Islamic Jihadists Strike Again
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By Dan Gayman


          Two crazed sociopaths turned a Christmas celebration into a scene of bloody carnage.  Fourteen people were killed in cold blood and another seventeen suffered injury, some of them critically, in San Bernardino, California on Wednesday, December 2, 2015.  Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and Tashfeen Malik, age 27, a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde, were the perpetrators.   As usual, the killers chose to hunt their prey in a “gun free zone” where they would find no resistance and be free to carry out their bloody vendetta without interference.   Thus it was that not a single person among the seventy-five people attending the Christmas party was armed.   The victims were shot down in a flurry of bullets without resistance—they were unable to offer even the most meager defense in the onslaught of rapid, deadly gunfire.   

          The husband and wife pair were followers of Islam.  Each had been radicalized and turned into human killing machines.   They died together in a hail of bullets when they resisted lawful arrest  by police.  Farook and Malik had ties to known terrorist groups and had traveled to Middle East countries in preparation for their war against the infidels.   Syed Farook was born in the United States, while his wofe Tashfeen Malik was born in the Middle East and had only recently come to the U.S.   The couple left their six month old daughter with her grandmother on the morning of the shooting.

          Police later discovered that their home was essentially a bomb-making factory with twelve bombs in the house, stock piles of ammunition and more bomb making materials.  Their car had been prepared to explode with another three bombs.   Here is the kicker: Syed Farook was American-born, had worked for the past five years at a reputable job and appeared to have assimilated into the California population.

          Preliminary investigation indicates that Syed Farook engaged in a serious argument with a Christian co-worker on the morning of the massacre.  Sadly, this Christian man was marked as one of the victims of the massacre along with another Christian lady that worked with Farook.  

          Let the truth be proclaimed: the killing of Christians is at the top of the list for Jihadist terrorists.   Good luck for those evangelicals who believe you are going to convert the Muslim population of America.

          This much we can know for certain: America is not immune from the war on terror.   The FBI acknowledges that more than 900 ISIS followers are embedded in the United States.   More than eighty others have been arrested on various charges.   Active ISIS cells are thought to be embedded in unknown American cities.  The porous American borders have made it all too easy for these Islamic extremists to make it into the United States Both Democratic and Republican Presidents together with the U.S. Congress have failed for the past forty years to secure American borders.  It is as if every American that does not prescribe to the radicalized religion of Islam is a sitting duck, waiting to be hunted and bagged.    

          The United States now has a Muslim population of just under eight million people and more are coming into the U.S. daily.  In fact the White House is currently planning to bring in more than 200,000 Muslims from Syria, and other Middle East countries in the unfolding months.   There are just over 2,500 Islamic Mosques in the United States and it is well known that the gospel of Jihad against the West is an all-too-common theme in these citadels of Islamic extremism.   Many of these Mosques are funded and supported by oil-rich Saudi Arabia.

          There are more than a few well-informed Americans who are of the opinion that a high percentage of Muslims in the United States will never assimilate.  Rather, they form a “Muslim nation” within America, content to foster their own culture and await the day when Sharia law will replace the U.S. Constitution as common rule.  Meanwhile, political correctness has enabled radicals within the Muslim population to design nefarious plots against America.  For fear of being labeled a bigot or worse, Americans are afraid to profile potential Islamic Jihadists.  

          The simple reality is that every American needs to know the facts.  Current statistics estimate that there are 2.8 Billion Muslims in the world.  If just a very small percentage of this huge number were radicalized this would mean millions of potential terrorists, all primed with one goal: hunting down Christians, and eliminating them in a manner that terrorizes the rest of us into submission.  How many Muslims native to the U.S. are now being radicalized in Mosques all over America?  These numbers are not static.  N Muslim men are allowed to have four wives which will result in an ever increasing population.   Fast forward another twenty years and imagine how the U.S. Muslim population will explode. 

          The White House is either in denial or delusional (depending on your interpretation of their actions) to this growing Jihadi crisis.   The words Islamic Terrorist or Jihad when applied to the war on terror are simply not in the vocabulary of our sitting President.  Our most viable option is to seal U.S. borders from any and all Muslims coming in from any place on the planet.  In turn, with the reality of rampant radicalization bearing down on us, any Muslim who is a United States citizen and is traveling abroad must not be allowed to return to the U.S.  Additionally, all Mosques must be investigated, and any that are teaching and promoting Jihad must be closed down immediately.  All of the 3500 Islamic not-for-profit organizations operating in America promote Islamic extremism must be shut down without delay.   Muslims who wish to leave the U.S. should be given a one way ticket out.  Finally, all Muslims holding high positions in the U.S. Federal Government must be immediately dismissed. 

          If all this seems intolerant, that is because it is.  We cannot allow namby-pamby progressives to lead us down the primrose path of inclusion to our own demise.  These are the steps that must be taken to ensure that Islamic extremism is not allowed to thrive in our midst.  We cannot co-exist with the enemy that is plotting to destroy us.  The sooner we collectively recognize this as a country, the safer we will all be.

          Isn’t it amazing that the Bible, God’s revelation from heaven, in Genesis 16:12 declares of Ishmael the father of the Arabs, that “…he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him.”  With the prophetic Word of God as our guide, we need not suffer under Muhammad’s mantle of anti-Christian propaganda and violence.  The question is, will America wake up and realize that we hold our fate in our own hands?  Either we act now, and eradicate Islamic extremism from coast to coast, or we continue to be the hunted. 








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