The one questions that comes to us most often is this: how does the Church of Israel differ from the other denominational churches in Southwest Missouri?  Much could be said in response to this logical query.  There are about fifty different churches in Vernon County, Missouri, all of which exalt the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior and claim to believe the Bible.  They espouse most biblical teachings shared by the majority of Christians everywhere. However, the question indeed bears answering because there are profound differences between what the Church of Israel teaches versus what other churches throughout the show-me state espouse.


First and foremost, the Church of Israel exalts, honors, and worships the only true and ever-living, self-existing, uncreated God, Who in His sovereignty purposed in election to save His people from their sin.  We exclusively honor the Lord Jesus Christ, Who made possible what God the Father purposed in election for the salvation of His people.  Likewise, we revere and worship the Holy Spirit, Who makes effectual what God the Father purposed and Jesus Christ, the Son of God, sacrificed.  We worship this one God in His triunity and in His unity, neither confounding the persons nor dividing the substance.

Secondly, we believe that this Savior Whom we worship, love, and proclaim, Jesus Christ, eternally begotten of the Father, very God and very man, exists in two perfect natures—perfect God and perfect man—inseparably united without division, change, confusion, or co-mingling.

Thirdly, we believe in the inerrant, plenary inspiration of the entire Bible as the divine revelation of God to His children. Further, we believe that this Word received from God has been providentially preserved through the ages. For English-speaking people, we believe this Word is the providentially preserved Authorized King James Bible—and this in marked distinction from the paraphrased, dynamic equivalent, copyrighted editions that some people call bibles.  We firmly believe that the AKJV of the Bible is the absolute authoritative Word of truth from God, from which there is no appeal. It transcends human opinion and reason.


A Point of Interest: It probably is true that a large number of churches in Southwest Missouri agree with the first two statements. However, in regards to point three, most Christians in these denominations would opt to not give up their paraphrased, copyrighted bible. This point is exactly where divergence between the Church of Israel and most other churches begins.  From point three and following, these doctrines and beliefs are probably points of controversy. Folks investigating the Church of Israel will find that this congregation has espoused all the following postulates consistently, constantly reinforcing them from the pulpit.  At this point I will remind the reader of one important point:  what occurs inside the walls of the home is the responsibility of the parents, primarily the father! Ministers of this church consistently teach and accentuate these truths, yet cannot not responsible for what is or is not reinforced in the homes. Again, these doctrinal statements are found only sparingly in the churches in Southwest Missouri.


  • The Church of Israel identifies the Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred peoples of the earth as the very same as Biblical, genetic Israel of the Old and New Testaments. We believe that the fingerprints of Bible prophecy, history, archeology, heraldry, and even folklore are all over these people. Moreover, we stress—without reservation—that no one can be saved without complete repentance and confession of sin that leads to one’s full profession in Jesus Christ for salvation, a profession which then is sealed with water baptism for the remission of sin (Acts 2:38).

  • The COI distinguishes between the houses of Israel and Judah from the death of Solomon (975 B. C.) to the end of the Old Testament (397 B. C.).   One cannot understand the New Testament without clearly exploring the distinction between these two houses and the manner in which the words Jew and Gentile(s) appear in the New Testament.

  • The COI distinguishes between the true Jews  (Judeans from the tribe of Judah) and the false Jews (synagogue of Satan—Revelation 2:9; 3:9), who descended from the Canaanites, Edomites, Khazars, etc.  Our Lord Jesus Christ carefully distinguished between the pseudo Jews and the true Judeans. Should all who believe in and follow Jesus Christ not do the same.

  • The COI teaches that Jesus died to fulfill and perfect the Law—not to invalidate or do away with the law. The law continues to be vital and necessary as a schoolmaster to identify sin and lead the sinner to Jesus Christ for salvation. Without the law, we cannot define sin, and the sinner has no knowledge of his guilt—both of which are necessary to lead the sinner to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Is it not important that both pastors and fathers teach the importance of God’s law as the means by which sin is defined, the sinner comes to repentance and confesses his guilt and saving faith in Jesus Christ, and seals this faith with baptism for the remission of sin?

  • The COI endorses the biblical calendar of Passover and Unleavened Bread, Pentecost, Trumpets, Atonement, and Tabernacles rather than the ordinary church calendar of Christmas, Easter, and other non-biblical holidays. Is it not important that Christians understand the clear biblical distinction between religious holidays, which are intertwined with pagan practices, and true biblical celebrations that honor and revere God the Father, our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit?

  • The COI identifies the origin of sin and offers penetrating explanations of how sin infected the spirit, soul, and body of Adam and Eve, resulting in the fall.  The presence of evil, pain, and sorrow in a broken world are all by- products of sin. Is it not imperative that the pulpit and home articulate the importance of original sin, the depravity of man, and our urgent need of a Savior?

  • The COI explains the two opposing seedlines of Genesis 3:15 and how their war of the ages is the heart and soul of the Bible, Genesis to Revelation.  The first promise of a Redeemer is found in this verse. The Church of Israel carefully follows the trail of these opposing peoples that arise from what occurred in the Garden of Eden. If the Bible follows this narrative from Genesis to Revelation, is it not important that believers firmly ground themselves in this truth?

  • The COI teaches that Adam and Eve are not the parents or progenitors of all races. To believe such a falsehood is a major step into evolutionary humanism. We reject the idea that all races share an origin in Adam and Eve: quite to the contrary, we believe that all races had a distinct and separate origin at creation, with each one bearing the original design of our Creator and each one created for its own distinct and unique purpose in God’s plan.

  • The COI believes that God created every race separate and distinct, allotted to each their own portions of the earth, and intended for each to serve his Creator in his own unique way.  Moreover, each race was created to follow its own propensity to propagate within its own kind. Thus, that is why God’s Word stresses the law of kind after his kind, enumerating ten times in the first chapter of Genesis alone. If this is not emphasis from God above, I do not know what is! It seems very important then that all of God’s creation reproduce within its own kind!  In view of and adherence to this law, the COI does not solemnize interracially mixed couples or believe in or sanction interracial mixing or marriage.

  • The COI believes that the Bible supports and validates that fact that only the Adamic race ever entered a covenant with Jehovah or is subject to His law and therefore liable for sin. Therefore, they alone bear the responsibility for dominion and the need to repent of sin in hopes of being blessed by God’s grace to have eternal life in Jesus Christ. Never having been under the law, the other races bear no liability for sin and will not stand in judgment. Thus, all missionary efforts to the non-Adamite races are unbiblical, including the past 500 years of Christian missionary efforts, have been outside of the will of God and Scripture. Representatives of the non-Adamite races will be present in the restored Kingdom of God, but will not be under covenant.  Nor will they suffer eternal punishment!

  • The COI believes that salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ plus nothing. We believe that good works are the fruit of salvation but not the means by which we gain salvation.  Salvation is by the blood plus nothing and is the gift of God by grace through faith in Jesus Christ and is a present possession for all believers. Our good works are the evidence of true salvation and are a future attainment to be received when the race is finished and we stand before Jesus Christ to receive our rewards.  The COI confirms that believers try their best to keep the Commandments of God not to be saved (good works), but because they are saved.

  • The COI strongly opposes and condemns any form of abortion for any reason and condemns sodomy, same-sex marriage, miscegenation, adultery, fornication, pornography, and all other acts of perversion that violate the Ten Commandments and the moral will of God in Scripture. We believe that the blood of Jesus Christ is sufficient to justify persons guilty of these crimes if they completely repent, confess their sin, and with a contrite heart make restitution where possible or necessary. We applaud all churches that hold to this standard.

  • The COI teaches that the body is the temple of the soul and spirit and belongs to God, Who created it. Believing that we are bought with a price and that we should glorify God in our bodies as well as our spirits, we are prohibited from using recreational drugs or drinking alcohol and strongly reject injecting the body with poison (vaccinations) or marking the body with tattoos or other acts that mar the body or hasten its demise. We strongly discourage the use of tobacco. We discourage the use of prescription drugs except when absolutely necessary.

  • The COI holds firmly to the biblical definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman of the same flesh and bone (race), united under God for life.

  • The COI does not believe the church exists for the recreation and entertainment of people, nor is it the duty of the church to provide consumer services for those who come. We believe the church is a place where people come to worship and honor the Lord Jesus Christ and hear teachings from His Word.  We believe that Christian grace, love, good will, and service to others is a true mark of Christian character and discipleship.

  • The COI teaches a literal heaven and a literal hell.  We believe that there is conscious life after the death of the body and that the souls of the righteous are taken to the third heaven, where in the presence of Christ they remain until His Second Coming, the resurrection of the dead, and the translation of the saints who are alive and remain unto His coming. Then everyone will receive his glorified body and will reign as kings and priests with Jesus Christ in His Kingdom.  Those who yearn for a life of love, joy, peace, and complete perfection must trust in Jesus Christ for salvation, for they will find that perfection only in Christ’s restored Kingdom coming to this earth.

  • The COI believes the biblical Sabbath is Saturday, the seventh day of the week. This is the day established in the Old Testament as the day of rest and worship and remained the day that Jesus and St. Paul kept in the New Testament as the weekly holy day.

  • Those who yearn to live in sin, who defy God, reject Jesus Christ, and desire to be completely alienated and separated from God will have their wish at the death of the body, when they will in a highly conscious state descend into Hades (hell), the intermediate place where they will remain until they receive their resurrected body to stand before the judgment of God and be sentenced to the hell fire of Gehenna, a literal place where they will be eternally alienated from God. In Gehenna, the worm shall not die, and the fire shall never be quenched. Those who die and go into Hades awaiting the eternal punishment of Gehenna will not be there because of their sin, But because they rejected the Lord Jesus Christ - The only remedy for sin and the only escape from the wrath of God in Gehenna.

  • Finally, and certainly not least in importance, is that we continue to sing traditional Christian hymns, psalms, and spiritual songs in keeping with the faith and tradition of our people. We deplore bringing in rock bands to God’s house and therefore reject much of contemporary music that has invaded the modern church.  We want our children to grow up singing the hymns that inspire sound doctrine, good theology, and a Christian model of living for Jesus Christ.

  • We applaud any and all churches that embrace these points. May Jesus Christ be praised when you find such a church! When people are looking for a church, we want them to know what they will find at the Church of Israel. Conversely, when people walk away from the Church of Israel, we want them to know what they are leaving behind.  






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