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We here at Watchman Outreach Ministries are pleased to offer books, pamphlets, tracts and even a quarterly magazine for the explicit purpose of advancing the Israel message and the good news of the Gospel of the Kingdom! A large percentage of these texts are original works authored by our very own dedicated ministers, including Pastor Dan Gayman.  Add to these the many other books amassed, on topics varying from health to demonic activity, and you will find that we have a selection that is both intriguing and competitive. Contact us for information on precisely what we have available, and we will send you our comprehensive catalogue.  Email us to get yours today!


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By Pastor Dan Gayman

Few would dispute the fact that our nation, the United States, was founded upon Christian precepts.  Yet little evidence of our Bible-based origins exist today in our sin-steeped culture.  Where did we as Christians complicit in the stinking sins of our nation go wrong?   Pastor Gayman's newest book analyzes the moral climate of our very divided country to discover the unvarnished, painful truth of where we are headed.  Like any true optismist, the author posits what, if anything, we as Christians caught in this immoral quagmire can do to change course and avert the coming crisis. 


By Reed Benson

In a society rife with disintegrating relationships and dysfunctional families, a little clarity goes a long way.  Evangelist Reed Benson in his brand-new book tackles the ominous breakdown of the family unit, and the destruction that collapse has wreaked on our culutre.  He goes on to helpfully chronicle in typical no-nonsense fashion the challenges we all face, and the solutions we can apply to rise above the wreckage of secular society.  By reapplying Godliness to the structure of the family, we may just be able to restore God to His rightful place in our society. ($12.00)


By Reed Benson

Have you ever contemplated your personal identity within the framework of the Bible?  Have you ever considered that your ancestry may be the key to unlocking the truth about who and what you are? 

Everyone knows that the Bible was written to, for, and about one people--the Israelites.  These peculiar people were inexplicably chosen by the one, true God as His very own, and He covenanted with them.  Despite all this, somehow with the passage of time God's chosen people became lost in the annals of history.  Or did they?  Evangelist Reed Benson grabs his readers and dives headlong into the evidence to unmask the true identity of God's elect, revealing in the process what that could potentially mean to you. ($10.00)



By Pastor Dan Gayman

The Twenty-first Century is catapulting the nations and kingdoms of this world into the vortex of the "War Of The Ages." The age-old enmity between Satan and his minions and the children of Adam, particularly the stock of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, is moving us toward the irreversible conflict of the ages, the final contest between God and the wicked of this world.


The over-arching factor beyond the wars, rumors of wars,

and turbulent spiritual, moral, political, economic, and

social depravity of this present world lies within the

smoldering and seething "War Of The Ages" that had its

origin at the dawn of creation. It is imperative that God's

children understand the origin and nature of this age-old

war.  ($5.00)

THE DIVINE BOUNDARIES - The Foundation For Moral Law

By Pastor Dan Gayman

God ordained boundaries. In fact, the BIBLE is the story of how God chose Abraham and Sarah and the Israelites descended from them and entered a covenant with them by setting boundaries. The covenant children of Israel were to become a special people above all others on the earth by observing these parameters that Jehovah established. The Ten Commandments are the boundaries God set to distinguish His people from the heathen masses that swarmed the earth. Jehovah issued ten divine boundaries to establish Who He Is and where the lines are that define His relationship with us, His covenant children. The first table of commandments describe the relationship between God and His people. The second table establishes right relationships between one another. These commandments are the most revolutionary moral code ever known and have largely shaped every system of ethics ever recorded. ($15.00)

OUR ANGLO-ISRAEL ROOTS - What the Church of Israel Believes and Why It Matters 

By Pastor Dan Gayman

The fingerprints of ancient Israel are stamped indelibly upon the Celtic, Anglo, Saxon, Germanic, and Scandinavian peoples of the earth.  A detective is able to pinpoint a suspect by a fingerprint that matches a given individual; so it is with identifying the descendants of ancient Israel in our modern world.


The history, heraldry, character, religion, laws, literature, art, and other attributes peculiar to ancient Israel are found exclusively amoung the Anglo, Saxon, Germanic and knidred peoples alone.  The fingerprints of ancient Israel match perfectly with the Celtic, Anglo, Saxon, and Germanic peoples of modern history.


The proper identification of the Anglo/Israel and kindred peoples of the earth is imperative if one is to make any biblical and historical sense of the major and minor prophets of the Bible.  The covenants, charters, guarantees, and pledges from God to Israel are meaningless unless we can identify the people who are fulfilling these prophetic covenants and divine decrees.  Most of the Christian clergy and their followers believe that modern Jews are Israel and that ancient Israel is fulfilled in the relatively small number of Jews in the world today.  But absolutely nothing could be further from the truth!


Harmartiology: the Doctrine of Sin

By Dan Gayman

Perhaps no subject in theology is more deserving of careful thought and biblical scrutiny than the problem of sin and evil.  We would still be living in a pefect world without disease, suffering, and death if sin had not brought ruin to the perfect world our God delivered to the headship of Adam.  

Is it not difficult to imagine a world without war, violence, and bloodshed, a world without strife, anger, heartache, and all the various expressions of sin nature?  That our planet Earth lacked violent weather patterns, earthquakes, and other disruptions that we refer to as acts of nature is almost unthinkable, yet this was the very kind of world that once existed.  Imagine a world where there was no death.  Such was the world that preceded ours---a world without sin and void of illness, violence, and death.  There were no cemetaries, no hospitals, no prisons, and no policeman. 

Sadly, this perfect world ended the day sin entered the world and all creation groaned in travail.  Paradise was quickyl transformed into a world unrecognizable from its former Edenic glory.  Wiith sin came death, and with death came the reality of all the ugly consequences that disobedience to God's divine command demanded.  From that day to this, fallen man has endeavored to somehow recapture that which was lost to sin and death. 


By Pastor Dan Gayman                                                                                       Sharp contrasts divide historic Christianity and the Latter Day Saints.  The roots of Biblical Christianity are traced in unbroken succession to the call of Abraham in 1921 B.C.  In contrast, LDS churches originated in the early 1800s and represent the most prominent religion to originate in America.  Regardless of what faction of the LDS church to which they now claim allegiance, LDS people are rooted in a religion that is quite distinct from historic and biblical Christianity.  A large volume could be written and surely has been, detailing the contrasting theological and historical views of these two groups.  In this study, we shall confine our remarks to contrasting the differences between the two different religions.  On some theological points the two may verge, yet the differences remian so overwhelming that any possibility of the two ever merging would be as likely as the combining of any of the major religions of the world.


By Pastor Dan Gayman

No issue before the covenant people of the Bible is so important as the future of our children.  Indeed, our children are a heritage from God, and the last verse in the Old Testament canon calls for the hearts of the fathers to be turned to their children, and the hearts of the children to be turned to their fathers, lest God smite the earth with a curse.  The highest priority before the Christian family and its future survival is the multiplication, training, and education of children within the covenant family of the Living God!


Once again the sons of Ishmael have struck terror into the hearts of the Anglo-Saxon world.  On the bright and beautiful morning of September 11, 2001, nineteen Muslim hijackers, all foreign nationals, without warning or provocation, commandeered four American passenger jets with women and children aboard, headed to west coast destinations.  Three of these four jetliners were turned into guided missiles that left almost 3,000 American civilians dead, 15,00 orphan children, one hundred billion in property damage, and an estimated one trillion in business losses.  The number of dead and property loses far exceeded any event to ever transpire on the soil of the United states of America.


This 9/11 event has caused the whole world to carefully examine the Muslim world, and they have correctly identified the sons of Ishmael as the nineteen hijackers born in Saudi Arabia and Egypt.  Now that the whole world knows who Ishmael is, the time has come for the world to identify Isaac.  If the sons of Ishmael, originating with father Abraham, can be identified, why not the millions descended from Abraham through Isaac as well?  In the pages of this book you will not only examine the age old rivalry between Ishmael and Isaac, but more important, you will discover the identification of both of these peoples in mordern history.  The incredible story of Isaac vs. Ishmael will transform your understanding of the Bible and the front pages of your hometwon newspaper.


By Pastor Dan Gayman

For millions of Christians the Sabbath question remains unresolved.  For some, the issue has no relevance. One position is that any day of the week can be arbitrarily marked off as your Sabbath. Others are irreversibly in favor of Sunday and want nothing whatsoever to do with the onservance of Saturday as the Sabbath.  Still others are confused and continue to waffle over the Sabbath debate.  Most have a sincere desire to walk in truth and want to know the bottom line.  Which day of the week is the biblical Sabbath?  Or does it really matter?


By Pastor Dan Gayman

The September 11, 2001 tragedy upon American soil revealed an incredible truth for the children of God.  The 3,000 precious lives that were lost, the 15,000 children left without a mother or father, the $100 billion in property damage, and the one trillion dollars in financial losses were the worst in American History.  Within hours of this national tragedy, the United States of America was joined by her sister nation, the Great British Commonwealth of nations, in a united show of suffering, tears, sorrow, and unbelievable resolve to find and punish the guilty.


Within the pages of this booklet you will discover the amazing and incredible reason why America and the British Commonwealth of nations always stand shoulder to shoulder in time of great peril.  It was no accident that these two powerful nations became one people, united together in the common cause of survival.  Yes!  One of the most marvelous stories ever told now lies before you.  You are about to make one of the most amazing journeys into the Word of God, that you will make in your lifetime.  You are now about to discover the place that America and the British Commonwealth of nations holds in the prophecies of your Bible.


By Pastor Dan Gayman

All of us can attest to witnessing an incredible knowledge explosion, catapulting the nations and kingdoms of this world toward their destiny.  What is driving this knowledge explosion?  The Mighty Hand of Jehovah!  Students of the Bible understand that the Kingdom of God is the focus of history and prophecy;  it is the consummate end of history as we know it.  However, some living in the 21st Century may be only vaguely aware of the awesome times in which we live.  Christian, is it not time to pause from the rush of life and invite the Holy Spirit to help us discern the times in which we live?


By Pastor Dan Gayman

During the last two millennia, theologians, and millions of Christians the world over have wrestled with balancing God's law and the Gospel, faith and works, law and grace.  The 21st Century continues to witness this debate among Christians, and this theological divide is not likely to dissipate very soon.


Vast numbers of Christians use Grace as a license to sin and are content to nail God's law to the cross.  Those who use the law to justify themselves before God cheapen grace and mock Jesus Christ's sacrifice.  Thus, there is an urgent need for Christians to balance law and grace.




By Pastor Dan Gayman

The time is ripe for all who will live as Christians to give full and undivided attention to the matter of civil government.  How can we, as Christians relate to civil government? What is our responsibility toward it? How can we best discharge our duties as good Christian citizens? In a time when all governments appear to be merging into one political, economic, and military state, there is great concern for the future of Christianity. Apathy and indifference toward government have become a way of life for millions of people living in America. Christians have failed to exercise dominion and let their light shine in a world of great darkness.  When good men do nothing, evil takes its position in government.


By Pastor Dan Gayman

This book is written to Israel, the people of the Bible. May this Word awaken and quicken your spirits to the truth of the Bible. If you are a Christian, called out of the darkness of Satan's Kingdom, the reign of sin, the power of evil, and translated into the glorious liberty of Jesus Christ, the Kingdom of light, and the reign of righteousness, you will move forward in truth and knowledge of your God.


Millions of Christian people have parked themselves in a particular spiritual "comfort zone", content to spend the remainder of their mortal lives marking time, rocking life away in a spiritual rocking chair, getting nowhere.  May this book placed into your hands by a Sovereign God awaken your inner man to the truth of His Word.  It may be that your day has come. Is this the day for your eyes to be opened to the truth of the Bible? Can you be sure it was not Divine Providence that placed this book into your hands? Has a moment of truth now arrived in your life? Are you about to be shaken loose from your religious chains and set free in Jesus Christ? This book could be your theological Mt. St. Helens.


By Pastor Dan Gayman

A flaming Expose' on the Coming Judgement and Eternal Punishment!  If you are concerned about the truth of God's Word regarding the great work of salvation by Jesus Christ, then the contents of this book will be of interest to you.  What can be of greater importance than one's salvation? That we might find everlasting life in Jesus Christ is the ultimate purpose for living.


But what happens if we place our spiritual priorities on hold in this life and make no conscience effort to come by faith in Jesus Christ, repent from dead works, and seek to walk in obedience to God's Law?  Will we be able to find salvation after death? Is it really possible to delay the matter of our salvation in this world and find it in another? While many dedicated Christians may find these questions repugnant and even ludicrous, remember that there are many around who believe that you can find salvation after death.


Second chance theology is alive and well on earth today, and many are the clergy who line up to defend this heretical doctrine.


By Pastor Dan Gayman

Studying the major covenants of the Bible is one of the most rewarding projects in the Christian's life.  If you are looking for biblical truth that is faith building and spiritually inspiring, look to the covenants of God.


In this faithless and unbelieving generation, God is calling a faithful body of Christian men and women into the truth of His Word.  The covenants form the bedrock foundation upon which God's truth is built.  The clergy has an urgent need to rediscover, explore, and teach these lasting covenants.


What is to be gained? Spiritual strength, faith, promise, and a hope for God's people are locked up in the truth of the covenants.  Let no Christian be ignorant of the everlasting covenants recorded in the sacred pages of God's Word.


By Pastor Dan Gayman

The Word of God establishes the total truth regarding the union of a man and a woman. Apart from the Bible teaching, sexual relationships have no relevance to God and Truth. God did have an original design for sexual relationships, and all God fearing Christians should live within the constraints of that plan if they wish to please Him.


The time has come for the Church of Jesus Christ to speak out on truth of moral purity before and after marriage. Ministers do have an obligation to speak the truth of God's word in these urgent areas. There is no knowledge apart from God and His word. If we are to find truth regarding sexual relationships, it must come from God and the Bible, not man.


The purpose of this study is to focus upon what Jesus Christ and the Bible have to say in all of these urgent and sensitive areas of truth. Our people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. The knowledge that we need comes from God and His Holy law - Hosea 4:6


By Pastor Dan Gayman

Forasmuch as many Christian clergy and their parishioners in this faithless and perverse generation have endeavored to undermine and diminish the importance of God's law and even teach that it has no relevance for those Christians in this generation, this booklet is written.  The purpose of this position paper is to show basic fundamentals of God's law for those who seek to live by faith in Jesus Christ and bear fruits meet for repentance.


Those who place divine law in a proper biblical balance encounter no problem with the law. However, those who move God's law out of its biblical context may be in jeopardy of suffering spiritual shipwreck. To the praise and glory of Jesus Christ, may all Christians, especially those who classify themselves as remnant Christians, move forth in spiritual victory and let God's Law be the standard by which the Holy Spirit sanctifies those who believe.


By Pastor Dan Gayman

If you are tired and weary of the bad news with which we are bombarded everyday on radio, television, and in the newspapers, this incredible news could refresh your soul in ways unimaginable. These glad tidings are spiritual but will have profound influence upon your physical life on earth. The good news of which I speak is the glad tidings that our Lord Jesus Christ proclaimed when He walked this earth some two thousand years ago. This news is so startling, so incredibly arresting, that it may take you on a journey into the most breathtaking Bible trip you ever imagined. If you can imagine scaling the heights of Mt. Everest, or perhaps fathom the width and depth of the deepest ocean, or scaling the walls of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River, you may understand what it means to hear the good news locked in your Bible. 


By Pastor Dan Gayman

The entire Arab world seethes with hatred toward America, Western Culture, and above all, Christianity. Planet earth is now home to more than one billion Muslims, a decided majority with the wild blood of Ishmael that views the sons of Isaac with hostility.  America's treasury is bleeding dry, while the bodies of her soldiers return from the Middle East daily for burial.  They, along with countless arbitrary victims of an endless string of terrorist attacks are causualties of a conflict that seems to have no terminus.  The age-old vexing of Isaac has reached a crisis point.  How can we place this gathering storm between Ismael and Isaac in the context of Biblical understanding? Once again, it is the Bible, God's sacred and holy Word, that is the key to unlocking the drama of this conflict and finally understanding where we presently stand with the Arab world. What does our future hold with the wild man of Ishmael? Open your Bible to Genesis, the Book of origins, and let us with the aid of the Holy Spirit look for answers. 


By Pastor Dan Gayman

Are Adam and Eve parents of one race or many? No question is more deserving of concerted prayers and study. The response to this question impacts theology in more ways than you can imagine. The majority of Christians and clergy filling our pulpits assume that Adam and Eve are parents of all races up through and including the Genesis Flood. After the great Flood they teach that Shem, Ham, and Japheth, Noah's three sons, were the progenitors of all the distinctive races on earth. Anyone who dares challenge this position is immediately labled as religiously incorrect and outside the limits of respectability. One must fall into lock step conformity or suffer ostracism from the think-a-like majority. Many Christians believe that to assume Adam and Eve are the parents of all the distinctive races on the earth is to adopt the basic tenents of evolutionary humanism. In every generation a faithful remnant have held tenaciously to the belief that God created every race after its own kind and that Adam and Eve are the progenitors of only one kind or species of psterity. You can help stem the tide of evolution among Christians by exploring the contents of this booklet. Examine truth that has circulated among a minority of all Christans thoughout all generations.


By Pastor Dan Gayman

How many Christians have actually identified the Gentiles referred to in the New Testament? Millions of Christians, even the clergy, assume that the Gentiles of the New Testament are heathen, pagan, non-Israelites. The pulpit and the pew in modern Christendom have turned the New Testament into a multi-racial, multi-cultural book while at the same time professing that the Old Testament, conprising 85% of Scripture, was written to, for, and about Israel alone. They have a complete disconnect between the Israelites of the Old Testament and the Gentiles of the New Testament. The identity of the Gentiles of The New Testament remains one of the greatest theological enigmas. Have you identified the Gentiles of the New Testament? Are you certain who they are? This may be your time to unravel one of the greatest theological mysteries in the Bible.


By Pastor Dan Gayman

To the Covenant Seed of Israel... May all the house of Israel, in all nations of their dispersion turn to Yahweh, the God of Scripture, and seek His face, and turn from their wicked ways.  In this time of Jacob's Trouble we will find our God only if we adorn sackcloth and ashes and cry out to Jesus Christ our only Savior and Mediator. Finally, may the Covenant People turn from the spirit of private nationalism and remember that the regathering of the house of Israel and the house of Judah to the land of Israel is the great theme of the Bible. The restoration of the kingdom to the house of Israel remains today and always the great theme of the Bible. May Jesus Christ return quickly to reign over all the house of Israel. 


By Pastor Dan Gayman

Millions of Christians believe that Christianity and Judaism walk hand in hand. Every major branch of Christianity places Judaism as the foundation for the New Testament Christianity. They all espouse the general belief that Christianity rests upon the foundation of Old Testament Judaism.


The thinking appears to go something like this: because the Old Testament is Jewish and the religion of the Old Testament stems from the Jewish people, Jesus Christ was a Jew, and all Christians everywhere owe their very existence to the Jews, Judaism, and the Old Testament.


This position paper is intended to challenge this long-established tradition. Moreover, the idea that Christianity owes an eternal debt to the Jewish community will be laid to rest once and for all. The primary presupposition of this treatise is that Christianity stands alone. Genesis to Revelation, without any dependency on Judaism. Furthermore, we shall establish that the Old Testament is not a Jewish book, that Judaism is not the religion of the Old Testament, and that Christianity in the New Testament rests upon the absolute foundation of Christianity springing out of the Old Testament.


By Pastor Dan Gayman

Soteriology is derived from the Greek and refers to the Doctrine of Salvation by faith in Jesus Christ. We live in the great spiritual falling away predicted in the Old and New Testaments. The 21st Century surely matches the predictive prophecy of Amos:   Behold, the days come, saith the Lord God, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord:And they shall wander from sea to sea, and from the north even to the east, they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the Lord, and shall not find it.In that day shall the fair virgins and young men faint for thirst.  Amos 8:11-13


By B. P. Blackburn

Two Become One by He Lead: She Follow. How He Loves her as he Loves Himself and as Christ Loved the Church and She Reverence, Respect Him. 

Genesis 2:24

Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

Ephesians 5:33

Nevertheless let every one of you in particular so love his wife even as himself; and the wife see that she reverence her husband.

The above two scriptures say it all: two become one, thus no divorce.  With fifty percent of mmariages failing in the United States, this percentage includes Christians, there is a need to draw Christians back to foundational Biblical principles of marriage.  God's word contains the two principles upon which a successful marriage is to be attained: He Lead, She Follow. 


JACOB-ISRAEL VS. ESAU-EDOM - Roots of the Middle East Crises

By Pastor Dan Gayman

The subject matter of this book touches the life of every American.  No matter your political, religious, racial, or philosophical background, you are directly affected by events unfolding in the Middle East.  The struggle between modern Jews and Palestinian Arabs in the old land of Canaan has been on going for about one hundred years.  The spark for this geopolitical feud was ignited some thirty-eight centuries ago, approximately 1800 BC, when twin sons, Esau and Jacob, were born from the womb of Rebekah, the wife of Isaac, who himself was the promised child born to Abraham and Sarah.


That a complete understanding of the Middle East Crisis and its solution lies as close as a copy of the Bible is not something that most people would believe.  In this faithless generation, enlightened minds need to turn to the Bible for answers.  God forbid that the arrogance and pride of modern man fail to consult with the Creator of heaven and earth and the revelation of His Word.  Hopefully, those who read and ponder the pages of this book will surely find solace and comfort in knowing that the root cause of and solution to the Middle East Crisis lie as close at hand as the historic Bible.



By Pastor Dan Gayman

To the millions of sincere, devout, and enthusiastic evangelic Christians, the hat is tipped in praise to our Lord Jesus Christ.  This letter is not intended to redicule, scorn, or in any way condemn your spiritual walk with God.  As a fellow Christian, I ask only that you open your heart and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to your intellect about the Word of God.  I am sure you agree with this declaration from our Lord Jesus Christ:  It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life (John 6:36.)


Nothing is more important to a believing Christian than understanding and growing in the knowledge of God's Word.


By Pastor Dan Gayman

For millions the world over, and the clergy who lead them, Adam is the progenitor of every kind, or species, of man on earth.  Others hold the idea that Adam is not the father of all races, and that each race had its origin as a separate and distinct creation.  Moreover, many remnant Christians believe that God's Word does not allow for the unity of all races in Adam.  Before evolution was in vogue, a majority of all Christians held this latter view.


Many remnant Christians are convinced that the eight Adamite souls that walked off the Ark cannot be the progenitors of all the racial types (kinds or species) of man found on this planet.  Remnant Christians believe that the separate and distinct races created at the beginning survived the world-wide flood of Noah's generation aboard the Ark itself.


Was Adam the father of all races? Do all the distinct races share a common beginning in Adam?  Mainstream Christianity stands wholly convicted that God knows nothing of racial distinction.  They believe heart and soul, from the pulpit to the pew, that all races share a common beginning in Adam, that all are alike save for the pigmentation of the skin.  Since they share a common need to be washed in the redeeming blood of Christ and are all God's family of redeemed people, is it acceptable then to share a common biological union in marriage?  Read on and find out!


By Pastor Dan Gayman

This question bears heavy upon the entire corpus of the Bible, both Old and New Testaments.  Students of the Bible will quickly recognize that this is a loaded question of the greatest importance.  Clearly the Old Testament presents Israel as the wife of Jehovah.  Every book in the Old Testament features Israel, the woman who was the object of Jehovah's love in the law and the prophets, and in the history and poetic literature.  Just as surely as Jehovah took a wife in the Old Testament, the Lord Jesus Christ is depicted as espoused to a virgin bride in the New Testament.  Thus the question posed is indeed relevant to all of scripture.  Is the wife in the Old Testament the same virgin bride espoused to Jesus Christ in the New Testament?


The answer to this question impacts the theology of the Bible, Genesis to Revelation.  The implications of this answer ripple across the entire ocean of Bible truth.  If you answer that the wife of Jehovah is different than the virgin bride of Christ, you make God a bigamist, at best, and a polygamist, at worst.  If you confirm that the wife of Jehovah in the Old Testament and the virgin bride of Christ in the New Testament are the same woman, you cause the theology of most of the Christian world to unravel at the seams.

THE ANGLO-ISRAEL THESIS - Compelling Evidence That Caucasian Europeans Descended From The Ancient Israelites 

By Reed Benson


 Anglo-Saxon and kindred peoples of Europe are direct descendants of ancient Israel.  Historical documentation, archaeology, linguistic analysis, and scriptural proofs support this thesis.  If we do not know who we are, we do not know what to believe about ourselves or our future.  Only with a rediscovery of our ethnic roots can we restore our declining Christian culture.  This book provides us that opportunity.


Reed Benson is the director of a private Christian academy, an adjunct university lecturer, and an ordained minister.  He and his wife Julie have been married for twenty-three years and have seven children, and one grandchild.


By Pastor Dan Gayman

A powerful culture war is unfolding throughout the Anglo-Saxon world.  That conflict has centered on the denial of a European Caucasian culture.  There is an open attempt to remove every form and vestige of the Western Christian Culture that once characterized American society and its people.


Separatism in worship, marriage and the family is the only viable means by which the ethnic integrity of the European Caucasian community living in the hinterlands of America can be preserved.  Any compromise at these points of sensitive contact will result in the capitulation of the cherished heritage of not only the faith, but also the ethnic heritage of the covenant people.


We must preserve the cause of self-determination for European Caucasians in this country.  For our children and future generations yet to be born, we gratefully engage ourselves in the battle for truth and the right.  In gratefulness to God our Father, His Son Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the blessings secured for us and our posterity under the United States Constitution and the first amendment to the Bill of Rights, this defense of speratism is written. 


By Pastor Dan Gayman

The Biblical road to peace with Jesus Christ is a long and difficult journey.  Living in a world consumed with a spirit of antinomian lawlessness, for anyone to give careful attention to the subject of rights, responsibilities, and expectations is most difficult.  The spirit of rebellion is abroad throughout the land, and the spiritual and moral decline of the American nation is the bitter harvest of this lawlessness.  Only when God-fearing men, women, boys and girls are willing to repent and turn to Jesus Christ can we expect to see a reconstruction of the Christian faith that is so essential for the survival of this country and our covenant family of Israelite people.


If mature men and women are ready to study the contents of this booklet and apply the truths therein, the remnant can be spared many bitter tears of sorrow in their personal, family and church lives;  they may even exercise a strong impact on the moral, spiritual, and social statis of the communities in which they live.  Only free men under the headship of Jesus Christ can provide direction for the future Christian survival of our covenant people.  Free man status cannot be known apart from repentance and turning to Jesus Christ.  Until we become free men in Jesus Christ and walk in responsible obedience to His Law, our status as bond slaves to sin and death will remain a fixed point of law.



By Pastor Dan Gayman

Who is an Israelite?  The answer to this question could lead you into one of the most amazing discoveries of your lifetime.  At first thought, this question may seem unimportant to you.  You may even be amoung those many Christians who would say, "What difference does it make whether or not I am an Israelite?"  Would you be surprised if I told you that not many people in all the world, including most clergy, can honestly, truthfully answer this question?


Would you be challenged if I told you that the Creator of heaven and earth really does want you to know the answer?  Have you ever been on a treasure hunt?  Were you disappointed because there was no treasure found?  Friend, there is treasure to be found.  It is in the answer to the question, "Who is an Israelite?"  Thank you for taking time to embark upon one of the most exciting adventures of your lifetime.



By Pastor Dan Gayman

Thank you for allowing me to share thoughts on a subject that most Americans, for all practical purposes, view as verboten, too politically and religiously incorrect to discuss.  Since this author believes in the divine inspiration and preservation of the revelation from God, the Bible, I am acutely interested in pleasing my wonderful Savior and bearing witness to His truth.  That interracial marriage should be avoided was once considered so important that every State, by statutory law, banned marriages between people of two different races.  Christians are duty bound to bear witness to the truth, because for this cause Jesus Christ cam into the world. (John 18:37).


By Pastor Dan Gayman

The New Testament corpus is surely the most widely read book ever published in the history of the world.  For contemporary Christianity, it is their Bible.  Millions of Christians, and their clergymen have disconnected from the Old Testament text of the Bible, some 85% of total Scripture, leaving them to build upon the remaining 15% found within the New Testament.  Encapsulating all of the Scripture, both the Old and New Testaments, to build a house of faith is the exception, not the rule, in contemporary Christian circles.  In fact, for millions of Christians, a pocket edition of the New Testament serves as their Bible.  Millions of professing Christians view the Old Testament as beloinging to the Jews and therefore the foundation of Judaism.


If anyone wishes to light up the New Testament, and pray they will, some salient points need to be made.  The Old Testament is the context for the New Testament.  The New Testament has no revevance apart from its Old Testament context.  Without an Old Testament premise from which to work, any attempt at lighting up the New Testament will be fraudulent.  Every truth found in the New Testament is rooted in the corpus of the Old Testament.  The Old Testament is properly the ground and foundation of Christianity, and no other religion.


The facts contained within this booklet will demonstrate that all of Scripture, Genesis to Revelation, is one continuum of divine revelation.  The Old Testament is the New Testament concealed.  The New Testament is the Old Testament revealed.  Apart from the Old Testament, the New Testament has no context in which to be understood.  This booklet will Light Up your reading of the New Testament with a power-surge from the Old Testament!

CONTENDING FOR THE FAITH - Exposing Heresies of the Remnant Israel Congregations

But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.

And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.

And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not....


Spots they are and blemishes, sporting themselves with their own deceivings while they feast with you;

Having eyes full of adultery, and that cannot cease from sin; beguiling unstable souls: an heart they have exercised with covetous practices; cursed children:

Which have forsaken the right way, and are gone astray, following the way of Balaam the son of Bosor, who loved the wages of unrighteousness;

But was rebuked for his iniquity: the dumb ass speaking with man's voice forbad the madness of the prophet.

These are wells without water, clouds that are carried with a tempest; to whom the mist of darkness is reserved for ever.

For when they speak great swelling words of vanity, they allure through the lusts of the flesh, through much wantonness, those that were clean escaped from them who live in error.

While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption:


From the Authorized King James Bible, Second Epistle of Peter; Chapter 2



By J. Wilson

This beautiful Hardbound book is a reprint of the 1850 first American edition, from the third London edition, as published by the Daniels & Smith company of Philadelphia.  The text has been entirely re-typeset, without editing, in a modern typeface and larger size for readability (Re-Typset and Published By The Church Of Israel)


"The author holds, with many modern students of prophecy, that the prophecies must be literally fulfilled; and that Judah must mean Judah, and Israel mean, literally, Israel. At the same time, he agrees with those who apply, to these christian nations, many of the prophecies respecting Israel; believing, as he does, that these nations have not merely come into the place of ancient Israel, but are truly the seed of Abraham according to the flesh - are of the so-called 'lost house' of Israel, - the leading tribe of which was Ephraim. These nations have been brought forth at the time, and in the place predicted: they are the modern nations of Europe, - and especially those of Saxon race." - J. Wilson






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