Is Donald Trump the Most Hated Man in America?


Liberals, progressives, alleged conservatives, feminists, plutocrats, socialists, communists, humanists, newscasters, political pundits, prominent writers and editors, and the majority of celebrities all despise Donald John Trump to the very core of his being, and there is a reason.  Donald Trump is the first white man since the end of World War II, 1945, with the raw courage to pursue an “America First” agenda and deliver a resounding “No” to one-world government.

Trump is the only white man in modern history that has been willing to break out of the lockstep, think-alike mentality to challenge those who are determined to merge America into a one world global superstate where everyone is melded into one polyglot of faceless zombies.

Donald Trump, the so-called “blue-collar billionaire” from liberal New York, dared to jeopardize his empire of luxury and riches on June 16, 2015 and turned the heads of American ruling elitists upside down.  Funding his own primary campaign with 110 million dollars from his private bank account, Donald Trump, declared to be nothing more than a passing political irritation by the experts and a circus clown by the elitists went on to turn Washington D.C. upside down.   His unmatched energy and enthusiasm together with his resonating message won the hearts of millions of Americans while creating a tide of vitriolic hatred in every liberal’s, in every progressive’s mind in America.   

Donald J. Trump has done the unthinkable, the formerly impossible.  He stepped out with the courage needed to challenge those who are determined to downgrade the United States into a nation without borders, where unlimited masses of poor, illiterate, unskilled non-whites can overrun our land, vying for taxpayer-funded welfare, education, subsidized housing, and medical care while hard-working American citizens go without.

This crass, rough-spoken German American has electrified the millions of forgotten men and women in America, who are predominantly white, and who have silently watched in horror while the country of their birth has  become the primary appendage of a one-world United Nations monolithic police state.   For the first time since World War II a White man has openly challenged those who are determined to transfer the wealth of America to the rest of the world while reducing the U.S. bit by bit to a third-world nation of poverty and squalor.   

So many forces united against the man who is now our President: all of the big cannons of the mainstream media, scores of powerful politicians, the educators of the American school system, and a glittering array of Hollywood stars.  The opinions of the American public have been challenged by one imposing man who has single-handedly, like David of old, faced off with a modern Goliath with nothing more than raw courage and the obvious inspiration and calling of a power far greater than that which lies within Trump himself.  Donald Trump is the product of the unseen hand of God Himself, Who has set him up as our ruler.  Meanwhile Trump has been thoroughly vilified as a sexist, xenophobic, racist, bigoted, fascist, chauvinist as part of toxic effort to expunge his effectiveness.  The venom that exudes from all news outlets, working in concerted effort against Donald Trump, is unmatched in modern history.

When Trump announced his candidacy, not a single progressive, nor a solitary liberal, none of the Democratic socialists, not one Republican elitist, no Edomite bankers, and hardly any  television anchors or establishment politicians believed that Donald J. Trump could possibly win the Republican primary, much less the Presidential Election of 2016.   His victory has brought out all the fomenting demons of hell.  Satan has deployed his top generals to the total defeat of Donald Trump, if not the physical destruction.

The victory of the “Trump train” has turned a nation of liberals into hyper-ventilating, anguished, tantrum-throwing neurotics.  They see their dream dissipating and they cannot stand it.  What about their nation without borders, a socialist country where all wealth is equally distributed to all people, a nation where the self reigns as god and the government dictates the good? The reality of socialism, with its very limited number of elitists living in their pent houses governing a nation of peasants and serfs has, praise God, been seriously challenged.  

There is a battle being waged for the very soul of America.   The future of this country is now at stake.   Only a sovereign God filled with mercy and compassion for His covenant people can empower Donald J. Trump, Michael R. Pence and their administration to withstand the onslaught of the dragon’s fire and brimstone.   The war for the soul of America transcends flesh and blood.  It involves the invisible but very real power of Satan and all of his minions.  

A seventy-year-old German American with his lovely first lady, Melania Trump, are the most visible targets of the dragon’s fire.   This couple could be living peacefully in luxury and idealistic bliss, rolling dice with the high and mighty, but instead they have for love of this country and the ideals that our great nation once stood for have become targets for the most brutal assault ever levied upon any President and his family in the history of the United States.

Bible-believing Christians all across America must spend serious time on their knees praying that our sovereign God will give President Donald Trump, Vice President Michael Pence, and our new administration the raw determination, spiritual wisdom, and physical stamina necessary to withstand the fiery blasts of the dragon and all his dark forces that are now belching forth against them from all sides.   Without divine intervention to empower Donald Trump our true Israelite children of the United States have absolutely no country and no future going forward.  


Pastor Dan Gayman











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