Ephraim Leaves the European Union
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Ephraim Leaves the European Union

Senior Brits Shock the World


By Pastor Dan Gayman


          June 24, 2016 marked quite an historic day for Biblical Ephraim when 51.89% of those voting cast their ballots in favor of Great Britain leaving the European Union of 28 member nations.  The remaining 48.11% of the votes favored staying in the EU.  This vote to leave the EU sent shock waves across Britain, Europe, America, and around the world.  Opposition to the vote predicted dire consequences for Britain, but the White British voters were tired of forty-three years of elitist rule from Brussels, Belgium. 

Few of the elitists in Britain, the U.S., Europe or elsewhere truly believed the British would vote to end the 43-year marriage with the EU, which began in 1973.  British Prime Minister David Cameron, Barak Obama, and other elitists campaigned hard for the United Kingdom to remain in the EU.

         The British vote to leave the European Union was a slap in the face to Cameron, Obama, and other European leaders, but especially for Obama, who had told the British to remain in the EU.  Thumbing their nose at Cameron and Obama in the largest voter turn out in British history, the older Brits, in fact some 72% of the voting public, scrambled to the polls.  Most younger Brits opposed the exit of the EU, but their knowledge and memory of life in Great Britain prior to belonging to the EU was limited.   The younger population in Britain, not unlike Millennials in the U. S. who followed Bernie Sanders, may be a tad brainwashed.

          Perhaps these British citizens (the majority of whom are White) are not unlike the Republicans and even some Democrats who voted for Donald Trump in the Republican primary.  Like millions of Americans, so many Brits are tired of elitist politicians, super rich donors, lobbyists, special interests groups, corporation heads, and Edomite bankers that have seized control of the government, constantly promising change but delivering none. Having sucked the economic lifeblood out of the Middle Class, these forces seem determined to dominate the masses with elitist politicians who govern through high taxes and endless regulations and wage no-win international wars. Open borders and unlimited immigration? Why not?  Unfair trade policies, burgeoning welfare roles, and a national debt that soars to the stars? Sure!  After all, money grows on trees!

          Imagine what it would be like to live in Great Britain, where all the laws enacted by the British Parliament are subject to the EU political bureaucrats in Brussels who have the power to overrule acts of the British Parliament.  Picture having a nameless, faceless, feckless bunch of bureaucrats planning the details of your life.  What it would be like to have your country be the dumping ground for tens of thousands of Muslim refugees refusing to assimiiate, complete with loyalty to Sharia law?  This is precisely what Brits face daily, and this is facing us in America if elitist politicians in Washington D.C. continue to leave our borders open to the third world and make America a similar dumping ground. Our country will be unrecognizable.  With seven million Muslims in the U.S. and some 2,800 Mosques already in session, could this be the beginning of an American Muslim Caliphate in a land that Christians bled and died to give their children?

          Political elitists in Britain and the United States, including their Edomite Banking cartels, control the political parties and fix national elections by filling the parties with their hand-picked candidates.  Elitists have so rigged the system that it hardly matters which candidate is elected. Their lifestyle continues regardless of the party in power.  For example, many believe that Mitt Romney in 2012 and John McCain in 2008 had no intention of winning, but went through the motions in the pretense of contesting Obama. Whether this is exactly the case may be hard to prove, but would it have mattered who won? It seems all the candidates are already bought and paid for.

          By a strong majority, the British people rejected the elitist movers and shakers in their country because they want their country back. They are tired of unlimited immigration, open borders, and accommodating a surging Muslim and anti-British population. From distant Brussels, nameless politicians issue endless laws, rules, and regulations, determining how the British people live and over-riding any law they do not approve, even if the British Parliament did approve it.  That would be hard to take indeed!

Britain is the fifth largest economy in the world.  Among the twenty-eight nations in the EU, only Germany has a larger economy than Great Britain. And, with a population of approximately sixty-five million, Britain is one of the largest political units in the EU.  The British did not sign on to the Euro currency that became the common currency in the EU in 1991.  They rejected the Euro and continued with the British pound.

          Currently, Great Britain is plagued with an infusion of Muslim refugees, with some 675,000 arriving this past year.  London, with a population of about nine million people from all parts of the world, speaking about 300 different languages, is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.  Part of London’s large Muslim population is ruled by Sharia law.  Not unlike the U. S., their economy is stagnant, with a shrinking middle class and the same problems that have catapulted Donald Trump to defeat sixteen other Republican candidates in the primary process.

          For Bible Students, BREXIT holds a special place in our hearts.  The decision of British Ephraim to withdraw from the European Plutocracy is the equivalent of the American electorate seeking to withdraw from the Washington Plutocracy.  The majority of Whites in America, the Manasseh of Bible Prophecy, are in lockstep with their Ephraimite cousins who have rejected their political elitists and thumbed their noses at political correctness run amuck.

          Bible students, please revisit the promises made to Jacob in Genesis 35:10-11, wherein God promised Jacob he would become a “Nation and a Company of Nations.”  These promises are further articulated in Genesis 48, particularly verses 16 & 19, where the patriarch Jacob blessed his two grandsons Manasseh and Ephraim and promised that Ephraim would become a “multitude of nations” (the British Commonwealth of nations was once the largest combine of nations in the annals of history), and Manasseh would become singularly the greatest nation in history.  Moreover, Genesis 49:22-26 and Deuteronomy 33:13-17 provide more details on how Joseph, the birthright son, was especially blessed in order to have the promises made to Jacob fulfilled in and through the children of Ephraim and Manasseh.

          Yes, June 24, 2016 was a great day for Israelite believers!  Rejoice and pray for the same rejoicing to erupt in America in November of 2016.  We often get down, and for good reason.  But something about us dominion-oriented Israelites is the unique characteristic of hope, which springs anew just when we think we never again shall rise from our drudgery.  We know that without repentance, our country will never turn around. God owes us nothing. But just maybe, White America (Manasseh) will wake up and reject the one-world, global elitists who are seeking to turn the American Middle Class into a nation of serfs and peasants.  How refreshing that would be!  Meanwhile, pray for repentance, pray for the Word of God to be planted in people’s hearts, and trust in Jehovah Almighty.






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