Mark the date of July 18, 2013 on your calendar as the beginning point for the National Bankruptcy of America! Detroit, once the showcase and fourth largest city in America, filed chapter 9 bankruptcy July 18, 2013, with a nineteen-billion-dollar-debt and with more than one hundred creditors demanding their money.


The city was swallowed by a sea of debt, with astronomical pensions that can never be paid and other entitlement programs levied against the city. Detroit is hopelessly bogged down in debt, plagued with high unemployment, proliferating violence that gives the city the feeling of a war zone, and more than 75,000 abandoned structures surrounded by tall weeds and debris. Most of the Whites long ago abandoned the city and fled to the outlying suburbs.


Detroit is just the first of scores of American cities to file bankruptcy; far too many are buried in a mountain of debt resulting from over-spending, lavish pensions, and entitlements they can never hope to pay. All of this is a precursor to the irreversible financial default and collapse of the U.S. Government, following decades of corrupt leadership, lavish spending, theft, rank immorality, bribes, and mismanagement.


In 1950, Detroit was the fifth largest city in America and led the way in post-World War II industrial growth. With a population of two million people, the automobile factories were running at full capacity as Americans worked to accumulate wealth and overcome the deprivation and poverty of the Great Depression (1929-1939) and the horrific sacrifices of the II World War II (1939-1945). Detroit was the flagship of American cities leading up to World War II; it was here that the pre-war industrial might of America was born. It was here that the combustible engine was born, together with the earliest fledgling automobile factories. Henry Ford’s American enterprise and inventive genius amassed the first assembly-line production of the automobile with the dream of placing every American family behind the wheel of an affordable vehicle. The first Model T was produced on an assembly line at Ford Motor Co. on August 12, 1908. Eventually, a new Model T would roll off the assembly line every ten seconds.


When America went to war in 1941, the industrial might of Detroit was retooled to build armaments for the military.   Detroit became the city that made possible America’s World War II military machine. It was in Detroit that the post-World War II era would witness unprecedented prosperity and opulence.


What a tragedy that those who were in charge of this once great American city began an era of corruption and malfeasance that slowly but surely has brought financial death to this one-time industrial powerhouse.   The lights of Detroit have all but gone out. More than one million people have fled the city. Marauding mobs of Blacks roam the streets. Crimes of violence are committed daily. The city police and fire departments can respond to only a fraction of the calls for help.  


And this is the real kicker: Detroit is a microcosm of most urban centers of America. Detroit is merely the first to bite the dust! Unfortunately, more will follow. Our government is reaching the point of default on its seventeen-trillion-dollar debt to the international banking cartel (FRS) to China and other foreign governments. Read Revelation 18 and consider Washington DC and the entire foreign banking cartel ruling America: then you will have identified Mystery Babylon the Great.


The U.S. population is polarized with racial, political, religious and ideological schisms unparalleled in our history. The blood, heritage, and treasure of the Anglo-Saxon population are being swallowed in a floodtide of color that rolls across America like a tsunami.


Wise Americans (remnant Christians identified in Revelation 12:17) will do well to read the handwriting on the wall! Forsake the cities, and head for rural and semi-rural areas of America where you can hunker down with other folks of the same ethnicity, faith, and worldview. Exercise dominion in your local area. Promote biblical marriage and family, throw away birth contraceptives, multiply children, train and educate your children at home or in private schools, build a Bible-based, Christ-centered local church, produce your own food, etc…


Trust in God,place your confidence in Jesus Christ, and focus on building a Christian life and family, school, church, and community. With other Christians, prepare for the inevitable and irreversible collapse of the present government and the rise of a totalitarian monster of epic proportions. Know this: in one hour, Mystery Babylon will fall. The wailing and cries of that fall will be heard throughout the land. If you are prepared for the fall of Babylon, you too can rejoice with the apostles and prophets, as saith our Eternal God (Revelation 18:20).


Hold onto your faith! Do not leave the grip of Jesus Christ! Love and cherish your own kind! Your covenant God will never forsake His own!



Pastor Dan Gayman

Watchman - Fall 2013






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