Attention, all God-fearing Americans! The Titanic of nations continues to sink rapidly as we plunge toward irreversible financial Armageddon!  Like a bunch of drunken sailors, politicians in both the House and Senate joined forces in passing a 1.1 trillion-dollar spending bill.  Just hours before the midnight deadline in a 219-206 vote, the bill passed the U.S. House, with House Speaker John A. Boehner pushing to garner as many Republican votes as possible. Some 162 Republicans caved and joined 57 Democrats to pass this legislation. The adopted budget funds the government through September 30, 2015.  The socialist Republicans and communist Democrats joined forces; otherwise the measure would not have passed.  We can at least give thanks for those from both parties who stepped back and refrained from sending the American Titanic plunging deeper into the ocean of debt.

This unprecedented 1.1 trillion in spending will increase the mountain of debt, already standing at a little more than 18 trillion, past 19 trillion—by far more than the most massive debt ever accrued by any nation or empire in history. This gargantuan bill, combined with the 120 trillion in un-funded social programs, is creating a debt that is absolutely unsustainable! 

The new federal budget will enable the White House to launch its new immigration policy that will legalize five million illegal Mexican nationals into the mainstream of America.  This first installment of five million is the initial phase, with millions more to follow as our do-nothing Congress allows the emperor to enact legislative policy unilaterally from the White House.  The new budget will also allow the big banking cartels to know that their backs are covered, for the American taxpayer will be there to bail them out should any banking crisis arise.    

God-fearing Americans must know that the future of this Titanic of nations is indeed perilous.  The American Middle Class is being squeezed to death between higher taxes and escalating inflation.  In between these twin evils, increasing government regulations (administrative laws) written by bureaucrats entrenched in high-paying jobs are suffocating the business, mining, manufacturing, and agricultural sectors of America. More than one-half of the American public is now feeding from the welfare trough of the Federal Government. This brand of socialism will stop when the Titanic sinks and these millions of welfare frauds are left swimming without a lifeboat and anyone to feed and clothe them.

Fewer Americans are working. Each wave of newly elected people promises to turn the Titanic around, but only ends up reversing their positions once they get settled into cushy House and Senate seats in Washington D.C.  The pressures that arise from the professional lobbyists, combined with the temptations to grow rich by catering to special interest groups, are too difficult to resist for many newly elected House and Senate members.   These Patriots who promised to do so much for America if elected suddenly become another crop of Washington politicians trying to plan for the next election.

Remnant Christians must place their trust in God and take the following steps as the Titanic of nations plunges deeper into the ocean of trouble!

1) Do not believe or trust the Federal Government to protect you or look out for your future economic or public safety.

2) Manage your financial resources with great care. Place no trust in Wall Street investments or the banking industry.

3) Refrain from incurring any debt that is not absolutely necessary to keep your business growing. If you are not very disciplined financially, burn all credit cards and use only a debit card.

4) Keep planning what you will do if the power grid shuts down. Think about water, food, heat, light, and other essentials.

5) Talk to your youth and young adults!  Encourage them not to become lost in cyber space, spending all their time on social media and the Internet.  Only 13% of the Millennial generation registered to vote actually voted in the 2014 Mid-term elections.  We must not lose the minds of our children and youth to the digital world. Millions of young people are living disconnected from the real world about them.

Finally, think about the future of your children and grandchildren.  Educate them into the truth that you know!  Evangelize your family! Open the Bible and introduce Jesus Christ and the Gospel of His Kingdom! Teach them who they are and who the enemy is!  Help your young people understand the urgent necessity of preserving their spiritual, moral, and racial heritage and plan a vocation that will enable them to live in the rural and semi-rural areas, away from urban areas where future riots, revolution, and death could be rampant.  


Pastor Dan Gayman

December 2014






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