By Pastor Dan Gayman


           The presidential election of 2016 turned out to be perhaps the most stunning political upset in United States history.  This election has galvanized and reinforced a number of very clear developments in 21st Century America.  Every American, and especially those who are numbered in the Christian remnant, should keenly appraise the following crucial factors:

  1. The United States is a very divided and polarized nation.   As a country our voting electorate is almost equally split down the middle.   50% of the voters want a country with open borders, unlimited immigration, sanctuary cities, multi-culturalism mandated form pre-k to the grave, massive federalized government, continuation of the welfare system, free trade deals that favor everyone but America, and unrestricted national debt.  The barren landscape of morality boasts open sanction of on-demand abortion, endorsement of the lesbian, homosexual, bi-sexual, transgender, same-sex marriage, gender-blending in public restrooms, and a litany of vile, vulgar crimes against God.
  2. Then we have the other—the seething, silent 50% of the American electorate.  With no nationwide media outlets venting their frustrations, this largely forgotten segment of the population spoke at the polls, in an attempt to realize their vision of America.  That vision is rooted in a yearning to restore conservative values and includes secured borders, an exclusive immigration policy, deportation of illegal aliens, defunding of sanctuary cities, defunding of Planned Parenthood, significant clipping of the welfare system, the reigning in of big pharmaceutical companies, the enacting of trade deals that favor the US, the implantation of foreign policy that advances US goals, a cessation of undeclared, protracted political wars hindered by unwieldy rules of engagement, a limiting of the federal government, the appointing of “original intent” Supreme Court Justices, an end made to Washington corruption, and finally the cessation of the promotion of abortion, same-sex marriage, gender-blending, and all the many assaults upon God and Scripture.
  3. 85% of people living in rural and semi-rural areas of America voted for Donald Trump, the majority of whom were white.  This was the single greatest resurgence of the white vote in U.S. presidential elections since the end of World War II in 1945.  What motivated whites to break precedence and unite as a voting block?  For decades political analysts have acknowledged that ethnic groups such as African-Americans and Hispanics tended to vote together, but until 2016 there was no such thing as “the white vote”.  It must be considered that the God factor alone is responsible for this change in voting demographics.  While many are anxious to refute God’s role in the realm of politics, the astonishing results of this election cannot and must not be minimized.   Millions of people were praying for deliverance from another secular, progressive, godless administration; tens of thousands turned to God for concrete intervention in the election with fasting and prayer; and most importantly, God-fearing Christians up and down the land went to the polls on November 7th.  Without this unparalleled tidal wave of white, Christian voters the non-white and liberal voters in California, New York, and most of the large cities would have been too much to overcome and America’s future would currently be much darker.


          This great divide between red and blue has polarized America in ways not known since the tragic days of the Civil War (1860-1865).  This polarization of our country into “Two America’s” is reinforced when one examines the 2016 Election results.

  1. A very high percentage of the 62.5 million people that voted for Donald Trump were white men and women.  This vanilla voter turn-out was one of the biggest factors in Trump’s unforeseen victory. 
  2. The white vote intersected with the middle class and blue collar vote, which turned out across America, particularly in the Midwest and “Rust belt, and was decidedly in favor of Trump and helped serve up his win in the Electoral College.
  3. Trump won 31 of the 50 U.S. States with over 2,600 counties across the nation turning red.
  4. 34 States and some 69 state legislative bodies are now in Republican hands, a shift credited to the Trump coat-tails.
  5. The White House, Senate, and House of Congress are all three in Republican hands for the first time since 1928.  To say that this red consensus is significant would be an understatement. 
  6. Trump won 85% of the total land mass of the United States leaving only the 15% found in urban coastal areas and the large inland cities like Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, etc. voting for Clinton.
  7. Votes do count.  The Trump victory in the Electoral College was won by a very thin margin of votes—in Wisconsin, 27,000; in Michigan 11,000; and in Pennsylvania, 68,000.  These 106,000 votes actually enabled Trump to win the Electoral College, and if any one of those states in combination with Florida had gone blue instead, as expected, the incoming Trump administration would not be.  If not for the conservative sector of Cubans maintaining a toe-hold in Florida, that state with its 29 Electoral College votes would have been swayed for Clinton.
  8. If you eliminate New York and California from the election Trump would have won the popular vote by more than 3 million votes.  By winning the vast majority of the non-white votes in NY and CA Clinton won the popular vote.
  9. Expect the push to end the Electoral College to become very strong as Democrats seek to control the destiny of the United States by overwhelming the landmass, 85% of rural and semi-rural America, with African-American and Hispanic voters, in combination with brain-washed liberals, surging to the polls and handing the popular vote to the Democratic Party.
  10. The genius of the Founding Fathers is in play via the Electoral College which guarantees that all of the country be represented in a national election rather than just a few select majorities.


          We as Christians must not take for granted the momentous gift that the 2016 election has proven to be.  The Trump victory is only a very temporary reprieve in the ongoing battle for America and the future of her people.  The enemies of God and conservative Christian ideology will use every means possible to impose a train-wreck going forward, even at their own expense, because that is how fervently they cling to their secular ideals.  We must match them in our zeal for God and country, for justice and righteousness, for that is the only way to defeat the tide of humanism that threatens to drown out truth and righteousness.

          The Christian Remnant living across the hinterlands of America can only pray that a sufficient number of covenant people will through daily repentance, prayers, supplication, and sanctified lives win the heart and favor of a sovereign God in the days going forward.

          We can and should show daily gratitude to the Living God for the stunning victory in the presidential election of 2016.  We should view the Trump victory as a band-aid on a very serious wound.  America is truly on life support and God alone can resuscitate her, and it is only genuine repentance of His people that can make America deserving of that salvation.

          No nation can continually reject God, Scripture, and biblical morality and expect to be the recipient of His blessing.  The precarious future of the U.S. is dependent upon the fervent repentance, prayers, and turning from wickedness of the covenant people scattered across the hinterland!  Pray that the 2016 presidential election is a sign from God of positive changes and coming repentance!






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