By B. A. Wiseman

“In Rama was there a voice heard, lamentation, and weeping, and great mourning. Rachel weeping for her children, and would not be comforted, because they are not” (Matthew 2:18).

Take away the noise of technology, and an eerie silence settles upon the entire Anglo-Saxon world. The sounds of children—laughing, playing, singing, running, and romping—are diminishing across the lands where Jehovah’s covenant people reside. Sadly, the cradle no longer rocks in far too many homes, but it pushed aside, cast off, or stored away as a relic of the past, collecting dust. Caucasian children, fair-skinned, with elongated heads, a beautiful countenance, and refined features, are becoming an endangered species throughout Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and in our own United States.

Our streets, sidewalks, parks, and playgrounds are eerily silent. Enrollment in rural public schools is in sharp decline, forcing consolidation of school districts for want of students. Urban schools suffer also for want of children and youth.  Demographic experts shake their heads and wonder who will pay for the future entitlements in a country that has promoted birth control and is simultaneously witnessing a tidal wave of non-White, sub-culture, mostly illiterate, and unskilled people pouring over our borders.

Birthrates in Europe have been plunging for years, bringing serious unforeseen problems. Germany is trying to encourage the births of children with government subsidies. The same is true in Russia. Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Holland, Switzerland, England, Ireland, Scotland, and Scandinavia are not exceptions to this new norm. One-child families are becoming the rule instead of the exception. Far too many families consider their home overflowing if they have three. No Anglo-Saxon nation is exempt from this current status of a freefall in the birthrates of Anglo-Saxon babies.

Anti-children propaganda resounds throughout America as youth in public schools are indoctrinated with the myth that birth control from the onset of puberty should be the norm. Instead of teaching abstinence, they are encouraging fornication! In sex education or “health” classes, youth are instructed in the use of various forms of contraceptives. And, if all else fails, girls are encouraged to make their way to Planned Parenthood, which in actuality is an abortion murder mill funded by U. S. tax payers and our government.

In fact, tax-funded abortion is the ultimate form of birth control. Probably next to the pill, it is one of the most frequently used methods of terminating the life of a child.  Some fifty-seven million children, a high percentage of them Caucasian, have been murdered in the U.S. since Roe v Wade (1973) granted government endorsement and support of the murder of our unborn.

What millions of Americans may have forgotten, and this surely includes the Progressive Humanists in the land, is that no nation in history has survived rejecting her children.  Every day that the wholesale murder of children is tolerated in America is another day that the equity and justice of God’s Law are at work, bringing about dire consequences that follow the rejection of children. The consequence of rejecting children is far greater than the floodtide of more than fifty million Latinos that have come into this country since 1973 and Roe v Wade.  The loss of 57 million children murdered under government-protected abortion has just about equaled the arrival of these fifty million Latinos.

Fifty million Latinos will impose dire consequences on our economy and demographics. Most of them are already on the government dole, receiving Social Security, food stamps, Medicaid, subsidized housing, and other benefits.  These unskilled and mostly illiterate millions will be a far greater burden upon present and future generations of Americans than most realize. 

Our rejection of children has far-reaching consequences. Demographic experts visualize the end of White America before 2050. In fact, some demographic studies foresee the end of White dominance in this land long before 2050.  The absence of Caucasian children will impact every aspect of our society in ways that most have never considered. The following represent a glimpse into the gargantuan changes that will come to America with plunging birth rates coupled with the tidal wave of non-White, third-world immigration. 

  1. Rejection of Caucasian children and open U.S. borders will shrink the Anglo-Saxon population and turn the U.S. into a third-world, non-White nation in just one more generation. Four out of five newborn babies in the U.S. are non-White.
  2. Rejection of Caucasian children will have a profound impact on our future tax base.  
  3. Rejection of Caucasian children will result in fewer people to pay for and sustain Social Security, insuring its ultimate demise.
  4. Caucasian women’s use of contraceptives to prevent conception in recent decades has resulted in skyrocketing health problems, including breast, cervical, and ovarian cancers. Our Creator designed women’s bodies to bear children. When women suppress pregnancies, their bodies develop health problems because of hormonal issues. For example, have you ever wondered if there were a connection between the explosion of breast cancer and the fact that so many women are on the pill, do not nurse their babies, or use a chemical to dry up their milk so the baby can be placed on formula?
  5. Have you ever wondered why God provided for forty days of abstinence following the birth of a male child and eighty days following the birth of a female child (Numbers Ch. 12)? Do you suppose the Creator knew what He was doing when He called for these periods of abstinence?  Did you ever consider why the Creator of heaven and earth called for seven days of abstinence (Leviticus 15) following the monthly cycle of the woman?  Do you think these laws have anything to do with the health of women, their longevity, and the biblical spacing of children? Would you be willing to concede that the wonderful Creator Who hung the planets in their orbits might know what is really best for the health of every woman? Could this at least partially be the key to a woman’s health, fulfillment, fertility, and ability to bear healthy children? Have you ever considered why husbands and wives can mutually agree to a time of abstinence (I Corinthians 7:5-6) while they mutually agree to enter prayer and fasting? Do these power points of truth appear in Scripture for a reason?  Could it be that they hold the key to assisting in good health, fulfillment, overcoming fertility problems, creating happy marriages, and bearing healthy children?  I report. You decide.
  6. The inventive genius of the Caucasian mind will pass from America as fewer children are born.  Consider the long-term consequences of losing this inventive genius.
  7. Leadership roles in business, government, and education historically have been filled by Caucasians. With the rejection of Caucasian children, will the fortunes of America be impacted? Who runs the governments of Central and South America? And what are the results?
  8. Caucasian couples who reject children will spend their last days on earth in nursing homes, without family members who really love and care for them?  Have you thought about this?
  9. The absence of White children will only increase the fecundity of the non-White population of America. This is already occurring throughout the U.S.
  10. The brain drain that will follow the loss of the Caucasian population will have cataclysmic consequences upon our survival.  The U.S. will cease to be the nation that it once was. America is already taking on the countenance, flavor, and character of a third-world nation as living standards plunge under the avalanche of Socialism and the totalitarian government prevails.

The Solution

The rejection of children will not be reversed in mainstream America.  The Anglo-Saxon population of childbearing age is not going to suddenly reverse their worldview and rejection of children.  Continuing a twelve-year decline, the U.S. birth rate has dropped to the lowest level since national data have been available, according to statistics released by the Centers for Disease Control.

Our hope and prayer for remnant Christians is that they will be inspired to fill the empty cradle with children.  To the praise and glory of Jesus Christ, there are Caucasian men and women in the U.S. who are rejecting the secular, humanist attitude toward children and are filling their quivers.  The following are some steps that may enhance the conception of children among married couples in the Christian remnant.

  1. Remnant Christians must resolve to wade through the humanist lies that Secular Progressives have waged against the birth of children.  They must follow this rejection of humanism with the full endorsement of what Scripture proclaims: children are a heritage from God (Psalm 127:3). What the world calls a curse, Scripture calls a blessing.
  2. Caucasians of every gender and age among the Christian remnant must encourage the conception of children for those who are married and capable of bearing children.
  3. Perhaps remnant congregations could begin a midwife fund to encourage the conception and birth of children. We praise Almighty God that several young families have been encouraged in our local congregation by the generous provisions of a midwife fund that has covered the midwife’s entire cost.
  4. It has been our good fortune to know older Christian believers who financially assist families willing to bear children.  This has been a tremendous blessing to struggling families to bear and rear children, with the mother remaining home with them.
  5. Families who are highly motivated to bear children have found that a having a small acreage that supports a milk cow or dairy goats, allows them to produce their own beef and a flock of chickens, and plant a large garden are able to provide for their needs in a cost-effective way, all the while providing chores that teach character building.
  6. Parents who understand how to organize a family and use their talents and gifts wisely children have found some pretty amazing ways to increase family income.
  7. Mothers who know how to shop at thrift stores and garage sales of the more wealthy classes are able to clothe their children for a fraction of what others pay.
  8. Parents need to remember that children do not need to live in opulence. Most of us have too much stuff! Children do not need e-books, gaming gadgetry, cell phones, etc…  Parents who know how to establish a functional family budget can raise children for a fraction of what the world advocates.
  9. Parents should give careful attention to insuring their sons are well educated and pursue vocational training that will prepare them with a skilled trade that can be neither out-sourced nor off-shored. Or, perhaps parents can guide their sons into a self-sustaining family business. If your sons are blessed with extra bright minds and discipline, direct them toward the professional areas of engineering, accounting, dentistry, etc. Too often, young men reach their twenties ill-prepared to sustain a household financially, all the while wanting a wife, who then has to work to help pay the bills because the young man never prepared well to support a household by himself.  Shame on us, parents!  Do not drop this ball and create a problem for your sons that is difficult to overcome! Teach your sons to work hard and long and to solve problems. Fathers, do not forget that the best way to teach a terrific work ethic is to model one.  Parents, educating your children is your responsibility—whether you choose home-schooling or private schooling.  Do not neglect this responsibility! In order to occupy until Christ returns, our sons have to work until Christ returns!  Since no one knows the day of Christ’s coming, plan on working until He does!
  10.  Young people preparing for marriage need to receive pre-marital counseling that includes the need to trust in the Sovereignty of God to know how many and when children should be conceived.  Will God ever command His children to do something for which He does not provide? The first command to God’s people was “Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish (fill up) the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion…” (Gen. 1:28). Pre-marital counseling also must include developing good communications skills, yielding rights to each other, matters of headship in the home, family budgeting including tithing and saving principles, and child discipline matters. With skyrocketing divorce rates, dare we risk assuming that once married is always married?  No!

The future belongs to those willing to heed the call of Scripture and fill their quivers with well-trained children. Consider your community a prime area for going in and possessing the land.  Children are the key to Christian dominion. With God and Christian children, all things are possibleThey are the single greatest resource and hope that remnant Christians have beyond their faith in Jesus Christ and trust in His Word.  If you are still capable of becoming parents, the cradle in your house should not be empty. Trust in God, become parents again, and one day you will rejoice that someone is there to knock at your door and check on your well-being in your old age. Furthermore, they could even be there to meet the enemy at the gates!








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