To Which Do You Belong?


America is a sharply divided country, with no obvious way to bridge the terrible divide that separates the factions. There seems to be no neutral ground or safe zone for people who have no particular religious or political belief system.

With every American being catapulted either to the right or to the left of this unprecedented spiritual, moral, political, and philosophical divide. a logical question for the covenant people descended from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob-Israel is this:  is there any precedent for the sharp divide that separates the two Americas, a divide that seems to be coalescing around the opposition’s own moral, religious, spiritual, and political standard?  

   Pastor Dan Gayman


The history of the Israelites, that special people called and chosen of Jehovah for His peculiar treasure on this earth, has witnessed many such instances of sharp division.  Let us examine some of these examples from the Bible and then transition to the sharp divide that separates the two Americas.

1) In the year 1249 B.C., during the reign of Judges, Jehovah raised up a young, obscure young man named Gideon from the people of Manasseh to lead Israel in their struggle to be free from the oppression of the Midianites.  Gideon had been raised in a home where Baal was worshipped and Jehovah was either unknown or had been repudiated.  The Holy Spirit had anointed Gideon. Under instruction from Jehovah, the army of 22,000 Israelites had been reduced to a mere 300 warriors. As Judges 7:24-25 and 8:1-3 reveal, the men of Ephraim vigorously protested their lack of participation in the prosecution of this war against the Midianites, demonstrating one of the earliest divisions within the tribes of Israel and serving as a precursor to more division to come.

2) Some 106 years later, about 1143 B.C. during the reign of Judges, Jephthah the Gileadite served as judge. A mighty man of valor, Jephthah had been anointed in Israel to wage war against the children of Ammon (Judges chapters 11 and 12). At the conclusion of this victorious war against the Ammonites, the men of Ephraim against vigorously protested their non-participation in the prosecution of this war (Judges 12:1).  This dispute within the tribes of Israel resulted in civil war that eventually caused the deaths of 42,000 Ephraimite soldiers, thus marking another significant division in the nation of Israel.

3) Eighty-seven years later in 1056 B. C., another division manifested itself among the twelve tribes of Israel.  King Saul, the first king installed after Israel transitioned from a theocracy to a monarchy, had recently died while waging a war against the Philistines.  King Saul was slain at the battle of Mt. Gilboa (I Samuel 31).  In the aftermath of his death, David was anointed as king over the house of Judah (II Samuel 2:4).  At Saul’s death, his son Ish-bosheth was made king over Ephraim, Benjamin, and the rest of Israel, except for the tribe of Judah.  A powerful struggle ensued as both David and Ish-bosheth competed for leadership. II Samuel 3:1 confirms that the house of David grew in strength and power while the kingdom of Ish-bosheth diminished. This division finally healed when David, then king of Judah, became king over all the tribes of Israel.

4) Twenty-nine years later, about 1027 B.C., Absolom, David’s son, organized a coup and gathered an army to unseat his father David from the throne and seize control of the Kingdom.  Absolom’s attempt to take the throne from his father is chronicled in II Samuel 15.  David and his court were driven from the capital of Jerusalem, where a fierce battle ensued.  Joab, a general in David’s army (II Samuel 18:9-16) ultimately killed Absolom in a tragic division within the House of Israel. Some 20,000 Israelite soldiers fighting for Absolom died.  The primary battle apparently unfolded in a wooded area, with Scripture recording that “…wood devoured more people that day than the sword devoured” (II Samuel 18:8).

5) Fifty-two years later, in 975 B.C. at the death of Solomon, the tribes of Israel reached a point of national crisis:  Rehoboam succeeded his father Solomon to the throne of Israel.  Setting aside the council of the older men as to how he should govern Israel, Rehoboam chose to follow the advice of the young men, his peer group, and increase the tax levy that was already quite burdensome. In open retaliation, ten of the twelve tribes of Israel revolted under the leadership of a bold and ambitious Ephrathite named Jeroboam.  “To your tents, O Israel” became the rallying cry of Jeroboam and the ten tribes that followed him.  This division, occurring in 975 B.C., became permanent as two nations were formed out of the one.

Jeroboam established an independent nation to the North and established his capital at Samaria.   With the exception of the tribe of Judah, Levites, and a goodly portion of Benjamin remaining under the rule of Rehoboam, all the remaining ten tribes became associated with the Northern Kingdom of Israel.   In fear of the Israelites returning to Jerusalem for the celebration of the holy days, Jeroboam established his own worship centers at Dan and Bethel, complete with the worship of golden calves, a counterfeit festival calendar, a non-Levite priesthood, and false worship. Israel and Judah continued as independent and sovereign nations until the end of the Northern Kingdom, which the Assyrians conquered (741-721 B.C.), and the Chaldean (Babylonian) plunder and victory over Judah (606-607-588 B.C.).    

Fast Forward

Tens of millions of Israelites now occupy the lands where the Israelites in their dispersion long ago explored, settled, and developed, including the European nations, the British Isles, Scandinavia, the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and elsewhere.  It is difficult to ascertain the count of the Caucasian population of the United States of America, first because of the widespread confusion over how to define Whites.  The U. S. Census Department defines a White as someone having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa.  It is also not uncommon now to classify Hispanics as White.  The U.S. Census gives the White count at 197,870.516 people, or about 62.06% of the total American population. When you separate the millions of people whose origins are from Central Asia, North Africa, and the Hispanic nations, this figure shrinks substantially. Consider that the latest U.S. Census figures show some 55.4 Hispanics on American soil, up from 9.6 million in 1970.  If you separate all the actual non-White minorities from those whom the Census Department classifies as White, the non-White races exceed the number of actual Caucasians. We have not been able to ascertain the number of Whites who voted for Donald J. Trump, but it was a significant majority of the sixty-two million votes cast for the Trump/Pence ticket. The question remaining is this: how divided are the Whites who did vote for Donald Trump from those who voted for Hillary?

The Presidential Election of 2016 clearly demonstrated a divided America.   Two distinct divisions of people occupy America.  The Esau-Edom coalition that voted for Hillary, together with the millions of that stripe who do not participate in elections, view the Whites that voted for Trump as evil, bigoted, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, ignorant, poorly educated, and incapable of rational thinking. This liberal, progressive, humanist coalition, constituting more than one-half of the population of America, believes that the presidential election in 2016 was seized by a White racial backlash of people who despise Obama, globalism, multiculturalism, and racial diversity. However, the coalition of Esau/Edom, some 64 million strong, envisions America as an appendage to a one-world government, a nation without borders that invites immigrants from every corner of the world. They see a nation of consumers, not producers, and big government as god. They envision a country that eliminates God, Scripture, biblical morality, and historic Christian traditions and beliefs from this land. They see America as a multicultural, racially diverse nation filled with many religions, each of them equal or superior to Christianity. This Esau-Edomite coalition envisions an America where all races are blended into one universal brown hue, where all individual beliefs become one monolithic religion, and where all governments merge into one global government that governs all nations of the world. This Esau-Edom coalition is composed of millions of Whites, as well as the largest percentage of the Black, Hispanic, Asian, Muslim, and other minority populations living inside the borders of the U.S.

Consider this:  between 97 and 100 million people did not vote in this most recent election.  Millions of these people were not even registered to vote.  And, the candid belief of many is that several million illegal aliens from Mexico and other countries did cast their votes in California and other states that do not require voter identification. Whatever the case is on that matter, this huge non-voting population made it possible for the presidential election of 2016 to side with Donald Trump. In every election, the stay-at home people actually do cast a vote for the winner.  Because they did not vote for the opposition, they in actuality vote for the winner. Know this:  if this huge body of nearly 100 million people ever goes to the polls, expectations are that they would be a solid voting constituency for the Democratic Party.   In such a case, this powerful, big city coalition will completely overpower the diminishing White people living in 85% of the landmass of America. *****  

The racial face of America has gone through a radical change during the past fifty years, and we have reached the tipping point in favor of the non-White coalition. White people of America are clearly the minority population in this country that their ancestors explored, settled, civilized, and made exceptional. The racial reality of 21st Century America is set in stone: now, plunging birth rates and a tidal wave of non-White immigration have imperiled the future of Whites in America. The future of the Christian remnant rests solely in the hands of our sovereign God and His unconditional Abrahamic covenant of promise. This covenant rests solely upon the grace of God, not the performance of His covenant people. Please note that this last statement in no way reduces the responsibility of covenant people in America to humble themselves, pray, seek the face of the Living God, and turn from wickedness!

The mostly White Jacob-Israel coalition that voted for Donald J. Trump, together with a small percentage of Blacks, Hispanics, and other minorities, totaled about sixty-two million votes.  Minus the small-number of non-White voters, the remained of this sixty-two million voting block lives in 85% of the landmass of the U.S, including the rural, semi-rural, and suburban enclaves in the “fly over” portion of America.  Some sixty-four million votes cast for Hillary were mostly from those who live on just 15% of the landmass of America, packed into the cities and the heavily populated East and the West coasts.

The Hard Reality

In any consideration of the sixty-two million who voted for Trump and remembering that most of them were White, how do we sort these millions? Firstly, all White Americans do not think alike or share the same worldview. Nor can we assume that they are all one united by any index imaginable.  The millions of White voters who pulled the lever for Donald Trump can essentially be divided into three categories: the largest segment consists of the unsaved, disillusioned Americans who simply want changes that would bring them a better economic future. Let us call them the pocket-book voters.  Then there are the Evangelical Christians who are frustrated with not only the economy, but despair over the pro-abortion and same-sex marriage issues and the complete disintegration of moral standards. Finally, the third category is biblical Christians, who want an absolute end to abortion, sodomy, miscegenation, open borders, and a multitude of other forces that they perceive are destroying their country and heritage.

One must be careful when assessing how the millions of White voters who pushed Trump over the finish line believe.  Millions of these White voters went to the polls out of complete frustration at the stagnant economy and loss of jobs. Suffering dissolution and despair for the future of their children in a country that they feel has lost its way, millions of these White people are among the unconverted masses who find their greatest enjoyment in a six-pack of beer and a football game. Their spiritual life is essentially void, as is their consideration of the eternal state of their soul. These millions voted for Trump because he is an outsider, and they wanted someone who would shake up the status quo and bring change.

Now, regarding Evangelical Christians, they do have a solid belief in Jesus Christ as the eternal Son of God and believe for that the Bible is the authoritative and inerrant Word of God.  They are pro-life and strongly oppose same-sex marriage, gender blending, sodomy, and other moral crimes that assault the foundations of God and Scripture. Sadly, the majority of these evangelical Christians have been taught by their church leaders that miscegenation is acceptable, which has led to a growing culture of interracial mixing within the evangelical church. Most of these churches welcome a racially diverse congregation, so multiculturalism poses them no offence.   

Most White voters who put Trump over the finish line want limited government, a nation with borders, an absolute halt to the foreign invasion of the country, a halt to all Muslim immigration, and the removal of illegal aliens, drug lords, and gang members.  They want to see fair trade laws and a government that removes regulations from business and lets free enterprise work, a country that invites low corporate taxes and the return of trillions of dollars now kept overseas because of unfavorable tax laws.  These people seek a health care system that is built on the foundation of free enterprise, competition, and common sense.  They want no part of globalism or trade agreements that choke American companies and send factories and jobs to distant lands.  They want an end to government regulations and restrictions that prohibit the extraction of all forms of energy from God’s earth, including coal, natural gas, and oil. They want an end to national building, regime change, and meddling in other countries’ business. They are pro-American and want America first in all matters of foreign affairs. They are through with no-win, undeclared wars that have no justification for going in and no exit strategy. American armies continue to remain in Afghanistan and Iraq after fifteen years of war. This view embraces a country with a strong military and believes in peace through strength.  

Pro-American people further believe that education should be taken out of the hands of the Federal Government and returned to the respective states and the parents. They want limited government, low taxes, and a government of law and order.  Finally, the rural and semi-rural population of the United States, together with their White suburban friends, yearn for a traditional America where biblical values are practiced, abortion is ended, sodomy is back in the closet, and miscegenation is unlawful and a criminal offense. Real conservatives with a Christian worldview desire a country where sin is no longer celebrated, and people of character, self-reliance, ambition, honesty, and truthfulness seek to work and are rewarded for doing so.

Going Forward

The hard core Christian remnant who stands anchored in Jesus Christ and His inerrant Word can settle for nothing less than an end to abortion, sodomy, same-sex marriage, gender blending, miscegenation, and an endless parade of political correctness must clearly understand that the future going forward will not be easy.  Donald Trump will not please everyone.  Nor will his decisions always be on target and compatible with hardcore Christian Biblicists.  We must understand that Donald Trump cannot be expected to make America great again unless millions of Americans make God great again.  Unless God and Scripture are placed back on the throne in the lives of millions of covenant people everywhere, no one should expect Donald Trump to restore greatness to our land.

Donald Trump and Michael Pence may represent the best potential leadership that our sovereign God has allowed to occupy the top positions of leadership in America in one hundred years, but I submit that their success is due to the fervent prayers, fasting, and supplications of millions of White covenant people across the 85% of the landscape that turned red for Trump in this election. Our sovereign God heard our cries and prayers. Only in a series of circumstances that can only be called miraculous did Donald Trump defeat the Democratic Party, establishment Republicans, media moguls, Edomite bankers, the UN, Hollywood, the majority of the non-White population, and most of the college and university professors and their student bodies.

God-fearing, Bible-believing, Blood-washed, Spirit-filled remnant Christians have a special calling upon our lives. We must endeavor to live as penitent and humble sinners before God, in daily repentance and personal commitment to Jesus Christ. We must advance the Christian worldview in every way we can. We must be bold and pro-active in our local churches and communities and advance the cause of truth in every way possible.

Marriage, multiplication of children, Christian education of our children, building the Christian family, and becoming a core, pro-active participant in our local churches and communities should become the focus of our lives. Remnant Christians should focus on building our future in the rural and semi-rural areas of America and pursuing vocational, professional, and business choices that will enable us to keep our families in a biblical culture away from the asphalt jungles of the nation.

A zealous, committed, and convicted Christian remnant must light spiritual and moral fires across the 85% of the landmass of America that turned red in the presidential election of 2016.  It only takes a spark to ignite a fire.  May the fire of spiritual revival and renewal come to the sixty-two million who voted for Donald Trump. Let each one of us draw a circle around ourselves and say, “Let revival begin with me.”   









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