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The Church of Israel has literally thousands of sermons and lessons availble on CD and cassette tape.  Additionally, we offer over two hundred different series of lessons (many of which are comprised of ten or more sermons), as well as over 1600 individual lessons. Call to order yours today, or proceed to our new youtube channel to browse our selection of sermons by Pastor Dan Gayman!


Please call or write us for the full list of sermons available.  Are you interested in any particular subject?  Give us a phone call, and we can help by making a few suggestions. Below you will find a very small sample of the lessons that are available, all of which are preached from the pulpit of the Church of Israel by Pastor Dan Gayman and other exceptional ministers, and are available to order.  We do charge a small fee of $3.00 for each cassette, or $5.00 for each CD ordered (postpaid).



Just click on the sermon you would like to hear and it will allow it a minute to load


Additionally, you will find that the following links give you full access to prime audio sermons given by esteemed affiliate speakers Charles A. Weisman and John Wickey. 

sermons by Charles A. Weisman

sermons by John Wickey

DIVINE BOUNDARIES FOR THE COVENANT PEOPLE LIVING IN A NATION AND A WORLD OF CHAOS  A sermon by Pastor Dan Gayman.  19 May 2013       Series 200-01





GOD'S PLAN FOR TIME MANAGEMENT - WORK - REST - WORSHIP AND RECALIBRATE!    A sermon by Pastor Dan Gayman.  16 July 2013        Series 200-06







THE THRONE OF DAVID IS ALIVE AND WELL!    A sermon by Pastor Dan Gayman.  25 July 2013       Series 173-05











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