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Recently, the stranger in the White House made a startling announcement at a Cleveland Town Hall meeting in March of 2015.  He said, “It would be trans-formative if everyone voted.  That would counteract [campaign] money more than anything.  If everybody voted, then it would completely change the political map of this country.”

The most obvious reason for the above statement in our White House is that poor voter turn out in the Mid-term election gave the Republican Party control over both the House and the Senate.   Liberals believe that if all Americans were required to vote or else pay a fine, the overwhelming majority of voters would choose Democratic candidates, and this because Democrats are decidedly more in favor of socialism, redistribution of wealth, taxing the rich, punishing the wealthy, and providing entitlements from the cradle to the grave for millions who either do not work, will not work, are unskilled, are potheads, or prefer to depend on welfare, food stamps, subsidized rent, and free medical care.

Twenty-three nations in the world mandate voting, but only about half of these countries enforce this law. Australia is one of the countries that require voting.  Several of the countries that require mandated voting do so only when someone chooses first to register.

There are many reasons why mandated voting is absolutely wrong.  First, it would be a direct threat to personal freedom. The right not to vote is a freedom we should not surrender. Voting is a personal act that requires much research and responsibility.  Only a well-informed person is in a position to go to the polls and vote.  Casting a vote in Colonial America in the early history of our nation was, in some jurisdictions, considered a heavy responsibility. First of all, one had to be a White male at least twenty-one years of age, own property, and subscribe to the Christian faith. People who do not own property do not have as much vested interest in what is best for their community and the future well being of residents there. And, surely everyone can agree that many people are not qualified to vote because they have no grasp of history, let alone the issues on the ballet.

Furthermore, the United States would be a much better country if voting were restricted to those who can prove who they are (voter registration identification), who can pass a test on the U. S. Constitution, demonstrate knowledge about the differences between a democracy and a republic and between capitalism and socialism, and have a working knowledge of what the people who civilized and built America believed about God and government. How absolutely frightful it would be if millions of sub-culture, illiterate, welfare addicts were required to vote in U. S. elections!  Let us think the matter through extra carefully before changing laws to require that every adult vote!  And remember, low information voters nearly always vote Democrat!








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