The Political Upset of 2016


Joel 2:13—And rend your heart, and not your garments, and turn unto the LORD your God: for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and repenteth him of the evil.”


          A sovereign God has allowed the American people to judge between good and evil, between Socialism and free American enterprise, between the full embrace of moral debauchery and a temporary reprieve from the tightening hand of secular leftism.   On November 8, 2016, a choice was definitively made between a self-governing nation with borders, an intact constitution and preserved civil rights, or a country overrun with a tidal wave of third world aliens, stripped of the right to self-defense, and government-mandated humanism.  The people voted to preserve the White House as a respected symbol of leadership rather than suffer its denigration into corrupted mafia headquarters as the center of national scandal.  American people turned out to drain the metaphorical swamp in Washington D.C.—the District of Corruption.  President Elect Trump’s victory over Hillary Rodham Clinton, an Athaliah for the 21st century, is perhaps the most significant political upset in America’s history of governance.

          God-fearing Christians, who rose up in unprecedented numbers to defeat “Killary”, should interpret Donald Trump’s victory as a temporary reprieve from America’s heedless march to divine judgment.   The election of Barak Hussein Obama in 2008 and again in 2012 was self-inflicted judgment upon the American people for their increasing moral apathy.   Bad leaders are elected when good citizens do not vote.  Godless policies always follow the election of bad leaders.  The last eight years of pain in America cannot be charged to our sovereign God, but rather to those Christians who chose inaction over activism, thus becoming accomplices to the official legislation of evil.  Barack Obama was elected in 2008 and re-elected in 2012 while thousands of Christians stayed home, silently sulking.  Many are the pangs reaped upon Christian values at the hand of this unaccountable President, and these crimes against God’s law fall squarely upon the shoulders of those good Christians who could have voted but would not.  Perhaps the most grating result of this self-righteous inefficacy was the appointment of abhorrent Supreme Court Judges, who notoriously decreed in June of 2015 that marriage as defined in the Bible was to be redefined, accommodating the vilest of sins.  It is entirely possible that had Christians voted their consciences in defense of God and the Bible, that Godless piece of legislation may have been avoided.

          Of the 131.2 million votes cast in the presidential election of 2008, 41.7 million of those were white people who chose Obama, translating to about 60% of the 69.4 million total votes cast for him.  How were those statistics overcome in the 2016 Presidential election?  No one should ever think that this victory was secured without the help of God.  Only by divine providence could the political process be completely upended to deliver America from the dirty hands of the powerful Democratic machine, the biased News Media, status-quo Republican elitists, corrupted Pollsters, and Esau-Edomite Bankers.  At the same time it must be acknowledged that no modern candidate ever operated a campaign so independently.  Donald Trump took his case straight to the American people, bypassing altogether the entire grubby system, and God carved out an avenue for his success.

          Obama was not God’s judgment upon America, although our nation has amassed a sin-debt that is deserving of His wrath.   The 2008 and 2012 presidential elections were both self-inflicted punishment imposed upon our people both by those who voted for Obama and by those who chose not to vote in support of his opposition.  For the past eight years a very heavy spirit of oppression and despair weighed on this land as the people, either directly by casting their votes for Obama, or indirectly by failing to repudiate him, turned the leadership of this country over to a stranger that should have never been a candidate for the Presidency.   This cloud of hopelessness and pessimism was earned by those who voted for the stranger, and by those did not vote against the dismantling of all things Christian.   Every non-vote in an election  goes to the winner. 




Romans 13:1—Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.”


          Unlike the stranger currently residing in the White House Donald J. Trump is well known to the American people.  He is Anglo-Saxon by blood with genetic heritage from Scotland on his mother’s side and German on his father’s side.  We know that he is at least to some extent a believer and that while in dialogue with David Brody, chief political correspondent for CBN News, Trump said this in reference to prayer:  “I would say I would like them [the American people] to pray for guidance and to pray for our country because we need prayer now almost more than we’ve ever needed it before.”  Trump has consulted with several Pastors across America and has participated in devotional time with these ministers on several occasions.          Further to Trump’s credit is the selection of Governor Mike Pence, an unabashed follower of Christ, as his choice for vice president.  Governor Pence is a rare example of a Godly man who has succeeded in politics, in spite of (or perhaps because of) his openly declared commitment to Christian values and self-proclaimed need for salvation.    

          Let us pray that this temporary reprieve granted to the covenant people living in this land will inspire and motivate a movement of the Holy Spirit to initiate spiritual and renewal among our people!  God cannot bless America without serious repentance, confession of sin, and a turning from wickedness by His remnant people.  The turning away from wickedness, the myriad giant of humanism and the worship of self, must be real!  May Christians up and down this land determine to make corrections in their personal lives and live virtuously in this present evil world.  The sin debt owed to the living God by the American public reaches all the way to heaven.  Unless real repentance and atonement follows this miraculous upset of “Hildabeast” and her entourages’ secular agenda, neither Donald Trump nor any other leader can “Make America Great Again”.

          This election cycle witnessed an unprecedented movement of millions of Christians praying and even fasting in the hopes that God would deliver our nation from another Clinton regime and its trailing tide of anti-Christian, humanist sentiment.  If God in His omniscient wisdom deigned to favor us with a candidate that has the courage to lead America from our present atmosphere of moral confusion and self-serving decadence, than we as Christians are compelled to acknowledge that grace for what it is: a reprieve from the justice that this wicked society rightly deserves.  Amid prayer, fasting, and supplication for God’s assistance in this critical presidential election, a merciful God heard His people and responded with an unforeseen political upset that shocked the world We can only pray that from this reprieve repentance will spring, and with it a resounding rejection of abortion, sodomy, miscegenation and other crimes that have blasphemed the name of God and His Word.       

          Donald Trump, a politically-incorrect, inflammatory, unpredictable businessman, a man of contradiction with a Manhattan lifestyle and a blue-collar vocabulary, has defied all the political pundits, pollsters, and media mogul.  Every major television network in America decried him as “unfit”, with a slew of “-isms” to mar his name.  The disdain of Trump was palpable as they unanimously labeled him, his family, and his supporters as “deplorable and irredeemable”.  Trump faced down a crowd of sixteen other contenders for the Republican ticket and doggedly campaigned under the slogan “Make America great again”.




Daniel 4:17—This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones: to the intent that the living may know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men.”


          The primary election finally saw the disposal of the Bush dynasty, once and for all.  The Bush family was at long last reconciled to the past, as the American people realized that do-nothing nepotism serves no purpose in politics.  With his epic presidential election win, Trump nailed the lid on the coffin of the Clinton dynasty, shattering the hopes of liberal, secular humanists everywhere.  Perhaps most importantly, the legacy of Barak Hussein Obama, which was to be carried forward under the cloak of yet another Democratic president, is now in tatters as the American people, with the ballots as their only voice, uttered clearly for all to hear, “No more!”. 

          That is not all.  Every elitist “RHINO” (Republican in name only) has witnessed a changing of the guard as the dust settles and a new, hardier Republican Party emerges.  For the first time in more than half a century, white working-class people from every rural and semi-rural section of America have embraced the “Amerexit” dogma, soundly repudiating the “business as usual” Washington mentality, and slamming the door on destructive liberal policies, both state-wide and nationally.  Americans spoke, and shut the Democrats out of the White House, the Senate, Congress, and state offices.  Obama’s socialist, dictatorial administration could not be more soundly rejected. 

          The stunning victory of businessman Donald Trump and Governor Mike Pence has proven national polling to be a ploy used intentionally to mislead the American people and cast the future in favor of political insiders.   Republican insiders have been shamed down to their shoelaces, and are now scrambling to find cover in whatever niche they can stake out.  The face of deception has been ripped off of both major parties, and the media as well.  The treachery is a live event, orchestrated to manipulate the American people and all to the end that insiders, who pay their dues and dutifully take their orders from above, at the expense of the common man, might retain their access to wealth, power, and influence.  To them, common citizens of America are nothing more than a nation of docile sheep—profitable to placate, and easily fleeced.

          Even after winning the Republican nomination, Trump’s opposition from establishment Republicans marched on.  Elitist Edomite banking cartels, media moguls of all types, Hollywood insiders and celebrities, and liberals from coast to coast, all banded together with one goal in mind: stop Trump at all costs, and usher in the Hillary Clinton command.   Arguably no candidate in American history has withstood a more formidable firewall of hostility than Donald J. Trump.  He was opposed by most world leaders including the United Nations and by literally every constituent of the Democratic Party. 

          The seismic shock waves from President-Elect Trump’s epic win are still echoing around the world.  The Democratic Party and the fence-riding Republican establishment waged a fierce war against Trump and lost.  These elitist from both sides of the aisle had simply written off the predominantly white, rural, “fly-over” country of America.  Millions of evangelicals had been left behind by politicians both left and right, with their intelligence insulted by the affirmation of abortion, the surreptitious selling of baby parts, the celebration of sodomite/transgender/queer lifestyles, and a myriad of other blasphemous acts against God and the Bible.   




Proverbs 21:1—“The king's heart is in the hand of the LORD, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will.”


          A merciful, omniscient God placed two divergent candidates before the American public and allowed them to choose who would be their president; one candidate was a known elitist, radical in her desire to upend traditional values and forcefully legislate humanism, and the other was strongly defensive of the common man, unconventional, and defiant of the system.   The choice could not have been clearer.   It was a choice between a candidate who had never before run for public office, a non-lawyer, a brash and assertive businessman who owned his politically incorrect ideology.  His opposition was the officially crowned Queen of Liberalism with a legacy of corruption and vice, and a socialist agenda for this nation that would uproot Christian values permanently.  

          While Trump has assuredly not lived a virtuous life, embroiled in the fast-paced, seedy climate of New York City, he has no doubt has seen it all.  In spite of his many flaws, Donald Trump exhibited tremendous courage and heedlessly exposed the deception, hypocrisy, extreme bias, and outright fabrications of the American media.  Trump has made no claim upon Christians and has no track record in politics never before having run for public office.  He is a twice divorced man who is currently married to a seemingly quiet and reserved former beauty queen.   He is the father of five children, three of which figured prominently in his campaign for the presidency: Donald J. Trump Jr., Eric, and Ivanka, all of whom demonstrated authentic family loyalty, work ethic, and innovation, winning the hearts of millions of Americans.  Trump’s remarkable children have already achieved notable success, and the eyes of the nation are on them now to see what the future holds for these new players on the political scene.  God willing, the Trump family will restore dignity to the White House, reigniting a sense of patriotic pride in the First Family.

          Trump practices total abstinence in his private life, including a no alcohol policy, and he will be the first President to practice total abstinence since only God knows when.  He brings incredible energy; the man hardly sleeps at night.  He is known for selecting good people to get the job done, exemplified most markedly in his choice of Governor Mike Pence for Vice President, a man of ardent Christian principal and among the most conservative political candidates to run for any office in the last fifty years.  Pence has proven to be a man of exceptional ability; unquestionably his  leadership skills and strict moral compass will be a boon in his next role as Vice President of the United States of America.

          Trump will face incredible opposition from hostile media outlets on the prowl for vengeance, reeling political insiders in his own party, routed liberals rabidly on the offensive, and from the privatized banking class whose Marxist agenda for America was, on November 8th, dramatically derailed.  The Republican Party may very well be altered permanently, and with this changing of the guard in January, elitists on both sides see their hope for political power and influence lost as the “Trump train” steams ahead, motivated to tackle the enormous problems facing America.  We as Christians can only pray that Trump remains true to the constituency that won him the title of “Commander in Chief”. 

          Presumably, Trump will waste no time in moving forward with his agenda to drain the swamp.  His first one hundred days in office will have many aghast at this man’s incredible energy, drive, and his marked capacity to lead.  Even now Trump is working to select a team of sharp, driven people that will shame the political hacks of the past.  The divine hand of God delivered this election from what assuredly would have been an administration bent on mandating evil, led by a woman with no conscience and backed by elitists concerned only with lining their own pockets.  With His continued grace, every passing day will witness a swift turning away from the mounting degradation of the last eight years.  May January 20th, 2017 usher in a new era in which wrongs are righted, and God reigns supreme. 




II Chronicles 7:14—If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”


          May every Christian in this land designate time for prayer and Bible study daily.  If you have a family, establish a place where you can pray and reflect upon God’s word daily.   Find a Christ-centered, Spirit-filled, local church body that teaches the commandments of God and professes the Gospel.  Seek to inspire others by your example to be a follower and disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.   This is a time when all God-fearing Americans must find the conviction to find repentance and make atonement for the sin debt of this nation.  Only when the people’s hearts are collectively humbled and we seek God’s face can He unleash His grace and bless our nation.

          No Christian should make the mistake of thinking that the victory has been won and we may now rest on our laurels.  The fate of our country does not rest in the hands of politicians, and Trump is not our savior.  Only the ever-living God could divine the outcome of this election, and only He can inspire positive change in America.  The presidential election of 2016 is only the beginning of a very long process; repentance for the wickedness upon this land has yet to be achieved.  We can only pray that the leadership in the White House and Congress, and hopefully the U.S. Supreme Court, in concert with believers across this great land, will effect a spiritual revival and a renewal of a covenant with God Almighty.    

          May this temporary reprieve instigate a national revival, spiritual renewal, and a turn from wickedness in the lives of millions of covenant people, the children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob-Israel who now abide within the folds of the United States of America!








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