November 20, 2014! Mark this date on your calendar!  On this day the last nail was placed into the coffin of the United States of America.   On this date the emperor of the United States, circumventing the U.S. Congress, and thumbing his nose at the U.S. Constitution, announced under “Executive Order,” the inclusion of five million illegal Mexican Nationals and assorted other illegal aliens a pathway to amnesty and American citizenship.   These initial five million are the precursor to another ten million already in the US illegally, and other thousands pouring across the US/Mexican border daily.   When the full tally on the extended family members of these initial five million are all included this number will balloon into more millions.


The American labor market, already saturated with millions of illegal aliens will essentially be owned by the Hispanic population.   An overflowing cheap labor market will make it extremely difficult for the lower class of every race to find jobs.   Both political parties are vying for the Hispanic vote.   The communist Democratic Party will pull every stop to win this vote and a majority of the socialist Republican Party will cave rather than stand as a fire wall against the inclusion of this tidal wave of illegal aliens.


The problem of illegal Mexican nationals crossing into the U.S. has been going on since the early 1920s.   Demand for cheap farm labor in the American southwest encouraged Mexican immigration into the US.  “Operation Wetback” under President Eisenhower in 1954 was the last formal attempt to deport large numbers of illegal Mexicans back across the border.    The southern border has remained porous and largely unprotected for more than half a century.   Ronald Regan granted amnesty to three million illegal Mexicans in 1986 and each President since then has failed to secure the borders.   The US/Mexican border has essentially dissolved as the populations of both countries merge into one. 


The former Republic of the United States of America is without political representation, the Constitution has been shredded, and a foreign alien totalitarian regime has seized control of the Federal Government.   White progressive humanist liberals have aided and abetted their own demise as they disconnected from the spiritual, moral, and constitutional heritage of their ancestors and have given their endorsement, money, and support to the new wave of socialist/communist legislators, judges, and bureaucratic government officials.


Remnant Christians seeking to preserve their faith, their ethnic heritage, and a place for their children in this country have very limited options available to them.   The racial demise of the US is inevitable and irreversible.   Midway through the 21st Century the Caucasian population will be reduced to a minority amid the surging non-white third world masses.   The interracial mixing and marriage now underway will imperil the very future of white people in America.   The US will be living out the pain of a third world economy as the economic fortunes of America are lost in the successive waves of non-white immigration, exploding non-white birth rates, and a plunging standard of living.


Americans seeking an escape from the grim future of their country have essentially no good place to flee.  Every potential place has its own limitations and is without a clear future.  Those who wish to carve out a spiritual, moral, racial, and economic future for their children have but one option and that is to cluster into white enclaves in the rural areas of America.  Any attempt to integrate into the racially diverse multicultural America will be a certain pathway to the demise of the spiritual, moral, and ethnic heritage of those who surrender their future to such a fate.


The Christian Remnant stand as embattled soldiers in a country that is now foreign and alien to the country they once knew.    All hope must be vested in the promises of a sovereign God to be faithful to His covenant.  These people must seek to preserve the spiritual, moral, and racial future of their children as they continue to be pro-active in carving out a future for themselves and their children in the rural enclaves of America.   Our hope must forever remain with Jehovah God as we trust Him and his covenantal promises.


  Pastor Dan Gayman 11/20/2014







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