A Letter to the Nevada Daily Mail

July 17, 2015


Dear Editor,


The tragic, murderous rampage of a violent, drugged-up alcoholic killer that took the lives of nine black people on the evening of June 17, 2015 inside a Church in Charleston, S.C. has morphed into an endless war against everything associated with the Confederacy and its battle flag. This backlash is reminiscent of the horrific War of Northern Aggression waged against the Confederate States of America.  National hysteria has erupted all across America as white liberals in concert with the national news media and television networks are determined to use the behavior of the sociopath Dylann Roof as the justification for removing, dismantling, and trashing every Confederate symbol and artifact that they can get their hands on.

It was not enough that the White House, the Justice Department, and liberals all over the nation made their pitch for gun control in the aftermath of this shooting.   After calling for more and stronger gun control, they turned their venom on the confederate battle flag flying on the capitol grounds in South Carolina.   Beginning with the governor in South Carolina, the South Carolina legislature, and all across the nation, the campaign to remove this historical symbol erupted, and on June 10, 2015, the battle flag of the South, under which tens of thousands of soldiers gave their lives, was hauled down from the capitol grounds in Columbia, South Carolina.

Now the Confederate flag is under assault all across the nation.  Two stained glass windows in the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. are being removed because they contain this flag.   Statues of Robert E. Lee and other Confederate leaders are in the gun sights of these secular, humanistic, pagan liberals who are seeking to scrub America of everything that pertains to our white history.  Even the Jefferson Memorial is under assault, because Thomas Jefferson owned slaves.  

Even more bewildering is that on July 7, 2015 the Memphis City Council voted unanimously to exhume the body of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest from the Health Sciences Park on Union Avenue in Memphis, TN.  This famous Confederate General has been in repose at this site for 110 years.  The Memphis City Council not only wants his body removed, but they are trying to sell the famous statute of this general and his horse as well. 

General Forrest, who earned the title “Wizard of the Saddle” for his amazing strategy and tactics to defeat Union armies, is a well-known historical figure.   This renowned general rose from the rank of a private to a generalship due to his uncanny military talent, bravery, and exemplary leadership.  To see him thus abused today is a shaming indictment on the ignorance of the masses.

We are told in God’s Word to not “Remove the ancient landmarks which our Fathers have set” (Proverbs 22:28, 23:10).   This disgrace, this tragedy we are witnessing is the systematic dismantling our own heritage and history, and all with such little protest.

To those who consider the Confederate battle flag anything more than just that, a battle flag, consider this: the stars and bars were in use for four years as a battle flag.  To say that because some sociopath appeared in a photo with this flag is justification to declare war on everything it stands for is both irrational and also a clear case of extreme political correctness.  This flag is a definitive part of our American heritage and should never be discarded.

To claim that the Confederate flag should be castoff because of associations with slavery is utterly absurd.  This flag was flown for four years during a time of great national crisis between the North and the South.  Anyone who might argue that the Confederate flag is tainted by slavery should first stop to consider that our United States flag, which we all celebrate, was flown for more than one hundred years when slavery was allowed throughout most of the United States.

Should we shed the stars and stripes because of its history with slavery?   I think not!  I have never owned or flown a Confederate battle flag, yet after the Confederacy-trashing pandemic, that is about to change.   I fully intend on purchasing one as soon as they are restocked (the shelves in stores all across America have been emptied by those who are not inebriated on political correctness).   If we as a nation continue down the road of political correctness, the very future of America is in peril.  


Dan Gayman 









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