Tragedy Strikes Again

June 19, 2015


Once again America mourns another senseless and horrific case of mass murder.   The massacre of nine people in a Charleston, S.C. church-building marks one more tragedy in a succession of mass killings that have ravaged America in recent years.   The mass killings have occurred in public schools, movie theatres, shopping malls, military institutions, and now the last place you would think it could happen— inside a Church.

This heinous criminal act is extremely difficult to process and Americans up and down the land have a right to wonder why this is happening in a country we all dearly love.   Why and how is it that the taking of human life has become so frequent and so senseless in a nation that counts murder as being one of the very worst of all criminal acts?  

As the nation searches for answers there is no end to the philosophical and sometimes political rhetoric that always follows on the heels of these tragedies.   One of the first knee-jerk reactions is to blame it on guns.  The people who oppose the 2nd Amendment, of course, clamor for stricter gun laws, and more of them.  Yet the sad truth is that simply no amount of legislation will stop someone who wants to commit murder.  A person consumed with the insane desire to kill will use any weapon they can get their hands on.  The answer is not going to be found in more gun control.

We are already over burdened with gun laws, and this is especially true in the liberal Northeastern USA.  The State of Illinois and the city of Chicago in particular have some of the strongest gun laws in the nation and yet the city of Chicago is becoming known as the murder capital of America.  Every major killing in America has occurred in what are known as gun free zones or areas where all guns are off limits.  Gun control advocates ignore the reality of what the facts show.  If just one person in the Church in Charleston, S.C. had been armed this tragedy might not have occurred.   

What our politicians, educators, news media, and television anchors need to do is to ask the real hard question: why has this country become accustomed to a culture of death?     

Perhaps the answer, or at last part of it lies in the culture of death we have created.  Since 1973, this nation has endorsed the murder of innocent, unborn children.  Over a span of forty-two years, Americans has tolerated the murder of 55 million babies in utero, and many of them were full term children.  On the very day that nine people were senselessly murdered in Charleston, SC more than 3,500 unborn, defenseless children were murdered in abortion clinics throughout America.  Where was the national outrage for these murders?  

This sadistic, barbaric murder of our unborn goes on in every state, day after day, year after year, decade after decade.  Both Republicans and Democrats have owned the White House and the Congress and yet this human slaughter continues unabated with only minimal protest.  Our news media tolerates only occasional mention of this outrageous act of violence.  Fox News will devote laser-like focus on the Charleston tragedy but would never consider giving equal time to the much larger and even more horrific murder of unborn children whose blood cries out for retribution!   This state-endorsed murder gives no elected leader or public figure any moral ground to even discuss isolated random acts of violence in this country.

In case the point has not been properly emphasized, let the record be clear: our nation flounders under an oppressive culture of death, and after forty-two years of ritualized abortion, become numb to violence.  Should we be surprised that the generations raised amidst this ho-hum slaughter have so little regard for human life?  The pulpits of this land and the people who render financial support to the clergy of America have been all too silent in the face of this onslaught of barbarism.

Is there anyone who does not in some way stand complicit for the 55 million children killed in the murder mills of this nation?  May God have mercy when He finally calls for judgment upon this unspeakable sin for we shall all need His mercy when payment comes due!

Abortion, which bloodies our hapless hands, is not the only contributing destabilizer that blots our culture.  For years on end, television networks and the film industry in Hollywood have filled screens with acts of violence and bloodshed.  Children and youth grow up watching this violence, and then see it glorified in simulated video games that desensitize them to the wastefulness of killing human beings.  Add to this already dismal status quo a nation that consumes enormous amounts of alcohol and drugs, prescription or otherwise, and the situation becomes even more desperately unstable.  And finally, when you take into account the fact that our society manufactures conscienceless youth who have no moral compass to guide them, it is a wonder that we do not suffer from more random acts of soul-clenching violence. 

The major reason why the culture of death now stalks our land is because we have rejected the moral and Biblical precepts that once held people accountable to God and each other for their behavior.   Far too many citizens of this land have grown up without the Biblical values that once characterized the American people.

The 1960s marked a sea of change in American culture.   America kicked God, prayer, and the Bible out of the public schools in 1962-1963.  The Ten Commandments were removed from our public schools and from the public square up and down the land more than twenty years ago.  We are simply reaping what we as a nation have sown!  We have put God out to pasture, and now He has simply reciprocated by removing His protection and blessing from our land.  We are now more than two generations removed from the moral values that once held us accountable to God and to    one another.

The solution to the tragedy in Charleston, and others like it, does not lie in more gun control, nor will the pangs of dissolution be assuaged by high-minded political chatter.  Neither our present quagmire of depravity nor our desperately bleak future will change until we acknowledge the simple fact that, as a nation and as individuals, we are disconnected from God, the Bible, and the moral values that once made America the shining “City on a Hill.”


 Pastor Dan Gayman








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