Anarchy Wins at Missouri University
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By Pastor Dan Gayman


          The campus coup d’état is over and anarchy wins as Missouri University goes down in defeat before the anarchists.  MU President Tim Wolfe caved, resigned, and is kissing up to the radicals.  Hours after Tim Wolfe announced his surrender, the University of Missouri’s chancellor, R. Bowen Loftin, stepped down.  Finally, the Board of Curators Chairman Donald L. Cupps gave clear indication that he was ready to give ground to the anarchists. 

          This is political correctness carried to the absolute extreme, demonstrating that unless there is tidal wave of indignation against this insanity future generations of Americans are going to suffer the loss of liberty and freedom of expression.   The Mizzou campus is one of the largest universities in the Midwest and has a long standing reputation of being home to one of the premiere schools of journalism in the nation.   The retreat of its president and chancellor, together with other leaders, has placed a cloud over this university that will undoubtedly have serious consequences.

          Wolfe’s shameful and cowardly surrender to this very small band of anarchists, all of whom have been indoctrinated with radical ideas, should be noted by every parent contemplating their sons and daughters future at this university.  In caving to these rabble rousers, the leadership at Mizzou has ignored the best interest of the thousands of students enrolled in this university, as well as their parents, and supporters.   This precedent-setting surrender to a pushy, progressive minority will only fuel the insatiable desires of those who wish to turn America into a socialist/communist nation. 

          American colleges and universities are packed with liberal, secular professors whose ideological agendas are openly promoted in their classrooms to legions of gullible, green students.  Very rarely is there a conservative professor that will be allowed to challenge the leftist scheming that is thoroughly embraced.  Few students can survive this brainwashing without emerging with a philosophical world view that embraces “white guilt”, anti-American attitudes, and a view that embraces the full agenda of a socialist/communist world view.  American college students are quickly learning to espouse the virtues of socialism in favor of capitalism, to embrace the gospel truth that is climate change, to pander to the United Nations, to favor mass distribution of wealth, and to place the troubles of the world at the feet of the slobbering giant known as American Imperialism.

          The Black campus activist group “Concerned Student 1950” was the driving force behind the earthquake that has left Missouri University quivering.  This activist group formed during homecoming festivities and took its name in reference to the first year that a Black student was admitted to Missouri University in 1950.

          The anarchy that erupted at the Missouri University flagship campus in Columbia stems from a long festering feud that had its roots in the shooting of Michael Brown on August 9, 2014, in Ferguson, MO, a northern suburb of St. Louis.  Who does not recall the sordid details of that ugly event?  Brown, an 18-year-old unarmed black male, was fatally shot by Darren Wilson, 28, a white police officer.  Brown had just fled the scene of an attempted robbery, was stopped by the officer and was shot and killed while trying to confiscate the officer’s gun.

          Months after the incident, investigations by the Grand Jury, teams of FBI and Civil Rights people had no recourse but to clear Officer Wilson of any wrongdoing.  All evidence proved that Officer Wilson had no choice but to die at the hands of the shooter or put him down.  The fact that this officer was cleared by every investigating body, both State and Federal, did not appease in any way those who sought blanket revenge for the shooting.  In the aftermath of this event, rioting, looting, and burning of buildings and cars in Ferguson continued intermittently for days.   Racial unrest and rioting followed in Baltimore and other places across the U.S.

          To the sorrow and dismay of those trying to restore order in the cities and college campuses of America, the anarchists have continued to push their agenda in multiple cities throughout the U.S.  It started with the fatal shooting of Michael Brown and finally this hate-mongering has resulted in the racial tension, unrest, and demands that were made upon the leadership of Mizzou.  

          The demands made by the black activist group clearly demonstrate just how delusional their expectations are.  One such that is particularly jarring is their demand to see 400 black professors added to the staff at MU.  Another is their requirement that greater leniency be given to marginal students seeking their university degrees.  These activists are demanding a college degree for simply participating in the educational process!  The fact that they are either lacking the intellectual capacity or the diligence to successfully master college courses must be disallowed.

          Does it even need to be said that handing out degrees to sub-par students that cannot otherwise succeed in college will cheapen the value of the degree and cast doubt on the reputation of the University of Missouri?  It could impact future enrollment as well.  In the light of recent events, what parent would want to encourage their son or daughter to attend Mizzou?  One can only hope that the Mizzou alumni, together with the Board of Curators will cling to Academic standards amidst this flood of demands being made upon them by the anarchists.  The situation does not appear all that hopeful, however.  So far, the leadership at Missouri University has failed at every point. 

          Parents would be very wise to engage themselves in every way with young people who are thinking of a college or university education.   Sift through your options of educational institutions very carefully and avoid like the plague those schools where the liberal agenda runs rampant.  Better far that you choose a local community college or vocational technical school close to home and require your young adults to work part time to pay for advanced schooling.   There are many skilled vocational trades that are in high demand across America and these skilled jobs require neither college degrees, nor mountains of debt, but rather competent, carefully trained students with good character and work ethic.  Those are the students who will find employment without any delay.

          Problems are only going to grow within the college and university campuses of this country as the left continues to advance its agenda.  Racial tension has spread to many colleges and universities across the country.  On some campuses, the anarchists are demanding free tuition and cancellation of student loans.  American education is already in crisis and is being pushed to the very limits by those who are seeking to plant a socialist/communist ideology in America. 

          Surveys show greater and greater numbers of college-age Americans believe that college tuition should be free.   America is teetering on the edge of radical socialism as more and more Americans join the ranks of the “entitlement generation.”

          This growing racial tension and unrest is being encouraged and fueled by white progressive professors within the ranks of the university and by agitators, race baiters, and anarchists, both in humble grass-roots movements but also in the highest offices in the land.   These events are the symptoms of a society that is becoming spiritually and morally unraveled at the seams.   Unless growing numbers of Americans return to the Biblical values of past generations, the future of America is on the very trajectory that brought the Roman Empire to its demise. 

                                                                                      Dan Gayman, November 18, 2015








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