For those readers who are voracious to know more about these perilous times with which Christians are called to grapple, I have good news.  Pastor Gayman has released a fiery new book, just for you! 


In A Nation in Moral Crisis Pastor Gayman analyzes our modern American society from without, finding it guilty before an angry God.  The author provides extraodinarily timely insight into the uncertain times in which Christians now live, and furthermore reminds us that we as Christians are called by God to improve these dire straits in which we find ourselves currently mired.


Few would dispute the fact that our nation, the United States, was founded upon Christian precepts.  Yet little evidence of our Bible-based origins exists today in our sin-steeped culture.  Where did we as Christians complicit in the stinking sins of our nation go wrong?  Pastor Gayman delivers his prognosis on the moral climate of our very divided country and reveals the unvarnished, painful truth of where we are headed.  Like any true optismist, the author posits what, if anything, we as Christians caught in this immoral quagmire can do to change course and avert the coming crisis.  To learn more about Pastor Gayman's new book and how you can acquire it, click here.








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