Murder, Violence, and America’s Killing Field


America has become a land of bloody carnage as crimes of violence proliferate throughout our land!   On February 14, 2018, a nineteen-year-old shooter entered a public high school in Parkland, FL, killing seventeen students and wounding several others before being apprehended by police.  This egregious act of depravity is sadly not a rare one.  Educators, law enforcement, counselors, politicians, psychologists, and psychiatrists have been giving serious attention to the causes of this incident and others like it.  With all of their best intentions and sincere desire to get at the root of the problem, most of them fail to name the cause for why so many mass shootings have occurred and why nothing seems to slow this carnage down.

In the hours, days, and now weeks following this tragic massacre, a national hysteria grips the nation.  Every major television network, talk shows, all our left-leaning politicians, educators, and even swarms of high school students are in lock step to go after the guns of law abiding American citizens.  Why?  Why is it so terribly difficult for so many Americans to understand that the systemic problem of violence in this country is exploding?   They fail to see that guns are not the issue, but rather are a utensil.  Have we become so spiritually blind and deaf that we cannot discern the root cause of the Parkland, Florida tragedy?  It is urgent that we look beyond the national hysteria that is fomenting for the elimination of guns from the hands of the law-abiding citizens, leaving only the outlaws armed.  This solution, while tempting because it seems simple, is not the answer to the epidemic of national violence we are facing.

Parkland and all the other tragic killings have occurred because the past and present generation has rejected God in our national life.  God, His Word, and Christian morality has been silenced in this land!  A nation that rejects God, denies the Bible, blasphemes the name and Person of Jesus Christ, and trashes the Ten Commandments is paving the way for its own national genocide!  Yet few see the crux of the matter, fixated instead upon all the unpleasant symptoms manifested by a lack of Christ in our culture.

Americans have tolerated a culture of death in this country for the past forty years and more.  Since Roe v. Wade, 1973, some sixty million unborn children have been put to death in this country.  In very recent days forty-six U.S. Senators voted against a bill that would have stopped the murder of unborn children after twenty weeks in the womb.  All forty-six of these U.S. Senators must be recalled or voted out of office!

We weep and mourn when a cold-blooded killer shoots down seventeen innocent students; yet no one seems to care that we murder 1.3 million children each year in the murder mills of America, in the name of women’s “choice”.  That works out to 3,562 murders each day, according to figures supplied by the New England Journal of Medicine.  Where is the national hysteria for the terror being inflicted upon these defenseless little ones?

America suffers from a very serious spiritual problem and the failure to address this spiritual problem has resulted in a tsunami of immorality sweeping our land.  Crimes of violence are merely one of the moral plagues infecting American society.  We have collectively become a dysfunctional nation of wreckage, induced by divorce, broken homes, and shattered lives, paired with the infectious impediments of drugs and alcohol, along with the endless carnage trotted out by the entertainment industry.  All these sins have collided to render our once great nation into a sputtering candle compared to her former glory as a shining “city set on a hill”.

Only when spiritual change comes to America can this violence be brought under control.  The problem begins with unconverted pastors and church buildings filled with unconverted people.  An entire generation of Americans has grown up without the knowledge of God and His righteous law.  Without the knowledge of God’s law, we cannot even define sin, much less preach against it.  Only when people’s hearts and consciences are smitten with the guilt of having broken God’s holy commandments can a generation of unconverted sinners find their way to the cross of Jesus Christ in Whom we find our salvation.

America is now a nation without a conscience.  In this politically correct culture, preachers tiptoe around sin.   The Ten Commandments are taboo in many churches.  Educators are frightened to even make a statement that might be weighed in favor of God and Christian morality.  American homes have become a battleground where the carnage of divorce, broken lives, and dysfunctional people are all too commonplace.

Repentance begins with fathers, and then mothers.  Repentance must find its way into the House of God.  Real conversion must begin with the pastors and the people that fill the churches.  Repentance must move beyond the pulpits and pews, and into the community at large, and from there on to the County Court House, the State Capitol, and into the legislative halls of the U.S. Congress, the White House, and the U.S. Supreme Court.

In the meantime, a culture of death and destruction is pervasive throughout this land!   As if violence and carnage on display daily through all forms of media is not enough, our youth hear it encouraged in rap and rock music.  They are drowning in degradation! 

And what of our health crisis?  America is becoming a nation of medicated people.   Growing numbers of Americans require prescription drugs of every kind imaginable, while illegal opiates tear apart communities.  Alcohol too is allowed to cut a wide swath in our hearts and homes, felling fathers and foiling mothers, and leaving children to grow up like weeds. 

The only remedy for stopping another Parkville tragedy is for a major spiritual awakening to arrive in this country!  Only then can we begin to atone for the horrific crimes that we have committed in rejecting God and the Bible from our national lives.

Liberal, humanist politicians who believe that guns are the problem in America are quite simply kidding themselves.  Guns are not the problem and all the gun laws one can imagine will not stop sick and demented minds from committing acts of violence.  Cain committed the first murder in history and he did so without a gun.  The answer to violence is not found in the gun lobby that wants to disarm the American public, remove their guns, leaving only outlaws and thugs with guns.

The problem of violence can only be resolved when God is returned to our public schools, our homes, and our communities.  The Ten Commandments must not only be restored to the public schools, colleges, and universities; these ethical and moral laws must find their way back into the pulpits and pews of our land.  “For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God:  and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the Gospel of God?  And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?”  I Peter 4:17-18


Pastor Dan Gayman, February 14, 2018













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