Pray and Vote for "AMEREXIT"


My fellow Americans,


            June 24, 2016 marked a very historic day in Great Britain.  51.89% of UK voters cast their ballots in favor of Britain leaving the European Union.  This unprecedented vote to leave the EU sent shock not only in the sphere of Western culture, but across the globe.  Opposition to “Brexit” was fierce and elitists in Britain, Europe, the US, and elsewhere never believed that Brits would vote to end their 43-year-old marriage to the EU.  Political elitists in Brussels and London were left numb by the “Brexit” vote!

            While the results of the vote left the world stunned, the fact is that older Brits had grown dissatisfied with nearly half a century of political elitists and wealthy Edomite financiers dictating to their country with total disregard for the well-being of British people who have suffered economic stagnation, poor trade deals, and a tidal wave of Middle East immigration for decades.  British voters gave voice to their displeasure at the polls and effectively rid themselves from the shackles of the EU rubbish driven by Edomite banking barons and their political puppets.  The destructive, bureaucratic policies which relentlessly levied economic oppression, allowing the country to be overrun with Islamic hordes that refuse to assimilate into British culture, have been cut off at the head.




          We can only pray that the millions of Americans who comprise our more senior generations will recall the days when the majority of America was more ethnically homogenous, with tens of millions of Christians faithfully flocking to churches every weekend, and when mothers were able to care for their children and the home while their husbands made a respectable living with one paycheck.   These were the days when political correctness was held in check by good sense, Americans were proud to be American and good-paying jobs were available to anyone willing to work for them.

            The senior segment of our society might remember when America only waged wars to win, rather than handicapping soldiers with inane rules of engagement, costing the US in both lives and money.  These undeclared, unending trillion-dollar political wars fought in the name of foreign allegiances were at one time unknown.  Before the US policed the world, making warfare the primary product we export, American manufacturing drove the US economy.  “Made in the U.S.A.” was recognized and respected globally.  Before politically motivated global free trade agreements plundered our ability to produce, American factories and jobs abounded across the land. 

            The US Presidential election of 2016 will be a major historical watershed moment for the United States and will have awesome consequences for all who live in this country.  If the Socialist/Communist Clinton Queen is gifted with the White House then American citizens will have in essence invited Obama to stay for a third term.  At stake is everything you hold dear including the 2nd Amendment and the future security of Christian liberty, both of which are now firmly in the sights of progressive activists, who have thus far successfully conspired to change the countenance and very fabric of a once Christian nation.  No God fearing American can remain passive in this election.  This is a make or break moment in history!  Do not bury your head in the sands of passivism.   Register and Vote in November.  While you are at it, pray that Americans emulate their British cousins and that “Amerexit” can become a reality, and with it freedom from elitists banking barons and their liberal agenda.  On November 8th, 2016, do not waste your vote by staying at home, voting third party, or voting for a write-in candidate.  Choose to make your vote count. 


-Dan Gayman, 8/8/2016  









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