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 By Pastor Dan Gayman


The Republic of the United States of America officially ended at the Presidential Election of 2008 with the transition of our beloved America in to a European Socialist nation bathed in multiculturalism, racial diversity, and moral pluralism. Now five years later, we are feeling the bitter fruits of this national transformation throughout the land. Millions of Americans continue to live in the make-believe world of yesterday, but the sad reality is that this country is surely traveling at full speed down a pathway that is reminiscent of the great Titanic, which amid hubris, laughter, frolic, and unabashed wickedness, plunged beneath the icy cold waters of the North Atlantic on April 12, 1912.


America is very much like that great Titanic, with the vast majority of the public reacting no differently than the hundreds who perished in the frigid waters of the North Atlantic more quickly than anyone ever could have imagined. The United States is now traversing a path that could end up in social upheaval and potential revolution for a number of reasons. We are witnessing an increasing disparity between the rich and poor; racial diversity is moving us toward race wars; we are witnessing an increase in all of the following: Black-on-White crime, chronic high unemployment, a decline in personal income, debasement of the American currency, an entitlement generation pushing for more and greater government handouts, Hispanic claims and demands for the Southwestern United States, the debasement and debauchery of the Christian Culture, and the total emancipation from biblical morality into unrestrained moral malignancy that includes the vile tumors of abortion, sodomy, miscegenation, same-sex marriage, and a culture pulsing with promiscuity, illegitimate children, dysfunctional families, and a social structure awash with drugs, prescription and street drugs, alcohol, and growing violence. All of this—and it is a lot—is causing the social structure of America to unravel to its very core.


Beyond this, the shadow of a totalitarian police state appears more likely. The government operates on continuing emergency and in complete disregard of the U.S. Constitution. During the past five years, more power has been centralized into the hands of the Federal Government than in all our previous years. Executive orders issued from the White House circumvent the U.S. Congress, with most federal judges eager to rubber stamp every move toward a totalitarian dictatorship. The U.S. Military is being purged of many of its most capable and patriotic officers and instead is being geared to enforce the giant steps toward centralization of political power in the nation’s capital.


The Department of Homeland Security, established in the wake of 9/11, has been transformed into the most powerful domestic police and enforcement arm of government ever created. The DHS has concentrated great stockpiles of hollow-point ammunition (outlawed at the Geneva Convention) and has accumulated military vehicles and equipment that could easily be turned against a civilian population. Police Departments across the country are being conditioned to play a significant role in a future display of military power against the American public. The U.S. Government has been busily occupied gathering names and information on potential deviants from social network cites and assorted other Internet and cell phone connections. The new health care legislation is designed to provide the U.S. Government with a detailed background on all new enrollees.


Most tragic of all is that America suffers from severe spiritual and moral apathy! The pulpits of America are rife with cotton candy theology and a user friendly Gospel that places little emphasis on sin as defined by the teaching of God’s law or using the law as the schoolmaster to bring sinners to repentance toward God, faith in Jesus Christ, and baptism for the remission of sin. Hireling preachers fill the pulpits of many churches as the drums of the jungle replace the Christian hymns of the faith! The big screen, filled with watered-down Scripture, has replaced the King James Bible and the moral teachings that once formed the bedrock of America.


In the Sixties, theologians announced that God was dead and that neither heaven nor hell was real. This “God is dead” philosophy swept through the Ivy League Universities and beyond as the youth of the 1960s shed the biblical morality of former generations and consumed themselves in sexual promiscuity, hard street drugs, heavy metal music, hippie hair, and a growing hatred of the American heritage, the Free Market System, and long established American values. The full harvest of the sowing of this Culture Revolution of the Sixties is coming to full harvest as millions of Americans, dubbed the X and Y generation, struggle to find themselves in a world divorced from the one true God, His Word, and His moral absolutes.


The New Reality


The American public is ill prepared for what the future is destined to bring to us. It is neither easy nor popular to alert our countrymen, especially the Christian remnant, to what lies ahead. Remember this: forewarned is forearmed. We dare not be among the masses who continue to live in a fairytale world, bury their heads in the sand, and pretend that all is well. Millions will march right into the open arms of totalitarian Socialism and right on to Communism, the final phase of Socialism. Those who are wise will not be afraid to examine some of the possibilities that are quite apparent. Those who by faith in Jesus Christ build their faith and future in the covenantal promises of God’s Word will be far better off than those who prefer to tranquilize themselves with their daily six-pack and watch Monday night football. This I promise: those who anesthetize themselves with a weekly diet of “feel good Gospel,” so very popular in contemporary Christianity, will find their world suddenly turned upside down. Review some of the potential scenarios that could become the future of the nation we once called “God’s Country.”


Social Upheaval & Potential Revolution


A growing sense among many Americans centers on the concern that a second American Revolution may be where this country is headed. However, many doubt that the present population has either the character or the courage to orchestrate such a bold move. And, if revolution were in the future, would it follow the trend of the American War for Independence (1775-1781) or the later French Revolution (1789-1799) or even the Russian (Bolshevik) Revolution in 1917? It seems unlikely. Neither the Eighteenth Century American War for Independence nor the French Revolution in the latter half of that century corresponds much to Twenty-first Century America. While some similarities exist in the French and Russian upheavals, they are not sufficiently strong to make any sure predictions.

The homogenous racial makeup of Eighteenth Century America was Caucasian Protestant Christians who shared a common bond of race, faith, biblical morality, and social status. These people shared one common cause: that was to free themselves from the taxing tyranny of the British Parliament and all the abuses of the British military. Class distinction was not fixed in Colonial America. Great class mobility prevailed for those who had ambition, initiative, and character. These important qualities enabled Colonial Americans to perform heroically on the field of battle and expend the full strength of the nation to the cause for independence, which culminated in the establishment of the American Republic, destined to become the single greatest nation in the annals of history.


One of the most significant causes of the French Revolution was the vast economic disparity between the wealthy nobility (and clergy) and the masses, the poor peasant/farmers. Combine that with their desire to form a Middle Class and share the wealth, and a revolution was born. Both the nobles and the clergy were exempt from taxation, so that burden landed squarely on the peasant class. The racial composition was not a factor since the French population was homogenous European stock. There is no question that subversive and anti-Christian influence was at work to undermine the direction of this Revolution and guide it toward a bloody end, which witnessed the military coup and dictatorship of Napoleon Bonaparte.   The French Revolution not only ended the Monarchy of Louis XVI, but also culminated in a total dictatorship.  


The Twenty-first Century Model in America


Twenty-first Century America is unique: it is not the same as either the French or the Russian Revolution. Several characteristics distinguish our current model from these historical precedents. Each of these factors is compelling and weighty in assessing the future of this country compared to earlier revolutionary models. Let us analyze three factors to assess the future of the United States.


The Diversity of Race


America is a racially diverse nation, something that will prove to be the death knell for us! The Caucasian population is now the minority race. The presidential elections of 2008 and 2012 marked the tipping point in which a non-White coalition seized control. Prognosticators predict that future presidential elections will witness the same influence. White America has been conditioned to bear such a burden of guilt for alleged injustices to the non-White races that they essentially are rendered incapable of doing anything besides participating in their own genocide. The White birthrate is dropping precariously; this, together with unchecked immigration of non-White, third world aliens, will ensure a non-White dominance as long as America endures.


In response to a half century plus of Civil Rights legislation, Affirmative Action, equal opportunity, forced segregation of the races, continual bombardment of White guilt for suppression of the Black and Hispanic population, and never ending political correctness, the polarization of the races is as apparent today as at any time. Black-on-White crime is surging, and Blacks have declared open war on Whites in many of the larger urban centers. The surging Hispanic population is becoming more blatant in their demands as they populate the great Southwest, openly defying the U.S. Government and arrogantly declaring their intention of regaining what they lost in the Mexican War for Independence (1846-1848).


Alienation of Government from the People


The U.S. Government that has consolidated and centralized political power in Washington D.C. is essentially alienated from the population at large. The American public has little confidence and almost zero trust in the Federal Government. The majority feels betrayed and consider themselves the recipients of constant lies and misinformation from the government, which many perceive as a totalitarian, centralized bureaucracy that bears little resemblance to the country founded in the War for Independence. Unbridled growth, coupled with the concentration of power and money for those who run this centralized government, continues to estrange the people from their government. This continuing alienation from the common people has concocted a recipe for big trouble ahead.  


Spiritual Apathy and Moral Decadence


The United States has undergone a major spiritual and moral transformation since World War II ended in 1945. Our turn toward Secular Humanism was placed on steroids during the 1960s Cultural Revolution which shook America to its core. Collectively, America disconnected from its Christian heritage and in so doing separated from the past generations that honored the Being of God. In fact, this culture of ours declared God dead with its pronouncement that deity no longer existed. Very quickly, then, far too many long-standing statutes that banned the practice of abortion, miscegenation, sodomy, and other crimes were repealed as the U.S. Supreme Court, following the wake of the Cultural Revolution, systematically dismantled Christian America in one historic decision after another.


The United States finds herself awash in religious pluralism as it allows a place for every heathen god imaginable. At the same time, our government grows more hostile toward historic Christianity. A Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, or Satanist will find more compatibility in contemporary America than a Christian who stands on the faith of America’s historic and religious past. Having discarded biblical morality, America has absolutely no moral and ethical code to hold the country together. This country worships at the shrine of progressive Secular Humanism, the newly established religion of our government. Humanism has no code of ethics, and the American populace is quickly degenerating into a reprobate nation completely void of morality.    


How Real is the Possibility of Revolution?


The odds are decidedly against any revolution for several reasons. Our people have been conditioned for dependence upon government. We have progressed from a nation that was thankful for government subsidies to a people that live in anticipation of governmental help to a generation that fully expects aid from the government. Now we are a nation that feels entitled to help from the government, with an entire class of people who are completely dependent upon government. The majority of those who live by entitlement and are totally addicted to welfare have neither the character, education, nor the desire to change anything in their lives or in the government that sustains them at the expense of those who do work and pay taxes.


Not unlike the Roman Emperors who kept the poor underclass contented with consistent provisions of bread and circus, the U.S. Government in the same manner placates the under classes, keeping them content with government handouts, food stamps, subsidized housing, flat screen television sets, and a daily six pack of beer. Millions of sub-culture people simply have no inclination to participate in any kind of political upheaval. However, should the U.S. Government become financially insolvent and find herself unable to placate the sub-culture masses with hands-outs, big trouble will break out. Millions of these people will take to the streets, set the cities on fire, and begin looting, burning, raping, and killing.


Thankfully, many Americans remain responsible and hardworking. With their ambition, initiative, self-reliance, and strong character, they have built themselves a good life and income—in spite of and without the aid of the United States Government. These people have the intelligence but probably lack the courage to mount any kind of serious opposition to the U.S. Government. Decades of political and religious correctness, public education in government-run schools, and the lack of strong spiritual and moral foundations have not prepared these people for any kind of leadership like Colonial America was able to birth in the late Eighteenth Century.


The one hope that remains for American resistance to tyranny is the fact that more guns are in the hands of our people than in any other nation ever. Millions of gun owners feel alienated from the U. S. Government; they represent the largest armed population ever to exist. Many believe that should the government ever seek to confiscate these guns, all hell might break loose. What many people forget is that the U.S. Government is quietly making ammunition difficult to purchase. Moreover, the government has purchased for its own arms warehouse untold billions of rounds of various caliber ammunition. Guns with only minimal ammunition or perhaps none at all are not a great threat. Moreover, the firepower now available to government-sponsored tactical forces would be a Goliath as opposed to David on the field of battle.


Giving careful consideration to all the factors for and against any future revolution in this country, the odds remain that Americans will likely move right into totalitarian dictatorship rather than mount any opposition. The fact that the people of this country have acquiesced in both of the most recent presidential elections and endured endless abuse from an abundance of government taxation, regulation, and restriction foretells an unlikely means to mount any kind of serious opposition against the U.S. Government.   Moreover, the U.S. Government would not hesitate one moment to turn their guns on any segment of the American population that endeavored to mount a rebellion. Both FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security are fully prepared to bring civilian unrest into compliance through any force necessary.


Where Do We Go from Here?


A good point of beginning might be to review Nehemiah 1 & 2 and carefully assessing the current plight of the 315 million people in the United States. Essentially, this is what one will find: our national problems are concentrated in three areas of concern. At some point, at least one of these three problem areas will reach critical mass, and something major will transpire.


Racial Polarization, Riots, and Race Wars


America’s love for racial diversity, political correctness, and never-ending effort to assuage perceived White guilt for alleged suppression of non-White races (Blacks, Native American Indians, and Hispanics) will not be resolved without bloodshed. In the end, the heavy hand of the Federal Government will be used to pacify the non-Whites and to subdue riots and race wars.   The festering racial problems will continue to plague post-Christian socialist America into the indefinite future.


Economic Woes and Crisis


The debasement of the American currency, a mountain of federal debt, and a government on spending steroids is moving this country toward an irreversible financial crisis. Continuous printing of fiat money will end with hyperinflation and the destruction of the dollar. The Government has unsustainable entitlements that it does not have the will to end; at some point, financial Armageddon will result in tremendous social upheaval. The growing disparity between the rich and the poor and the elimination of the Middle Class will continue to increase tensions until open hostility erupts. The top 1% of incomes account for one-fifth of total U. S. earnings. The top 1% of fortunes hold two-fifths of the total wealth in the U. S. One family, the six heirs of the brothers Sam and James Walton (founders of Wal-Mart), have more financial worth than the bottom 40% of the population combined ($115 billion in 2012). The net wealth of the nation’s median household compared with the size of the largest fortune in the U. S. presents a ratio of wealth inequality that for some economists is the greatest measure of where America stands presently.


The median income for American families is declining; the notorious Middle Class is gradually disappearing as the rich get richer and the poor become poorer. The disparity between the rich and the poor is something to which other nations and cultures are very much accustomed; however, this is not the case in America. Chronic high employment is into its sixth consecutive year. Thousands of college grads are working at low paying jobs. Unemployment for young Blacks and other youth is above 20%. In 1950, most Middle Class families survived on one income with stay-at-home moms. Growing numbers of families now find it difficult to make ends meet—even with both parents working. We are in trouble!


The Debasement of the Historic American Culture


America is well on its way to becoming a completely secularized society as the U. S. Government, legislators, and courts, together with the news media and Hollywood, rip away the spiritual and moral soul of America. Our once strong belief in God, a future judgment, and an eternal destiny in heaven or hell have been eliminated from our minds. A conscience that bears shame for sin is foreign in a nation that has no proclivity to know or serve the Living God. The moral absolutes of the Bible are essentially eroded, and America lurches forward amid a sea of moral relativism. With no biblical ethics, this nation is coming apart at the very seams.


If Not Revolution, What?


Not unlike the great Titanic America is racing toward a catastrophic future. Any number of factors could quickly cause this nation to implode. The U.S. is crumbling from within. The invasion of this country by forty million Latinos has hardly raised a whimper in Washington D.C. The mandated, socialized health care law is designed to bring about the most massive wealth distribution in the history of the world. No legislation in human history can compare to this government-mandated socialist health care plan that will be enforced by an army of 16,000 IRS agents! What we are very likely to see in the place of revolution and a shift in the paradigm of the American government is the rise of the most powerful totalitarian police state in the annals of the world!


The arms of this oppressive police state will consume and control every aspect of American life. Any deviation from the acceptable norms of this police state will be met with the strong arm of government police. Massive wealth distribution by way of ever-increased taxation will become the norm. Socialism, already in place, will gradually morph into what will be more like a Communist state. At this late hour, only a miracle from heaven could awaken a sufficient number of Americans to a God-ordained vision of taking their country back. The vast majority of the country is already well conditioned and ready to accept a government-sponsored Socialist dictatorship.


A Word for the Christian Remnant


It is imperative that the Christian remnant identified in Scripture (Rev. 12:17; 14:12) as those who “...keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ” remain focused on their spiritual and moral standing in the post-Christian history of this country. We must live with great hope and assurance of the triumphant victory of Jesus Christ and His covenant people. Covenant people numbered in the Church of Jesus Christ must keep a number of factors in mind. We must hold these truths near and dear to our hearts.


First, God will always preserve a remnant of His covenant people—and this according to the election of God (Romans 11:5; Isa. 1:9; Jer. 15:11; 44:28 etc.). Jehovah will never be without a remnant to witness His truth and sovereignty. Building strong families with multiplication of children is the most important priority for remnant Christians today.


Secondly, this remnant consists of the redeemed covenant seed out of the race of Adam, primarily from the covenant seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob-Israel and those descended from them. This redeemed body consists of the true church of Jesus Christ, bought and purchased by His precious blood. We must focus on encouraging and building up the local church, which will become increasingly more important to the remnant.


Thirdly, this English-speaking remnant will be inspired to live in the full conviction and commitment of Jesus Christ and His Word as revealed in the King James Bible. This revealed Word will provide the moral compass by which we must live and is the GPS that will guide this remnant forward in post-Christian America.


Fourthly, this remnant will be convicted to live as separatists in their families, their corporate worship services, and in their elementary and high school training. Only in the university or college classrooms, the work place, and shopping malls and such venues should they interact with the youth of other races and cultures.


Fifth, the circumstances that characterize post-Christian America will require remnant Christians to be extra selective in their geographical choices. They must avoid large urban centers with concentrations of non-White races, cultures, and religions.


Sixth, remnant Christians must work hard to live frugally, stay out of debt, and minimize the cost of living by eliminating much of the opulence of modern America. Any steps toward self-sufficiency, growing food, and becoming as independent and self-sufficient as possible will be a tremendous blessing as millions of Americans march toward a plunging standard of living.


Seventh, children and young adults must be provided with exceptional educational disciplines so that they can become well-functioning, self-reliant, ambitious people of strong character. These kinds of people will be in high demand as the general population of America becomes less competent. Young people of good character armed with a strong work ethic, high moral standards, well educated, and possessing a good attitude will be in high demand and will own the best jobs.


Finally, recall that Jesus Christ commissioned His covenant people to “Occupy Till He Comes” (Luke 19:13).   We dare not allow ourselves to be among that company who bow their heads, seal their lips, and hide away the light and truth God has given them.   Being selective we must carefully and prayerfully sow the seed of the Gospel of the Kingdom to those whom the Holy Spirit places in our pathway. Each one teaching one is the most efficient evangelism in the world.


The future belongs to those who stand in truth for Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. With faith in Jesus Christ and the assurance of His Word, the Christian remnant must look evil in the eye and resolve to persevere with the same love for God, faith, family, and our ethnic heritage that generations before them possessed. We must resolve to carve our niche in a secular, socialist America and with God as our Provider and Sustainer build a future for our children. We must preserve our race until Jesus Christ splits the clouds and returns to establish His glorious Kingdom upon this earth!






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