June 26, 2015:

A Harbinger

                                                        By R.M.           


Most Christians have long been aware that our society has been sliding for years, but last week the cozy sense of security we fabricated for ourselves fractured.  Of course not everyone would say so—in fact, the majority of America believes the revelation of last Friday is cause for celebration.  They say love won, and they are right. Love of humanism won, love of self. We, humans that we are, simply love to self-direct, to reason our way through life. We create our own rules, laws, codes, and then religiously cling to the resultant bubble of "reality".  Anyone who dares question this custom-made construct is instantly vilified as a hater. This is the politically correct world in which we now abide--in which we are trapped.

 Enter into this web of politics the Supreme Court ruling, handed down Friday, June 26th, 2015: same-sex sex marriage is now mandated in all 50 states.  The internet erupted.  (Cue heated arguing, name-calling, rainbow colors, and righteous indignation. Never has the "unfriend" button been so popular.)  Volatile bickering boiled up from every corner of social media, but perhaps the most appalling suggestion of all was when supposedly "neutral" commentators began wondering, "Why do you care so much?  This doesn't even affect you."  Of all the inane things to say...this momentous decision affects us all.  That such perversion now has the official U.S. government stamp of approval is a mockery of the faith to which millions of Americans subscribe.  Everyone knows the Bible repeatedly describes the act of homosexuality as an abomination (Leviticus 20:13) and yet it is now exalted by the highest authority in the land.  That the Supreme Court has endorsed sodomy is a threat to the very existence of Christianity. 

How much time do we have before speaking out against homosexuals is a hate crime, punishable by heavy fines or imprisonment?  At what point will the LGTB community no longer be satisfied with this “win”, and start pushing to remove age of consent laws?  Is pedophilia going to be the next battlefield?  This is not paranoia speaking—the sexualizing of small children is already well under way (Toddlers and Tiaras, anyone?).  For the perverted and depraved, subverting children is a titillating prospect, and the ultimate thrill.

These concerns are just a sampling of the many repercussions we can expect to reap from this landmark decision.  If the Supreme Court can overrule the legislature of fourteen states on the subject of same-sex marriage, than they can do it again and again, at will.  With such a precedent to follow, it is only a matter of time before the collective voice of  God-fearing people is rendered utterly void by so-called “interpretations” of the Constitution.

This Supreme Court ruling amounts to both religious persecution and infringement of states’ rights, but the tally of damage inflicted is not yet finished rising.  Perhaps the greatest concern of all is the impact this major cultural shift will have on our children.  Not convinced?  I will attempt to explain: ten years from now, today’s children will be finished with their formative years, and those vital, impressionable years of innocence will now be marred by confusion and propaganda.  The sight of two women in tuxedos standing before God's altar will be utterly unremarkable. If they happen to see two men kissing at the park, the only one revolted will be their old-fashioned mother.  And that is a tremendous problem!  The acceptance of sin (and make no mistake--on the Richter scale of sin, sodomy is a ten) is expressly forbidden in Scripture (Leviticus 18:22, Romans 1:26, 1 Corinthians 6:9).

Painful as it was, last Friday’s ruling was simply a harbinger of things to come. States’ rights will become increasingly irrelevant; Christian voices raised against sin will be greeted by the stones of tolerance and progressivism, tossed heedlessly and weighing them down; and the innocent children of today will be the ones to reap the consequences of sin sown awry.  The future is now depressingly dim.  Our culture is determined to do a bang-up job of brainwashing our children to embrace what is, at best, a mental disorder, while parents are left struggling to uphold an unpopular truth.  Thanks to the mandates of the Supreme Court, our jobs as parents just got much more difficult, and in our duty to God we are now opposed not just by Satan and his minions, but also by the U.S. Government. 

                                                   June 30, 2015                      









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