Comprehensive Booklist


Books and Booklets by Pastor Dan Gayman:


  • The Good News of the Gospel of the Kingdom
  • For Israel: The People of the Book
  • The Covenants of the Bible
  • Soteriology: The Doctrine of Salvation
  • Adam and Eve: Parents of One or Many Races?
  • Are You an Israelite?
  • A Watchman's Warning to Israel in Dispersion (In five volumes)
  • Do All Races Share in Salvation?
  • Biblical Anthropology: The Doctrine of Adam Man
  • Jacob-Israel vs. Esau-Edom
  • Ishmael and Islam vs. Isaac and Christianity
  • The Duties of a Christian Citizen
  • A Nation and Company of Nations in Bible Prophecy
  • NO Second Chance
  • Discerning the Signs of the Times
  • The Two Seeds of Genesis 3:15
  • A Biblical World Vision for the Last Days
  • Eschatology: The Doctrine of Last Things
  • Godly Relationships Before and After Marriage
  • Essays for the Christian Family
  • Rights, Responsibilities, and Expectations
  • Are the Wife of Jehovah and the Bride of Christ the Same?
  • The Holy Sabbath Festivals of the Bible
  • The Appointed Place of II Samuel 7:10
  • Lighting Up the New Testament
  • An Open Letter to New Testament Christians
  • Interracial Marriage: Right or Wrong?
  • In Defense of the Name Jesus Christ and the Hebrew Tetragrammaton
  • The War of the Ages
  • Ten Divine Boundaries: The Foundation for Moral Law
  • Reconciling LAW and GRACE
  • Lo, Children...Our Heritage from God
  • Can the New Testament Gentiles Be Israel?
  • The Theocratic Kingdom
  • The Racial Crisis in America
  • The Biblical Doctrine of Separatism
  • Our Anglo-Israel Roots
  • Our "Judaeo-Christian" Heritage???
  • Breaking the Chains of Financial Slavery
  • The Church of Israel Catechism
  • The Church of Israel Children and Youth Catechism
  • A Nation in Moral Crisis
  • Harmartiology: The Doctrine of Sin
  • Two Contrasting World Views
  • The Sabbath Controversy Settled
  • God's Law Today, Tomorrow, and Forever
  • Ishmael, the Wild Man of History, Now Vexes Isaac
  • Theological Paradigm Shifts that Reshape Bible Interpretation
  • The Parable of the Good Shepherd
  • Unveiling the Fig Tree Nation
  • Has America Been Blessed or Cursed by Supporting the State of Israel?
  • The Church of Israel Home Bible Study
  • Epistomology: In Search of Genuine Knowledge
  • Bibliology: the Study of God's Word
  • Cosmology: the Study of God's Creation
  • The Being of GOD: The Unity and Trinity of GOD
  • Angelology: The Study of Spirit Beings
  • Ecclesiology: The Study of the Church


We are continuing to update this list to include all available titles.  Please inquire if a book in which you are interested is not listed.







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