The Fallacy of White Guilt

Part II--The Truth about the Holocaust

By Reed Benson



For those who have any sense of cultural awareness, you realize that the majority of powerful institutions in the Western World are committed to the premise that White people are responsible for nearly all of the problems that exist.  The media, Hollywood, most universities, those that shape pop culture of music and art, and most governmental agencies seek to make White people feel badly about what they or their ancestors have done.  Their goal is to implant a sense of White guilt:  then they can push to develop public policies that will unwind these alleged crimes.


As remnant Israelites, we know this is largely the handiwork of Satan himself and that those who press this agenda are doing the evil one's bidding.  Revelation 12:17 tells us this:  "And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep he commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ."  If you know that the dragon is Satan and that the woman is the White race, that is, Israel, it is clear that the elimination of the White race is the goal.  What is heart-breaking to observe is that many Israelites themselves are unwitting accomplices to Lucifer and are perfectly happy to see their own race wither away.


The most successful tool presently in the Devil's arsenal is this pervasive sense of White guilt that destroys our people's will to fight, reproduce ourselves, or even defend the actions of our forefathers.  In the last issue of the Watchman (Fall 2016), Part I of this article showed the two great alleged offenses of the White race that arose from the nineteenth century:  namely, Negro Slavery and the treatment of the American Indian. That our ancestors’ treatment of these two groups was cruel is, in fact, a myth.  White people alive today should carry no burden of guilt for these historical developments of the 1800s.  If you, a White person, think you should feel remorse for these historical circumstances, please read Part I of this article.


I will now deal with the single most common reason cited from the twentieth century why White people should feel guilt about themselves, their ancestors, and their race in general.


White Guilt and the Holocaust


Most people assume that the Holocaust was surely the greatest crime against humanity in the twentieth century, and that the German people who allegedly murdered six million Jews must have been black-hearted indeed.  By extension, all people of German descent everywhere around the world must also be suspect of possessing latent hatred of Jews and non-White Aryan races.  Certainly, anyone like myself who challenges the standard narrative that six million Jews died in gas chambers of Nazi Germany during the Second World War does so out of hatred for Jews and non-Whites!


My sole motive here has nothing to do with hate for anyone.  Facts—historical, documented facts from primary sources—are what we need to reveal the truth.  For those who are willing to look and read, there is a wealth of sound information now readily available that clearly shows that the official storyline of six million Jews dying in gas chambers is not the truth.  What I will provide here is a summary of this large body of evidence.


In essence, the truth of the matter is as follows:  the last year of World War II brought intense destruction on all of Germany—its cities, its railroad transportation network, and virtually all people living within the borders.  Germany was losing on all battlefronts and was in desperate straits in every way from the ferocious allied bombing campaign.  To free up manpower to fight, their policy throughout the war had been to import several million mostly non-Germans into forced labor camps to keep industrial production humming.  The conditions in the camps were strict, and the work days were long; but they were not inhuman.  Until the final year of the war, the internees had adequate food, housing, clothing, medical supplies, and even some recreational time.  This began to change in the autumn of 1944.  Germany was reaching a breaking point, where there simply was no longer enough food and medical supplies for everyone.  Rationing became extreme, and soldiers at the front were top priority.  Millions of civilian Germans at home began suffering extreme hunger, and tens of thousands starved to death by the war's end in May of 1945.  Not surprisingly, internees in the labor camps were near the end of the list when it came to needed supplies.  Bitter hunger set in there as well, and the work day was lengthened even more.  By January of 1945, death in the camps from deficiency diseases and starvation began occurring.  Typhus became more common.  When the camps were liberated in May, indeed there were many spindly, starved survivors who had tales of extreme hardship to tell.   


All of this suffering is sad for us to now contemplate.  But here is where one must be careful:  there is no documented, primary evidence that the purpose of these camps was to intentionally murder any group of people.  These camps did not contain anywhere near six million Jewish internees, let alone intentionally murder them.  Yes, there were some Jewish forced laborers, but there were also many internees of other national origins, for whom we never hear a word of sympathy or hear a demand for repayment. There were large numbers of Poles, Gypsies, Czechs, and even some native Germans.  Essentially, anyone who opposed Hitler's government was at risk of incarceration in a work camp.  And again, conditions, while not idyllic, but were suitable for basic health and well being until the final nine months of the war, when Germany's infrastructure began to break down.


I am not attempting to defend Hitler, his party, or his government. But as you will see, the scale of human suffering in the German camps was far less than what is alleged.  Indeed, if one is looking for intense cruel suffering in twentieth century labor camps, cast your eye upon the Soviet gulags, where Stalin systematically worked tens of millions of people to death from the 1930s right through World War II into the 1950s.  Tens of millions is not an inflated figure.  Now there is a crime against humanity!


Consider the following facts:


1.  In 1988, one of the world's leading specialists of the design and fabrication of execution equipment, Fred Leuchter, scraped samples from the alleged gas chamber walls at Auschwitz, Birkenau, and Lublin.  Cyanide (Zyklon-B) residue would be present if gassings did occur.  To his surprise, he found none.  In 1991, hoping to reverse Leuchter's results, the Polish government repeated these tests.  They also found no cyanide residue.


2.  Though six million Jews supposedly died in the gas chambers, not a single corpse has been found, exhumed, autopsied, and found to have died of gas poisoning.  Not one of six million.  Let that sink in. We are to believe that of six million, not a single corpse was accidentally disposed of in another manner, such as burial.  All, every single person, was completely destroyed in crematoriums.


3.  The math for cremating the corpses of the alleged six million is implausible.  The crematoria at the alleged deaths camps were woefully inadequate for such a huge number.  At two hours per corpse, supposedly operating for four years, twenty-four hours per day, without a single pause from breakdown of the systems or stoppage for shortage of fuel, some 340 crematorium ovens would be required.  These enormous crematoriums cannot be visited today, for they were supposedly destroyed before the war's end.  Only little rooms with a paltry handful of ovens can be seen today (these were necessary to deal with victims of typhus and cholera).  Oh, for sure, photos of large facilities have been "discovered," but you cannot see them now.  Claims are made that multiple bodies were stuffed into the ovens at one time to speed up the rate of destruction, even organizing the corpses so that fatty bodies would help burn the emaciated ones. But this is all balderdash without proof.  In desperation, it is now sometimes claimed the bodies were burned in open air pits (where the temperature could not be as high or as efficient as an oven), all without notice of nearby residents or with any residue in the soil!


4.  Portions of Anne Frank's famous diary describing Jewish persecution were written with a ballpoint pen.  However, the ballpoint pen was not invented until 1938 in Argentina and was not in public production until 1951.  This, along with considerable internal evidence, proves her diary is a hoax, written long after her supposed death in the camps by an adult in New York City.  Supporters try to claim that these were not pertinent portions of the diary, but that is not true either.


  1. Two of the most extensive histories of World War Two in the European theatre are Dwight Eisenhower's memoirs and Winston's Churchill's massive six-volume history of the war.  In light of the scale and significance of alleged Holocaust, one would think these well-informed men would have mentioned it.  They did not—not a single sentence.


6.  The United States Holocaust Museum offers no physical proof of the gas chambers.  It does have a plastic model replica of a gas chamber supposedly used at Birkenau.  It does have plastic model replica of a metal door alleged to be used at Maidanek.  There are no human skin lampshades at the museum.  There are no bars of soap made from human fat.  Where is the physical evidence of this enormous human slaughter?


7.  There are plenty of photographs of miserable emaciated survivors of camps taken in May 1945.  Some of these are real and sad to reflect upon.  But where is the evidence of the organized mass murder of six million?  Many other photos exist of the same camps only a year before with healthy workers walking around, performing their labors without great suffering, and even playing soccer in their free time.  Why is the public never shown these photographs?


  1. Some holocaust enthusiasts have claimed there are many captured German documents that prove the intended genocide of Jews.  These documents have never been revealed, however.  Recently, the trend has been to insist the Germans destroyed all the documents before the war ended to cover their crimes.  So to provide proof for their theory, Holocaust historians now depend on "eyewitness" testimony of survivors.  But the tens of thousands of holocaust survivors that surfaced in the 1980s and '90s undermine the main point of the narrative—that of the Germans systematically and efficiently executing six million European Jews.  If they were so competent and effectual at murder, why are they so many survivors?  Of course, a skeptic is not supposed to observe that these survivors all have the opportunity to apply for financial benefits from the Holocaust Victim Reparation Fund, paid for by the current German government to the tune of 89 billion dollars!  Nor should one note that eyewitness testimony is one of the weaker forms of historical proof, recalling that there are many sincere eyewitness testimonies of a living Elvis Presley, the Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot, and flying saucers.


9.  The Auschwitz State Museum has recently revised its original fifty-year-old claim that four million humans were murdered there.  The official museum figure has been revised downward to an estimated one million.  Wow, just like that--three million people did not die after all!  So, does the museum offer documented proof that one million died?  No.  We are just expected to take their word.


10.  The Jewish World Almanac for 1933 states that the global population of Jews was 15.3 million people.  The 1948 Jewish World Almanac states the world-wide population was 15.8 million, an increase of about one-half million Jews.  These figures were produced before the Holocaust industry took flight in the late 1950s.  If these figures are correct, and they certainly seem plausible, then six million could not have died between 1941 and 1945 in the gas chambers.  As an impartial and credible source, the International Committee of the Red Cross should be considered.  Its three-volume report of German concentration camp inmates during World War II, released in 1948 in Geneva, Switzerland, states that 272,000 internees died.  Of these, approximately one-half were Jewish, less than 140,000.


11.  Consider German suffering in World War II.  The numbers are still being debated somewhat, but the following figures are reasonable and close to accurate regarding German war dead.  German soldiers killed in combat were about 2.4 million.  The Russians captured and interned in Siberian gulags another 1.9 million German soldiers. Fewer than ten thousand survived, while the rest were worked to death.  Civilian war deaths for Germany were about 500,000, while another 200,000 were captured by the Russians and likewise shipped to Siberia for slow extermination in the gulags.  Virtually every German city was pulverized to ruin in the allied bombing campaign.  The Soviet Empire annexed a full third of Germany and ruled with an iron fist for forty-five years after the end of the war.  Certainly there was much tragedy in World War Two.  Is there no sympathy anywhere for the German people who also greatly suffered?  


12.  Now, let us summarize the situation for present day application.  Fact: the real numbers of Jews that died at the hands of the Nazis was no more than 140,000 people.  Fact: these deaths were the result of the tragic fortunes of war and not a plan of extermination.  Fact: the current German government has paid out 89 billion dollars in reparation payments to Jews who claim to have survived German camps.  Fact:  millions of Germans also died in the war, including several million who perished in cruel Soviet work camps.  Fact:  there has been no reparation from the Soviet Russian government to the German people for their foul deeds.  Question:  why should Germans anywhere today, including Germany, continue to feel guilty?  


Conclusion:  The nation of Germany and White people of German descent in any land owe Jews nothing.  Do not feel guilty.







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