wealthiest Blacks on the planet live in the United States of America and are far better off than their counterparts in any other nation, especially in Africa.      

This author’s conclusion, then, is that “White Privilege” is a myth created by liberals to promote Blacks and other minorities and to perpetuate guilt in Whites.







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