Political Earthquake
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          May 3, 2016, will be recorded as a major political earthquake in political history.  Tuesday, May 3, 2016, the last two surviving candidates from a field of seventeen people that began the race to win the Republican nomination for President of the United States dropped out of the race.  The Indiana primary became the final battleground between conservative Senator Ted Cruz from Texas and Donald J. Trump businessman from New York.  Cruz and Trump had both waded through a heated and often vitriolic campaign for the past several months.

          Following his loss in the Indiana Primary and with no path going forward to stop Trump from gaining the necessary 1237 delegates to win the nomination, Cruz dropped out of the race. Governor John Kasich from Ohio, who had barely managed to even hang on, also dropped out, leaving Donald Trump as the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party.

          The rise of the billionaire Donald J. Trump is a political phenomenon that may be unrivaled in America’s political history.  Many political theorists believe that one must reach back to Theodore Roosevelt and before him Andrew Jackson to find someone who upset the political system in such dramatic fashion. Casting aside political decorum, strategy, the party play book, and political correctness, Trump literally turned established Republicans on their heads as he battled his way through a field of smart, mostly conservative, well-established Republican governors and senators. Republican elitists dumped tens of millions of dollars into establishment candidates in an effort to defeat Trump, who as a self-funded billionaire advanced to the head of the seventeen other candidates. From June 16, 2016, Trump set the entire political paradigm in motion, including our urgent need for reforming the forty-year trade deficits that have caused the loss of factories and jobs, and pointing out our need to rebuild the military and re-establish a foreign policy emphasizing “America First.”

          The response to the Trump nomination for President has been most unusual.  His followers revere him and believe that he will be unlike the Neo-Con Republican losers that have dominated the Republican Party for decades.  Entrenched Republican elitists and barons disdain Trump, repudiate him at every turn, and flat out say they will not support his candidacy. These political elitists are still in a state of dismay that a total political outsider, someone who has never held office, a non-lawyer, could rise from the field of seventeen candidates to so dominate the political scene.

For the benefit of the establishment elitists in the Republican Party that say they cannot support Trump in his run against the Democratic nominee, there are compelling reasons why Trump has turned the Republican Party upside down. The list of elitists is long but includes Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, television pundits, Steve Hays, George Will, Rich Lowry, Charles Krauthammer, and a legion of others, including the entire Bush family, the Mitt Romney family, Lindsay Graham, Ben Sasse, and a legion of others.  These people are in a panic as they see the Party they have supported for so long slipping out of their hands. They fail to understand why so many millions of Americans have lost all faith, trust, and confidence in establishment politicians in both parties.

          For decades, the elitists in the Republican Party have elected presidents, senators, and house members into public office, of late only to perpetuate a successive record of failure. These political elitists and their Edomite Banking Cartel and other wealthy donors need to take a long look at the last fifty-year record of the Republican Party and hang their heads in shame.   Wearing the cloak of conservatism, these political insiders have delivered nothing but defeat to the American people.  Consider just a small number of the losses that have been mounted under their brand of conservatism.

  1. The failure to secure the southern border of the U.S. and Mexico and end open entry into the U.S. from people who overstay their visas. This has opened the flood gates to upwards of thirty million or more illegal aliens who are stealing jobs and costing the taxpayer billions in health care, welfare payments, tuition, government housing, and criminal prosecutions. Republican “conservatives” have presided over this alien invasion with quiet assent for forty-plus years. Is it any wonder why the American electorate does not trust the future of our country with politicians who speak well of conservative policies but never implement them? This passive attitude toward the alien invasion of America reaches back to Ronald Reagan and before that to 1965.  Reagan granted absolute amnesty to three million Mexican nationals in 1986, with the promise that the flood tide would cease.  So much for the promises of the Neo-Cons! 
  2. The U.S. has mounted forty years of trade deficits with the hemorrhage of American factories to foreign countries and the loss of millions of jobs, with Republican endorsement of these Free Trade deals. During this span, the Middle Class has almost disappeared. Wages have been stagnant for the past twenty years.  Is it any wonder why millions of Americans have lost their confidence in the elitist Neo-Cons who have endorsed these trade deals at the expense of American jobs, a plunging standard of living, and a loss of America’s manufacturing industry?
  3. During the past sixty-five years, the Republican Party has at sundry times presided with Democrats over no-win, undeclared, no exit strategy political wars that have mounted trillions of dollars of debt and cost the blood of tens of thousands lives, all the while diverting trillions of dollars away from the benefit of our nation and its infrastructure. At this time, we have the smallest Army since before World War II. The U.S. Military has waged unending wars in Central Asia for upwards of thirteen years and now faces the most precarious and unstable time since World War II. America has not brought absolute closure to any war waged by Democrats and Republicans since World War II ended.  Beginning with the Korean War (1950) to the present, America has waged war a combined total of twenty-five years. And Republican elitists wonder why the American people rejected the politicians and risked their future to a non-political outsider!  
  4. During the past forty years, Republican conservatives have at sundry times been afforded opportunities to bring an end to the murder of the unborn children of America. Since Roe v. Wade in 1973, some fifty-seven unborn children have been murdered in the U.S.   In this forty –year expanse, the U.S. Republicans have owned the White House for a total of twenty-two years, and Republicans have owned the Senate and House at Sundry times over this long span—all without any cessation in the murder of our unborn children.  At the same time, the heinous crime of homosexuality has become a celebrated sin with government endorsement in the U.S. Same-sex marriage is now mandated as America drowns in a tsunami of immorality. Is there any mystery why voters have lost faith in the Republican “social conservatives” who talk the talk but never walk the walk of change when they get into public office?

          Biblical Christians understand that there will be no political fix to the crisis now before the American nation, Donald J. Trump in office or not. Covenant people of this country have broken their covenant with God, repudiated His law, scorned the name of Jesus Christ, lost themselves in materialism and hedonism, and have allowed multiculturalism, racial diversity, political correctness, and the worship of heathen gods and pagan religions to possess their minds, hearts, and country of origin.  

          Unless or until covenant people cry out to Jehovah in remorse for their sins, turn in repentance to God, and restore themselves under biblical statutes and laws, there will be no political fix.  We can pray and hope for the best going forward, but our hope must be vested in the Living God, Who controls everything and everyone and Who alone can keep America, the Titanic of Nations, from sinking any lower into the depths of sin. Remnant Christians on their knees, seeking repentance in their own life and exercising Christian dominion in every way possible, must hope and pray for a reprieve for their children in the days ahead.  

          And a final word of exhortation:  do you believe in the sovereignty of God or the supremacy of human opinion? If you trust the sovereignty of God, then you will know that the person that prevailed over sixteen other candidates in the Republican Primary of 2016 is God’s choice to oppose Jezebel and her husband Ahab.  If you do not trust God’s sovereign hand over history (Proverbs 8:15-16; Proverbs 28:2; Psalm 75:6-7; Daniel 4:17, 25), then accept the consequences of your choice.

          If you choose to remain passive and not vote for the candidate that has prevailed, you forfeit your right to offer any political counsel and advice to remnant Christians going forward.  Vote your conscience and remember that a stay at home vote is a yes vote for socialism/communism and a liberal U.S. Supreme Court that will assault the foundations of Christian liberty, including the 2nd Amendment.









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